Tuesday, October 13, 2020

99 CENT STORE & DOLLAR TREE GALORE--Checking out ALL the penny stores for Halloweeny goods!

Hello ladies and gents, 
I thought it would be an awesome idea to check all my local penny stores for Halloween goodies. When I mean "all" I actually mean every. single. store accessible in my location. You see, we have about 2 99 Cent Stores & 2 Dollar Trees in my general direction. Normally, we'd pick one and be happy for the whole year--but this year, we thought we'd try them all. Hey now, I know this isn't a big deal for the lot of you guyts but it's a HUGE deal for me! So, pretend to be impressed! hahaa

I took the liberty of taking some shots of the goodies we had available at the stores. Nothing like coming back to old posts years after to remember the fun stuff I passed because I wanted something else instead of it. hahaa

I'm not going to write anything between these photos. You can see them for yourselves. It just seems redundant to do so. Why state "Hey...look a skeleton" when you can see it for yourself. lmao

After the small little photo gallery, I'll be popping back in to show you some of the haul I took back with me. Thanks & enjoy! 

That was the first 99 cent store. Moving onto the next one now! 

I didn't take too much images this round. Just the stuff I didn't find in the first store. hahaa Just so you wouldn't have to sit through duplicates again! lol

This is a collective haul from both 99 stores. 
Seen this last Halloween and always regretted not getting it. 
Happy to find it again this year, too. So, I definitely snagged one this time! 
They had a TON of the witches, in various different poses.
but only one of the palmistry hands. So, I got both!
I couldn't pass up such an adorable face! :) I absolutely love witches! of all kinds!
This is the back of the hand statue. I loved all the detailing, even the fingernails!

I also got a bunch of little extras--I sent a few cards to some friends of mine. 

These little felties were a must. I especially liked the purple little bat! 
Big and tiny Halloween confetti

Some Halloween Erasers! 

Two pairs of witch hat clips! 

Seen this floppy top hat and had so many cool ideas planned using it.
I really loved the bone detail!

The dog and witch became friends.
This above lot of stuff came from the first 99 store.
The next bunch of things were the second 99! 

Got a few items from this next store. Including this lace table runner & Sugar Cookie Wax Melt.
The lace runner had beautiful spiderwebbing on it.

The wax melts were colored purple. We already used one cube! 

Got some of these miniature pumpkins for doll ideas.

Found this little skeleton dog that looks too much like my Lola! She was the ONLY one available! 
Found this little diary on a hook. Last of it's kind, too. I'm going to use it to document some dreams.

Out of all the ribbons around, these two were the cutest! 

The first set of ribbon had cute little jacks all over it, in witch hats.

The second had a bunch of candies and words.

I have no idea what I'm going to use these ribbons for but I'll find something! 

Got a TON of goodies from The Dollar Tree--Movies, Cards...soooo much! 

Got a pack of these vintage inspired Halloween greeting cards.

I used these for card exchanges. I love the greeting and the covers of these cards.
Chalkboard tags for my mom, for her doll making.

A little Owlette box for a gift to a friend.

A set of these glittery spiders.

I love the glittery bum bums.

Some felty witch hats for mom.
I flipped my lid when I seen these cute wooden brooms. They are so well made and they look authentic. I'm dead serious--I'm tempted to use these for my real Alter work.
These look so nice. They had other colors, too.
Like purple, green and black...but the wooden colored ones were all my interest.

Got some stencils for my mom.
She's a crafter, too.
Some nice bows for our Halloween wreath.

Got this cute Ghost plaque for my mom. She collects vintage ghosts! 

Also found these movies to add to my collection--I'll review them soon, to let ya know how they were.

cute pencils were abundant everywhere.

So, I grabbed a pack for the kids.

Another movie I got from the second Dollar Tree store.
Got some funny looking kitties. 
Funky little black cat heads, dollar a pop.

That is all from both Dollar Stores.

That is all I have for you today. I hope you enjoyed this post. Instead of many different little posts--
I just bashed them all together. Why not? lol 

Happy Halloween everyone! 

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