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🌟Grape City Con 2019--Meeting Freddy Krueger, Bob Ross Deadpool & R2-D2!! | Hannabal Marie🌟

Image Source: Universe

Hello ladies and gents
It was that time of year again--Grape City Con 2019.
In truth, we didn't really expect to go this year.
Getting the tickets was a last minute thing but spontaneous moments were made from this. 
The wristband we wore. I am going to make a scrapbook with all of my paper elements. I have this one and the few from other conventions. As well as Zombie Walk newspaper clippings with me and my brother on the article. Making memories and all of that. 

I have been reading some of my Anita Blake novels again, falling back in love with this badass animator and vampire hunter. I also found out that Marvel is making (has been making) comics about this, I thought I'd do my take as Anita Blake. 

Everything was done in 2 days or less. Outfit planned the day before and the gun I hand-painted all in one night. I will post a progression before/after about my creating the gun and stuff as soon as I get this one done here. But for now, this is about the con and all the little things that took place. 

Some of the goodies we got from going. 

We met some amazing characters, spoke to some talented people. 
We ended up buying some prints and an awesome Satanic Long Sleeve Tshirt.
The artwork really sold us on it, so we had to own this beauty. 
Loved the artwork. 

Shirt: AlaricBarca666

Out of all of them, this one really spoke to me the most.
Probably the massive inverted star, or horned devil...I'm not entirely sure but I love the shirt.
Enough with my idle chit-chat, here is the Con!
Image Source: Grape City Con
“I knew from the moment I heard you, the moment I saw the gun and realized that this lovely, petit woman was the executioner, that you would never die waiting for me to save you - that you would save yourself.” 
"I never had an invitation to a Halloween party as a child...I found that as Vampira I WAS Halloween" 
Ghost Lee as Vampira.
Everything Ghost Lee is wearing has been done by hand--
Hand stitched dress, hand dyed gloves, makeup. 
As I already mentioned above--I also painted this toy gun in one day.
No way in hell was Anita Blake going to be carrying a bright blue/yellow gun around. lmfao

To kick off the images, we took a few by the Grape City Con sign by the front entrance. 

A few looky loos admiring Ghost Lee's handiwork.
Getting some pics done with a little fan. :)
Ghost Lee looked amazing as Vampira.
This was the first glance inside the place--people were packed end to end.
Quite shocking, coming from a small town. 
Getting some posing done with a few of our personal favorites. 
Amazing costumes were everywhere, like this one.
People selling swords and shields. 
A booth selling some comics and things.
Just look at the people. So many people crowded around. Amazing!! 
I love capturing people's reactions when we walk around.
Sometimes I just snap at random and get amazing facial expressions from strangers, like the lady in the red lipstick! 
Some cool kids and Thanos. 
Amazing wizard costume.
Of course we had to get a shot with Thanos. Of course!
The world depends on it. 
A random booth with some silent auctioning happening. 
Foxy doing a little window shopping. lol
We spotted Thor from a mile away. Such a great cosplay! THE BEST! 
We spent some time chatting it up with Thor. Got a few funky photos and went on our way.
We later bumped into him around every turn. We were destined to meet, one way or another. lol
Random booths. 
More booths with random items. 
The facial expression is where it's at. lol
I absolutely adore conventions for the art. So many talented people that I never seen before. 
Plushy heaven. lol
A table full of horror related items. 
Some boxes of random comics. Including but not limited to--The Walking Dead. 
In the center of the place, they also had this wrestling ring up and running. 

Me and Ghost Lee. 
Taking more images for my portfolio. 
This guy was awesome. Spent a few minutes chatting with him about history! 
Another shot of the wrestling ring.
More booths, more people.
I wanted the big o' Harley Quinn doll. 
Me doing a pose. 
Me and Ghost Lee again.
They were also selling signed and framed prints of movie icons--
like Robert England and the cast of Star Wars. 
Another awesome cosplay. Loved the working lights on the helmet and torso. 
Some more trinkets. 
Another angle of the items and plushes. 
I spy a Jack Skeleton plush and some Stitch plushies. 
My dad liked the Bruce Lee thing. I don't quite know what it is but it had his face on it. 
Masks and stuff. 
Jewelry and Funko.
 "You'll Float Too" 
prints. prints. prints.
We spent a few moments resting and watching the fight.
My dad, the man in the picture hollering at the wrestlers, was having quite the time.
btw--the day afterwards, my dad lost his voice from screaming so loud. lmfao
Another shot of the crowd during the wrestling match. 
This little cutie was running around and being silly. 
Me, just sitting and waiting for my dad to get bored.
I'm not much of a wrestling person. Not gonna lie. lol
Dog was eyeballing me. 
Dog turned back around to enjoy the wrestling show. lol
Me and Ghost Lee chatting it up because wrestling sucks. lol
We HAD to get a photo with Freddy! <3
R2D2 and a little G1RL
Some people making purchases and checking out vendors. 
I liked his suit, so I took a picture of it. lol
Harley Quinn was leaving before I could approach her for a photo.
But I took this image just in time. 
Deadpool Bob Ross. 
We decided to get a photo of us next to R2-D2. 
And we got a photo next to the Bob Ross Deadpool.
I spotted FNAF Foxy from a mile away--so, we had to get a picture with 'em. 
I saw that Foxy had a whole crew. So I took some with them, too. 
I loved the purple hair-color. So beautiful!
Also, the little boy was A Rick & Morty fan! Awesome!! 
Took a few images before we parted ways! Such an awesome family! 
Took one with this beautiful woman! She was such a kind soul.
So happy to have made her acquaintance. 
My dad wanted some images with the wrestlers, so we did that thing, too. lol
I saw Nightmare Before Xmas. I snapped it before they scurried away. 
Another wrestler posing with my dad. 
This cool guy and his Star Trek shirt. 
My dad met up with one of his friends at the con. 
Me and my mom just messing around. 
Nice costume, Mr. Security guard. lol jkjk
We spotted this dude outside the place. Decided to take one with him, as well.
This face was greeting me outside our car. Someone has a pug sticker on their car window and I highly
highly highly highly approve. lol
We all huddled back into the car, looking like we were about to drop a massive mix tape. lmfao
Anite Blake doing a very dramatic pose. lmfao

In case you didn't get to fully see the beauty that was my brother's costume.
You NEED to check out his Vampira. It was to DIE for.

Here is a mini video of our time at the con, for those visually inclined~ 

All in all, 2019 was a damn good con. 
 Despite it being a spur of a moment sort of thing that we did last minute. 
I am very happy and thrilled we went. 

This year, our costumes weren't planned for months or anything--the most we took was a day or two to construct something which ended up looking awesome as all heck. 
Very casual, very relaxed and not rushed or stressed at all--which is always fine by me. 
I could make due with a little relaxation and recline. lmfao

The Library Con is still something we are looking forward to in September, alongside the annual Zombie Walk in October but for right now, we are happy and content with this little event. 
 Happy Con 2019! 

If you'd like to see a progression post about my creating the look and more images of my look in general--you can find that HERE.
I hope you enjoyed your stay--do make sure you pop back around again.
We are always creating and always up to no good. lmfao jkjk

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