Monday, May 19, 2014

Emily Possum (An Original Character Concept by Hannabal Marie)

 Hello ladies and gents
I love Jessica Rabbit. Let the record show that I do. But I have always wondered what it would be like to be her sister. To have a drop-dead gorgeous sis who got ALL the praise, ALL the glory. All around the world she is seen as a sex symbol and thus anyone else couldn't even compare. 
I thought long and hard about this concept and I decided to create the complete opposite of Jessica Rabbit. 
She has hair as black as a bucket of tar. Her music isn't loved by many but she truly enjoys her work. She is the type of woman you'd be scared to be left alone with down some dark alley way. She gets booed whilst canes pull her off the stage during her performances. Garbage and bottles are her only friends since people seem to throw them at her. She is just different and she just can't stand her sister. 

I was inspired by an array of things. Jessica Rabbit of course and Tom Waits for a refrence of how a "bad gal" is supposed to look like. (i.e. "Hair as black as a bucket of tar/skin as white as a cuttlefish bone") and the Gothic subculture.
Why "Possum" as a last name? Well...Jessica has rabbit and the only thing that would fit this girl in a animal sense would be "Possum"....for them playing "dead" ;) haha

that is all for now. 
Just made this as a character idea, might do skits with her in the future. 
Stay tuned!

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