Sunday, November 6, 2016

۩ Lodi Zombie Walk 2016 ۩ // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
on the 29th of October, we had our annual Zombie Walk.

I waited a short while to see if anyone would post any more photos of me and my family in public, but so far all I could muster were a few.
The few I have put inside this post now.
So, until I can update with new ones--this is what I have.

I can honestly tell you that a lot of flashing cameras were on us during this night--so much so that I ended up having a really bruised big toe from either stumping it or hurting it in some way, and I was so preoccupied to even take notice. lol

But anywho, here are some of our photos alongside some from various people I found via Facebook! I'm going to show you my "makeup" and costume before the public images, okay?
So, here...we...go:


This was the look without any added "blood".
So, this is the "dry" version. lol

I made this out of paper mache for my mom, to go along with her Sugar Skull costume.

Another paper mache mask, I quickly made to fit my outfit.
Was inspired by the Noh theater face masks!
My mom with her costume and dolly.
Me and my mommy! :)
My dad and my mom!
More of my mom's costume!
My makeup with that added blood.
My brother fixing himself.
Me and my brother.
More "selfie" shots. lol

Ain't I just soooo cute?
More images of me being conceited. lol
I'm sorry, I took FOREVER doing this look--I deserve to take loads of shots, okay?! haha
A shot from the skyyyy~

I loved this shot.
...And this one, too. lol

The whole get-up in its glory!
Another more, beause I didn't spend hours in preparation to only take a few damn it. lmfaoooo

 And now, here are the public photos~

This was one of the few I found on Facebook.
I do not own this image, just liked how it looked.
Mom and dad took a bunch of images for us to post, so thanks guys! lol

We're checking to make sure we didn't come undone. lol
Zombies worry about malfunctioning wardrobes! lmfaoooo

I was waving and trying to scare all the little children. lol
She was the start of a huge wave of people asking for pictures. lol

See? lol
I freakin' love it.

My dad took this image, I love it.
I love the kid's face on the side of my brother. lmfaoooo

Moreeee peopleeee!

And of course, I have to post how my prosthetic looked like after I tore it off. lol

I'm actually going to frame this and hang it on the wall.
So, I can scare strangers who come over into thinking I'm a skin collector. lol

I was so dead tired when I got home.
I slept like a baby for a few days, I promise you. lmfao

That's pretty much it.
Like I said, only a few have posted any signs of anything.
I'm actually damn glad my parents took a whole bunch otherwise I'd have nothing but makeup to show you. lmfao
Anywho, 2016 was a success.
Despite all the blood, sweat and tears of hours in prepping the costume and makeup...
It was worth it all, in my honest opinion! 

I can't wait for Zombie Walk 2017!
I love finding new ways to improve and "up" myself every year.

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