Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween 2012/Halloween makeup look

Hello Everybody, 
I wanted to post for so long but I just couldn't get around to it because of The Zombie Walk and Halloween. 
I still need to wait for all of the Zombie Walk images to come to me but I have a little post for you today in regards to Halloween. 

 I spent my Halloween with a group of friends, we hung out. . .scared random strangers by messing with them on the street and while they were eating in restaurants. I met up with a very handsome Killer Klown. <3

I'm going to just go ahead and post some pix and talk about them whilst doing so. 

Here it is:
Halloween 2012

{Follow the link to read more}

I am going to post the party images first then I'll end it with a few shots of my actual makeup look. so It'll be like a two sectioned post! :3 

 Me and mistah J, posing fer tha camera! ;D It likes us! :D

My beautiful friend Blue and my other buddy, don! :3 
Zombie maddness!!!!! <3

 Sitting in the back of the car with a zombie clown. 
The best way to spend Halloween! <3

 Me and mistah J Again. . .

 Mistah J's socks! :P

 Don eating his yummy food! x"D

 Blue's baby doll! :P

 Me and mistah J for the 100th time. ;D

 My mug shot! xD

 The gang before Killer Klown came into the picture! :P

 Dragon doing his dragon thing! xD

 The whole gang together! :3

And me and mistah J Again! :3

Well, Like I said. . .It's not a lot of pictures but I had the best night of my life. 
This is by far the best Halloween eva! ;D

Now here is my makeup look in more depth:
(pix before I partied, so it looks so much more bold and detailed)
My inspiration was pretty obvious, A klown. But I wanted to do a more odd looking clown. So I thought long and hard about it and I sketched out a idea and brought it to life. Here she is! <3

Thanks fer reading
Hannabal Marie

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