Saturday, April 5, 2014

Tom Waits Inspired Makeup Look

Hello ladies and gentlemen,
It's been such a long time since I did anything worth posting, so allow me to make up the time now for you guys and girls.
I, as you are aware of on facebook and all my other social networking sites, am in LOVE with the mad genius TOM WAITS. I love everything about this man, from his music to his voice even to the way he handles himself out in a crowd.
So I thought what better way to show my respect and love than to use my gift of makeup art and construct a piece dedicated towards the odd little gin soaked boy!
The Products I used:
>Brown/Black/White/Blue Eyeshadow from Elf or my Ebay Palatte.
>Clown White face makeup
>Liquid Blk Eyeliner

The photo I used as reference:
And here is my take on him: 

The neck piece is just a few of many things that remind me of him. The gears and works, an eyeball and a clock, tire tracks, broken branches and roses, pianos and notes, and crow silhouettes.  

~whistlin' past the graveyard
steppin' on a crack
i'm a mean motherhubbard
papa one eyes jack~

~what you think is the sunshine
is just a twinkle in my eye
that ring around my fingers
just the 4th of july
when i get a little bit lonesome
and a tear falls from my check
theres gonna be an ocean in
the middle of the week~

that is all!

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