Friday, October 30, 2020

Uncle Fester Transformation by Hannabal Marie


Hello ladies and gents, Since Halloween is basically tomorrow--
I thought I'd go ahead and transform as one of my many many manyyy favorite characters; Uncle Fester!

The person who I dedicate this to was the person who suggested my transformation; my brother.
For his bday coming up, I thought I'd do it.
I love...DEBBIE!
Also, he told me it would be pretty funny to hug a pack of Little Debbies as Fester! lmfao

I thought out of all the Debbie Snackcakes, Nutty Buddy would fit Fester perfectly! After all, he is a Nutty Buddy! lmfao

That is all. This look probably will be filed under the few of my "cursed images." But after transforming as Eric, I don't think this is any worse than that one! lmfao

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