Friday, November 4, 2016

✄ The Construction Of My Zombie Walk Costume 2016 ✄ // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
I, as I am sure a lot of you all know, went to the 2016 annual Zombie Walk.
If you don't know, I tend to kind go all out during this event because...
I really love dressing up and showing my full potential as both an actress AND an artist.

In the following photo collection, you will be seeing the construction of this year's costume.
Down to the first little stitch or item used. 
Memories, if anything at all.
Memories I could go back to at an older age when I am too old to even care anymore. lol

So, yeah.
Allow me to walk you through the process:

I bought from various stores--amazon, ebay and dollar tree/99 cent stores.
I got the latex from Walmart and a few other things for other little pop-in stores around town.

Just basically grabbed whenever I saw fit. lol

(Images found via Google Search. I do NOT own these images--Only used them as reference!)
I took inspiration from various places.
I have been obsessed with anything foreign.
I am utterly in love with the odd and macabre.
And, quite frankly, nothing fills my heart better than Japanese Horror. 
(to name a specific!)

So, I google searched and found an idea.
It's not quite "zombie" but that is fine--I will find a way to turn her undead. Trust me. lol
But I really loved how they buried the dead in all white--an all white Kimono.
So, I took bits and pieces from here and there.
Dropped the triangle headpiece--because I didn't have time to incorporate it in but yeah, I think I did an amazing job with a concept. 

Before costume construction--I thought the prosthetic needed to be designed first.
Of course, I still sketched out my outfit idea with all the reliable ways of putting it together--but the mouth wounds needed to be done and pronto.

 I found the teeth online, applied them to leave the imprint and added a mixture of tissue and cotton balls to create the "flesh" look.
Here is a better shot of the mouth.
Layer upon layer, building up and thickening out. 

Dried up and ready to peel.
Upper mouth is finished.
Now, this piece was something I wanted to be rather "eye catching".
I didn't want to recreate something I've already done millions of times before.
Anyone can have a bloody ripped mouth--so I wanted my skin to look as if it was fatty and rotten.
So, yeah.
I constructed the base of what would fuel many people's nightmares. lol

Since, I was working on the jaw--I went in and designed some eyes.
Why? Because I don't own any recent Black sclera lenses and didn't want to do another "eye gouge" look.
So yeah, I decided to make some eyes.
I pretty much kept to my own shape and design--just with an illusion of Black Sclera Lenses put in.

Decided to pre-paint my wounds.
So, application time would be reduced by drastic measures. 

By this time, I was shifting between painting my wounds/eyes AND stitching my outfit together.
I forgot to take photos of my process in the costume development but basically I went with this sketch for reference:
Adding or subtracting what I needed--customizing it to my own liking and adding my own uniqueness to it. I think it turned out pretty damn good, if you ask me.
(photos of full costume at the end of this post. Stay tuned!)
Now, with the costume almost finished and the prosthetic pieces all painted, I decided to make some paper mache.
I want to include the fact that not only was I juggling Zombie Walk ideas but also my ideas for Halloween. 
(which ended up being solely based on TONS of paper mache and paint! *eye twitch*)

I was "sculpting" my paper mache and also making my mom a cute little prop for HER costume.
So yeah, busy little bee was I! lol

Here is the face mask shaping up, back and forth with a small reference on my crappy phone.
A smiling Noh theater mask slightly tweaked! 

After a few days of drying, I smoothed out the paper mache and white-based the top of the face.
Then went in with some paints.
Just another view of the face.
I included some glossy nail polish for the "gooey" eye effect. 

Here was the end result of my mom's "prop".
She was being a sugar skull, so I decided to make her a cute little paper mache sugar skull baby doll. 


I literally took some old black pants, stuffed it with cotton and sewed the sides.
I then wrapped the "legs" of the pants around the neck to look like arms tucked inside.
It gave a perfect illusion of a baby body inside a baby wrap!

I also included more bits and bobs--like old pieces of mesh material for a "headdress" and an old skull bracelet I had laying around.
Alongside the painted paper mache sugar skull face I made!
(I just hot glued everything together and it held up really well!)

Back to the mask, I finished the whole thing by adding eyelashes and spraying the whole thing with a glossy top coat. 

Another view of the mask!

Made some gloves that have fingernails on 'em.
I used E6000 to add them on, just so being able to hold and grab things were easier without the fear of my nails popping off like normal fingernail glue would be like on bare nails.

Also, it helps to be able to take off the gloves or put them back on in one full swoop!

This was on Zombie Walk day--little by little I built up my "look" until....

...It looked something like this. 

This was the completed look, costume and all.

One fun thing about this whole thing is that now....
I have a full face mask to frame and hang on my wall.
I can look like some sick skin collector!!! lmfaooooo

So there you have it, my fun process of zombifying myself.
Thanks for reading.
You may leave now! lol

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