Sunday, April 15, 2012

Maléfique Clownette

Hello Ladies And Gents,
I Come Baring A Gift. . .A Makeup Gift. . .
Today I Have For You A Bit Of My Personal Obsession. . . CLOWNS!

Before I Describe My Own Take On This Look, I Wish To First State That I Completely Recreated A Fellow Makeup Artist 100%, Miss Beccy Bex!
I Seen Her Look And HAD To Recreate It For Personal Purposes! So Here It Is, Along With My Own Story Of What I Think Its About:

To Me It's Like A Mix Of Clowns With A Porcelain Doll. . .And Then With Crazy Smearing Lipstick And Tear Trails! xD I Named This Creation "Maléfique Clownette" Simply Because Both The Words Are Basically Stating "Evil Female Clown" And That's What This Clown-Like Gal Reminds Me Of. . .A Evil Porcelain Doll Thingy! xD 

Because She Wouldn't Be The Type To Give Hugs And Candy. . .Unless It Came With A Death Sentence, Of Course! ;D 

Anywho, The Products Used In This Look Goes As Follows:
-White Homemade Cake Paint
-White Loose Powder From Airspun
-Liquid Eyeliner In Black
-Black/Baby Blue/White Eyeshadow
-Black Pencil Liner For Minor Detailing And Lip Lining
-Baby Pink Lipstick From Some Kiddie Makeup Kit
-Red Lipstick For The Smear Action

Anywho, Here Are The Pix:

Live Like No One Cares, Laugh Like No One's Watching, And Love Like Their Is No Tomorrow! 

~Clickity Click The "Read More" Linky Poo To See More Pix!~

Its Not The Amount Of How Many People Laughed. . .But Rather How You Put On The Show!  

So. . .You Still Don't Get It Do You??? I AM A CLOWN!! Everything I Do Is For Shits And Giggles...

Why Bother Insulting? I'm Just Going To Take It As A Demented Joke Anyways! ;D

The Circus Is Coming To Town. . .
And I Am Their Favorite Clown. . .

Your Attempt At A HAHA Was Simply Pitiful...Now Allow Me To Show You How A REAL Clown Does It. . .

Anywho, Thanks For Reading And Viewing
Please Do Come Back Again! ;D
Hannabal Marie

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