Tuesday, August 21, 2012

KOTH: Didi Hill Character Makeup Look

Hellou There Lovelies. . .
Sorry For The Absence. . .So Much On My Plate Lately That I Couldn't Pick Up A Makeup Brush.
But Aside From The Excuses. . .I HAVE A MAKEUP LOOK TODAY! 
Inspired By My Little Brother Who LOVES The Animated Show "King of The Hill"

He Basically Was Watching His Show, As He Always Does Every Night On The Dot, And He Came To An Episode With This Character In It. When He Seen Her He Automatically Came To The Conclusion That I HAD To Do Her And FAST! xD Ha! 

I Was Doing Some Additional Research About Her To Get Into Her Head And To Know More About Her And I Was Surprised At How Little There Is Of Her. . .She Has A Total Of 4 Photos On Google. . .Which Made Me Nearly Cry. 

Anywho, The More I Found Out About Her The More I Wanted To Do This Look, So I Did Just That! 
Ladies And Gents, Here She Is. . .

Deirdre "Didi" Hill! <3

~Clickity Click The "Read More" Linky Poo!~

Her Birthdate: September 29,1958
Her Age: 53
 Her Story:   She Used To Sell Cosmetics At The Mall After She Graduated From Kindergarten With Her Stepson Hank. She Suffered From Postpartum Depression, And Got Breast Implants. She Also Has A Degree In Optometry. She Also Used To Be A Candy Striper, Which Was Where She Met Her First Husband, The Late Cotton Hill (An Old Veteran Man Who Had His Shins Blown Off During Combat And As He States "I've Killed Fiddy Men" .. Yes, Yes You Did Cotton! *Salutes*)  ((Who Only Married Her For Her Huge Can)) Anywho, She Also Has A Baby Named G.H. (Good Hank- Named By Cotton To Basically Get Back At His "No Good Sissy Son Hank Hill" ) Currently She Is Married To A Professional Wrestler. When She Was Married To Cotton Hill, He Generally Treated Her Like A Maid, She Performed All The Household Chores For Him, And He Often Verbally Abused Her, Causing Her To Be Very Timid.

I Think You've Read Enough, TIME FOR SOME PICTURES! ( Sorry For The Quality, My Camrea Has Been Acting Weird Lately! V__V )

"Sorry I'm late; I had to take three buses to get here: one to get here, one to go back and get G.H., and one to get here. "

"Hello Hank, Do You Still Like Fingerpainting?"

The Products I Used:
Brown/Black/White Eyeshadow
Pink Blush
Red Lipstick
Brown/Black Pencil Liner
And Brown And A Lighter Brown Contour Powder

Cardboard Earrings I Handmade

Tilly (Hank Hill's Mom): "I Wouldn't Be So Mad If Hank Would Just Stick Up For Me!"
 Didi: "If It Helps, Hank Doesn't Stick Up For Me Either. . .His Own Step Mother!"

 "I'm lucky. Cotton is so easy to shop for. Either he likes what I get him, and he's happy, or he hates it, and he shoots it, and he's happy."

 (To Bobby Hill) "This baby was an accident too, but if I forgot about it, it would never get born."

Anywho, That Is My Look And I Hope You Enjoyed It! <3

I Shall Also Be Uploading A Video On My Youtube Account With Me Attempting To Sound Like Didi. . .Keep Your Eyeballs Peeled For That ANDDD My Little Brother Is Going To Be Doing Cotton Hill Soon! :) <3

Hannabal Marie 

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  1. Omg I just stumbled across this while looking for a picture of her! AMAZING JOB!!! Just...wow.