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⚜ The Chequered Lily Apothecary "The Spring & Halloween Collection" Rant/Review/Swatches! // Hannabal Marie ⚜

Hello ladies and gents, 
Today I bring you all a lovely review full of photos and videos galore in regards to 

(I was in fact given some samples to review today but in no way, shape or form is my opinion being altered. Everything I review and have reviewed has always been 100% truthful opinion AND on my own will.)

 (logo belongs to The Chequered Lily Apothecary)


As I mentioned, I got some samples to review but before we get into the good stuff, can I just please explain my little story here involving this cosmetic company and the lady in charge, Kim. 
I want to just tell you guys about her for a second, so please bare with me. 

I have never meant a more sweeter, kinder, down right amazing person as her in my entire life of makeups. Most companies I have interacted with (the few I do remember) were...just that, companies. Doing business and not really caring much for small talk. 
 "Wanna sample my stuff? ok!" and then never talking with me again. 
Never, and I do repeat...NEVER have I ever felt so "comfy" with a stranger in my entire life. 

Aside from all this mushy stuff, she is really fast with the shipping and when she means something...she means it to a "T". I had some issues with people in my past that will keep saying one thing but do the exact opposite. They will ignore you until the cows come home...well, until the costumers stop coming and they need a fresh new mug to help "get their name out here again"! haha. So you can bet on having prompt replies and great customer service.

Anyways, I bring this all up because I've seen countless "reviews" where people just don't talk about the main person in all...which leaves me guessing. "who are they?", "what services do they have?", "what kinda person am I dealing with and who is my money going to?" 
Yeah know? Cosmetics are nice and all but I think we all should (at the very least) be familiar with the person for whom we are buying/receiving products from. If someone is rude, no matter how great their line of makeups are, I certainly will not want anything to do with them or their cosmetics.
anywho, Kim...hun, you are one helluva gal and thank you for this opportunity for me to try out some of your stuff!

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This little bubble mailer was waiting for me ever so patiently by my doorstep.
I wonder what on earth could this little guy be! <3

Inside the little package was this little trio.
Okay, now let me just stop ya. I spent a whole 30 minutes jumping for joy over the fact she put "open me first and last" on little envelopes. That little touch of cuteness really sold me on her and all her products, which in turn forced me to write her this "tribute" page rather than a basic review/swatch post. I couldn't let something as cute as this pass by without being noticed, no way! <3

as what as requested, I followed the order of the "open me" envelopes.
What the first one had in it was this cute little card, complete with little message.
A message for my eyes only so, let us move along! haha! <3

and lastly, the second "open me" envelope.
It contained the goodies of the evening.
-Samples of her new Spring collection.
-5 additional samples from her Halloween collection.

The Spring Collection:
(Inspired by E.E Cummings for Valentine's Day/Spring!)
TOP: Blushing Powder "Damusk Rose"
 SECOND ROW: Eyeshadow "Daffodil", Eyeshadow "Canna", Eyeshadow "Lilac", Glitter Blend "Bleeding Heart".
THIRD ROW: Eyeshadow "Snapdragon", Eyeshadow "Azalea", Eyeshadow "Wisteria", Glitter Blend "Forget Me Not".

The Halloween Collection:
TOP: Eyeshadow "Fiji Mermaid", Eyeshadow "Midnight Show".
BOTTOM: Eyeshadow "Circassian Girl", Eyeshadow "Snake Charmer".
SIDE: Eyeshadow "Memento Mori".

Now, We must SWATCH & REVIEW!
The following swatches have NOT been primed. This is the raw pigment in it's finest!

 I took the liberty of creating custom content on here using my own swatches as reference, the buttons with the names of the labels are of the swatches below, Each one right under their correct color. 
In case you get lost and don't know which one I'm talking about. :) haha

1. Daffodil: (VEGAN)
It's a pale, semi-opaque yellow with a violet shimmer.
2. Snapdragon: (VEGAN)
It's a soft tangerine with a pink sparkle.

