Saturday, February 28, 2015

❤ 2015 Valentine's Day with Hannabal Marie ❤

Hello ladies and gentlefish
Today I bring you a post on my valentines day fun. 
I waited for a long time to post this because well...
I was a bit lazy and didn't feel like typing all this before you now.
I am not going to lie. I can't. I'm...not a crook. *peace signs up*
but...anyways...I just didn't feel like posting until now. 

Valentines day is one holiday that I LOVE to HATE. 
It's something I so direly am in love with yet it always brings me great depression when it finally arrives. 
It's the sad song of us lonely single people.

I ate a load of chocolate while I soaked in a bath listening to "Blue Valentines" by Tom Waits. 
I was in a rather....depressed mood...chocolate does waits. A lot actually. 

 I couldn't resist...I had to do a line.....

 my baby girl was quite happy...until....

 ...I gave her a bath.

 My blind shih tzu was full of love on this day, though. 
Just look at those love-struck eyeballs.



 Lily was sulking in the corner though. Still mad about that bath.

 Among a bunch of holiday treats...I had to add my addiction in the mix. 
I don't know about you guys but I FUCKING LOVE THE BLACK LABEL HOT CHEETOS!


I also made chocolate chip cookies...because if you haven't noticed...I'm obsessed with baking cookies and treats and I use any excuse I can get to bake something. XD A Holiday is just another excuse for me! 

The moon was full that night.

She is still pretty mad, though.

Here is the bunch of sweets and treats I got for cry over....on Valentines day...because it's 2015 and I'm...still....single....HA.
and yes....Jesus chocolates....who better to eat a chocolate Jesus square than this harlot?'s gotta be a chocolate satisfy my soul...

 If you are on my Facebook, then you probably seen my made up mug on a video for Vday. 
I just made a small point on video about my love and hate for this holiday simply because I am a hopeless romance who is hopelessly in love with no one because no one loves me back. Haha.
Nothing much else needs to be said. Ha. 

So yeah, my mug. I got prettied up, since I wasn't feeling like myself and wanted to fix that problem. So I spruced myself up...for myself...

So yeah, that is all.
Like I said, I just felt like posting something, since I need to get these pix off my laptop. 
So yeah, enjoy!

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