Thursday, July 1, 2021

💀Queen of Hell meets Queen of Filth💩│2021 Lodi Comic Con

"Kill everyone now. Condone first degree murder.
Advocate cannibalism. Eat shit! Filth is my politics! Filth is my life!"

The Queen of Hell vs The Queen of Filth.

Hello ladies and gents,
This recent Comicon, me and @iammeat dressed up and tried to last as long as we could in this California heatwave. Latex & sweat just doesn't mix very well!! Lol


But during my time--I couldn't believe how many ppl were so loving & supportive of my Pink Flamingos costume. Literally had a group of girls scream "YOU BETTA MUTHAFCKIN WERQ!!!" outside their cars. So many smiles, giddy stares & photo ops! It was amazinggg!

So, this look was inspired by the Queen of Filth herself! DIVINE!!!!

I honestly didn't expect the weather to be so damn intense. The day before the con, it was perfect AND the day after the con it was a nice 75 degrees. But ON the actual day, it was 104 and rising! I was wearing a skintight dress, attached bottom part that restricted my mobility, a bald cap to extend my forehead, a custom made wig, heavy as heck waterproof makeup, lashes AND accessories! LOL I don't know why I like to suffer for my art but there is just something amazing about the end results after you've cried a little. lol
Just showing off the makeup! It was hot AS HELL here but I suffered through it!
Beauty is, after all, PAIN! Hahaa

Bald caps & heat are not a good combo, mannnn! Lol Too sticky, icky~ 😫😫😫

We tried our best to stay in this heat (I have tan lines on my chest that would testify for me! lol) but we could only last 3 hours before latex started to curl and our once adhered parts started to drip right off our bodies. But the few hours we lasted, we got some awesome shots with some awesome people. PLUS, i also got the circus anthem sung to me as I was leaving...I don't know if that was meant as an insult but I took it as a compliment because I LOVE CLOWNS!

Anywho, here are some of the shots we took from the con.



To end this lovely post, I want to spend a few moments on my actual outfit.

This is a momentous thing for me, personally because my tummy was completely out & chillin. I used to be like 300LBs once upon a time ago, lost a lot of it but ended up loosing myself along the way because society has this mindset to crush instead of aspire.

Honestly, I didn't want to force myself into 3 different corsets to "look presentable" or hide who I truly am. I've been a bigger girl my whole life & everyone I ever encountered always tried to make me hate myself about it. "You're fat if your boobs are smaller than yr belly!" "How can you be happy looking like that!?!" "Id be ashamed if I were you..." but if we love ourselves too much, we are conceited. If we hate ourselves, we need to gain confidence. A spiral of ups & downs!

I love myself because I've been through so much! This tummy has been through it ALL. Me hating it, hitting it, wishing it was smaller. Having horrible thoughts of wanting to take a knife to the belly fat. I would suffer through sooo many corsets/waist cinchers in blistering summer heat during high school just to look "acceptable." Before you say anything YES, I exercise. Yes, I eat fckin SALADS! But why should I need to prove that to you? Why do I have to cinch myself to extremities?? For what? To be sexy? To be lusted for? To be among the selected few as a "presentable breeding machine" worthy of sex & admiration for a shallow, fickle & disgusting person who can only focus on the outer appearance of me, and not the real deal?

Other than my family, my brother and a few of my good friends...the other person who truly made a huge impact on me has been & will always be DIVINE! Songs like "I am beautiful!" play constantly in the back of my mind. But more than that, a clip of her walking down a Chicago street in full dress & makeup. Minding her business. Ppl giggling, laughing, looking at her disrespectfully...yet there she is, strutting & embracing her beauty! No words, just walking. An icon, a beautiful & gorgeous icon!

So, this was for Divine, for Pride month AND for me.
For loving me & getting out of my comfort zone!

In the words of DIVINE:
"If I'm not yr type, that's alright. Cuz that don't matter to me!"

2021 Lodi Con was quite the experience. 5 dollar tickets to just bake in the sun, if I'm being honest. I feel extremely bad for everyone who DID dress up and lasted the whole time because there wasn't much to do other than walk around. I know this con was short coming, with covid and all of that--but it wouldn't have hurt to have seats to sit on or music to dance to, to liven up the place! Maybe an open karaoke or live DJ with FREE WATER BOTTLES FOR THOSE IN COSTUME? Idk but something, ANYTHING, would have been nice!

But with the amount of respect I received and kind words on my costume--I don't want to end this con on a negative note. This con only was a success because of the people I met today!


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