Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pirate Series: Cervantes de Leon

    Hello Ladies and Gents, I bring to you one of a few pirates I shall make in this Pirate Series!

         So Please give a warm welcome to, Cervantes De Leon. . .He is a Spanish nobleman Who turned pirate to avenge the death of his Lover, Anna. . .The Queen Of The Black Corset!

         Many People Were Forced To Become Pirates Because Of The Economy, Stealing What They Could To Bring Back In Hopes To Help Their Family. . .He Was One Of Those Selected Few! But He Came Back Too Late Only To Find His Lover Dead, Throat Slit From Ear To Ear, Not To Mention Her Unborn Child, The Baby Who Would Have Continued Cervantes' Family Line Going, Ripped Out Of Her By The Evil Captain John Bloody Vanes! (You Don't Need A Story To Realize He Was Trouble, That Very Name Speaks It All)

                                         So Until Death Catches Up To The Swift Cervantes,
          Or Until The Waves Takes Him Under. . .He Will Avenge His Lover, His Friend, His Life Forever!

                                               Products I Used:
                                            -Black and White Eyeshadow From The ELF Drama Quad
                                            -Brown Eyeshadow For Contouring
                                            -Brown/Red/White EyeLiner Pencil
                                             For Brows and Minor Detailing
                                            -Fake Hair For Goat-T

                      "Close Yer Eyes And Pretend Its All A Bad Dream. That's How I Get By"
                                         "Yo Ho, Yo Ho. . .A Pirates Life For Me"

                               Thanks Fer Reading and I Leave You With But ONE Question. . .

                                                    WHY IS RUM GONE???? ;D

                                                              Hannabal Marie


  1. This is AWESOME! :D You're so talented!

    P.S. You look very handsome as a man, and ever so lovely as a girl!

  2. hehe thank you so much! x'D I was looking at myself and had to restrain myself from french kissing. . .Myself! X'D