Monday, May 19, 2014

Suspiria Sweet Suspiria (Contest Entry) by Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
As I already made clear in a previous post. I decided to partake in a contest made possible by Pinkstylist. 
He asked of us to take two 1980s and past movies and combine them into one unique and original look. I already shown you one entry I did titled "The Phantom of the Onibaba", now here is my second and last entry that I decided to call it "Suspiria Sweet Suspiria" 
As you can tell, I took inspiration from Suspiria and Alice Sweet Alice. 

If you don't know anything about either movie, click on the name and have wiki explain it:

I would explain it on this post myself, but nothing beats Wiki as far as definitions are concerned. (haha) 

Plus, this isn't a movie review post...this is a makeup post. and you all came to see makeups not movies. 
Products that were used:
Wet N Wild- Liquid eyeliner in Black
Ebay palette (unknown name)- Blue, Red, Pink, Black, White, Brown, Light Brown, Yellow, Orange, Watermelon and Grey
Jordana- Red Lipstick
Bloody Knife
String for face

Here we go:

(Here is the chest details in full) 

(Just a close up of the face to show detailing)

Proof of my existence! 

I also did a video, like the last one, for this look. It can be seen HERE

That's all folks

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