Friday, November 2, 2018

🌙 Halloween Tarot Inspired Looks: Tarro-ROT🌙 | Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents,
For Halloween, me and my brother came together 
and created a series of Halloween inspired tarot cards. 
we selected a theme and/or Halloween Tradition/character/concept 
to which we combined the classic Tarot arcanum with--
in order to create what we have to show you today.

I chose 3, he chose 3 
and together we have a series of 6!

We wanted to create more, but were strapped on time. 
So, 6 will have to do for now.

We plan to come back to this concept next year but in the following months of Nov/Dec--
we are planning to do an actual Tarot representation of the cards alone, 
without the Halloween reference. (of course!)

So, stay tuned for that. 
But until then--indulge in our Tarro-ROT cards!

The High Priestess by Ghost Lee
This look was inspired by the High Priestess Tarot card, 
with a Halloween twist; haunting, translucent, & cold as a Halloween night.

Used Halloween spider webbing as ectoplasm, 
a nod to the ghost fraud materialization of the 1890s.

The Witch by Hannabal Marie
This look was inspired by the classic Halloween witch, 
the one and 'only' true symbol of Halloween; wicked, green & decrepit.

Used a vintage handmade witch costume and paper-mache Halloween hat

The Tower by Ghost Lee
This look was inspired by a haunted house, far away from people but close enough to lure trick or treaters; tall, mad, & iniquitous.

Used black & purple makeup for the illusion of a taller neck, paper cut-outs for appliques. 

The Cat by Hannabal Marie
This look was inspired by vintage Halloween paper-mache and the classic black cat superstition(s); neon, fragile, & black as night.

Used old crepe paper-mache with a handmade vintage Halloween party hat replica.

The Devil by Ghost Lee
This look was inspired by the classic Halloween devil; red, evil, sexual, mysterious & familiar.

Used a old Halloween mask/cape from the 90's by the Paper Magic Group

The Vampire by Hannabal Marie
This look was inspired by vintage noir flapper & cheesecake, prominent in 1920 Halloween prints/cards; scantily clad, feminine & porcelain.

Used antique flapper garb, with modern vampire & flapper elements such as the classic Dracula brooch.

🌙 Now, My Makeup🌙

Those were the cards.
if you wish to check out my brother's work, you can do so by following the link below:
Ghost Lee Artwork

Before I end this post, I want to show you my makeup in better detail.
I am quite proud of how they turned out and want to better document it for everyone to see.

Staring with;
The Witch--
I hand-created the hat, out of an old party hat and made the "moon" on the top out of paper-mache.

I didn't want to make her "pretty" as some most often would.
She is wise beyond her own years. Age is but wisdom to her.
The wrinkles being the crossroads of her own path in life.
She is the old crone. The elder among elders.
She is the witch and beauty is only in the eye of the beholder.
and quite honestly, who needs beauty when you have magic~!

I created the hat out of old materials--used party hat, very old vintage tassle decorations I found at the thrift store.
Paper mache moon face and colored construction paper. 

I am actually using a very old vintage witches robe costume I found at the thrift store. 

I also wanted to include some images with our lovely lumpy pumpkin we got this year. 

I like to make sure to always include the pumpkin.
It is a must, especially when they can rot and cease to exist.
Thank you, Pumpkin. For giving me a lovely set of photos to have forever. 

And my Black Cat--
I wanted to embody the essence of the Black Cat without literally pouring black paint all over me and calling it a day. 

She is much more than that--she is superstition and tradition.
I created all her elements out of paper.
The "paw" is made from Paper-Mache and the hat is another party hat re-used 
and created in a way to give a nod to the vintage creations of the past. 

I actually created this last year but wanted to include it this year--
merely because I felt it didn't get enough recognition.
I spent forever on it, using materials at my disposal. I am proud and still proud of it.

The hat, much like the witches party hat, was also created using vintage newspaper and decorations.

Paper Mache paw to complete the look. 

I really loved my hat. Very vintage and glorious.

I also set up a backdrop and included the moon behind me. 

And lastly, The Vampire. 
Heavily inspired by the flapper era.
I wanted to combine that with the elements of "the vampire."

I made the little bat face out of Paper-Mache and positioned it on my forehead to tie with my hair--
so that the whole thing looked as if a black bat is spread out on my head.
Out of them all, I would have to say this is my all-time favorite.
I love the beauty behind the macabre. <3

I love how porcelain I look in this makeup creation. 

if you didn't catch it upon first glance--I have no reflection.
The makeup compact I held in my hand is "floating" in the mirror. lol

I really love how the hair/bat combo turned out. It looks just like a bat is sitting on my head. 

This was on accident and quite the happy one, at that.
I really love how this one turned out.

And, that my friends, is the end of the post.
I really hope you enjoyed this little collab between me and my brother.
We had a lot of fun but as I said, we wanted to do more but ran out of time.
I will gladly return to this "halloween" inspired Tarot concept next Halloween
but as far as I am concerned, we are going to tackle on creating out interpretation of the actual tarot soon.
Whatever we have in mind, I am sure it will be quite lovely.

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