Monday, March 7, 2016

εїз Gossamer Winged Creations "Death Moth" Pin Review // Hannabal Marie

 Hello ladies and gents,
A while back I purchased this little beauty 
but never got around to posting about it.
It's an item I've been eyeballing since I first seen it 
and it's the beautiful Death Moth Pin from Gossamer Winged Creations!

I first seen it on Ebay, during one of my longggg net-surfing-window-shopping routines and I instantly fell in love with it.
I just HAD to have this beauty!


The shipping was extremely fast and everything was packaged perfectly!
The yellow shipping package!

The bubble wrap it came tightly and snugly secure in!

The business card it came wrapped in bubble wrap with.
The nice little "thank you" note was a sweet little addition to the card!

My little beauty!

 I have put the pin on the side of my hat, 
alongside some black fabric roses I had.
It looks so darling and it matches me to a perfect "T".
I am, after all, Miss Hannabal Marie!

If you are interested in a pin of your own
or if you just want to see what other stuff they have,
Check them out!

The Etsy can be found HERE!
 (Links to Ebay and their personal website above!)

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