 3. Canna: (VEGAN)
It's a soft peachy coral with a golden-orange shimmer.

 4. Azalea: (NOT VEGAN)
Vivid magenta with copper sparkle.

Cool lavender with soft pink pearl

6. Wisteria: (VEGAN)
 Periwinkle blue with violet pearl.

 My Review:
They were very smoothe to use, like velvet on the skin. Bold in color and strong in pigmentation.
In this review you will not only see mere swatches but some little tests I ran to prove the strength of these pigments. The video below is of the Halloween Collection.
I wanted to show you how day-to-day life wouldn't harm your cosmetics in any way since friction didn't seem to ruin them as much.

Now, onto the Glitter Blend from the Spring Collection:

1. Glitter Blend "Forget Me Not" 
(VEGAN/Not Approved For Use On Lips!)
Soft blue-violet with pink, gold, and purple iridescence.

2. Glitter Blend "Bleeding Heart" (NOT VEGAN)
Intense magenta, red, and fuchsia, with hot pink iridescence.

Since photos doesn't do this justice, I decided to create a mini video for you all to see the beauty of this blend!

 And lastly for this collection;
The Blushing Powder!

 I put some on a piece of white paper so you can see the color without human touch. 
And when I applied it to my cheeks, it looked a little something like this:

 Again, you can mess around and put as much or as little as you like...I wanted to give the full potential of the product, so I applied a pretty hefty amount! haha.

1. Blushing Powder "Damask Rose"
(NOT VEGAN/Not Approved For Use On Eyes!)
a warm blushing rose with soft golden-coral iridescence.

So that is her Spring Collection. If you liked it and want to know where you can purchase yourself a few of her products, visit her Etsy, Facebook, or Blogspot for full details!

Now, onto the second part of this post, the Halloween Collection.
Wasn't really something I had to do a review on...but some people might be interested in them.
Plus, beauty is in these products...they can't go unnoticed!

1. Fiji Mermaid: (VEGAN)
Semi-Opaque Bright White w/Aqua & Green Shimmer and Gold-Green Sparkle.

2. Snake Charmer: 
(VEGAN/Not Approved For Use On Lips!)
Blackened Green with Intense Green Shimmer and Green-Gold Sparkle.

3. Circassian Girl: 
(NOT VEGAN/Not Approved For Use On Lips!)
Black with Fuchsia Shimmer and Blue-Violet Sparkle.

4. Midnight Show: 
(VEGAN/Not Approved For Use On Lips!)
Semi-Metallic Blue-Violet with Blue Undertone.

5. Memento Mori: (VEGAN)
Metallic charcoal grey with dark maroon undertone.

Here is a video to tie in all the swatches I have up here, in video form. 
Ya know? for the nay-sayers and all that! :D haha!

So this brings me to the end of this very long review/rant post.
I wanted to tie this all up with a few pretty eye shots using all products listed.
 (all looks were PRIMED with Elf Primer to show difference, if any!)

1. The Spring Collection!
-TCLA Products Used:
Daffodil, Snapdragon, Canna, Lilac, Wisteria, Azalea!
-Extras Used:
Wet N Wild Liner & Elf White Shadow!

 2. Sundrop!
-TCLA Products Used:
Daffodil, Canna & Snapdragon!
 -Extras Used:
Mehron Clown White, Wet N Wild Liner

 3. Cotton Candy!
-TCLA Products Used:
Azalea, Wisteria, Lilac, Bleeding Heart (On Lid) & Forget Me Not (On Bottom)!
-Extras Used: 
Blue Cream Shadow from Imagic Pro Palatte, Wet N Wild Liquid Liner & Elf White Shadow!

4. Deadly Weapon!
-TCLA Products Used:
Halloween Shadows in Midnight Show, Snake Charmer, Fiji Mermaid & Circassian Girl.
-Extras Used:
Wet N Wild Liner
 That is all,
I hope you enjoyed!

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