Thursday, November 26, 2015

~Doom Dollz Character Creations~

the table Jess of Doom set up~

Hello ladies and gents, 
a friend of mine asked if I could recreate her custom-made dolls a while back for a few events she was going to, and well...
I'm here to publish the results of said events. 

Jess Of Doom, the creator and founder of Doom Dollz, went to RI Comic Con 2015 and Combichrist/The Birthday Massacre Show.
(to name a few I have seen my face at!)

As she told me, people went crazy for my re-creations.
I am so freaking happy that people actually liked me enough to purchase something with my face on it! 
I can't even fathom how amazing it feels that someone, somewhere, has something of me with them now! 

 Here are the images I did for her events!

Her creation on the left, my recreation on the right.

My recreation on the left, Her creation on the right.
another recreation I did for her.

My recreation on left, Her creation on right.
Her "queen of hearts" recreation look I did.
My recreation on top, Her creation on bottom.

The beautiful Jess of Doom Dollz~ 

 She has merch of me up for sell~ 
From buttons, posters, accessories, portraits, ect.

    Now onto the events in their fully glory....
 Rock N Shock 2015
Her table at Rock N Shock 2015.

All the goodies including meh faceeee!

Just look at all that stuffz!

RI Comic Con 2015
The table she set up at RI Comic Con~

All those goodies~

A better shot of the table~

 Combichrist/The Birthday Massacre Show 2015
And lastly, The Combichrist/Birthday massacre show!
Her set up is always so amazing.

anyways, just wanted to share all this amazing news with you all. 
I can't begin to tell you how amazing Jess is. 
She is so sweet and such a wonderful person...
not just because she let me recreate her artworks but because, even after all the business was said and done, she still talked and communicated with me as a friend. 
I can't tell ya enough how many people I "worked" with who just up and left me after they got what they wanted from me. 
 She is so down to earth and such a beautiful soul! 
I love this woman and I will forever and always be a doom doll~

Please, help support this amazing artist by checking out her websites!! 
she has some amazing stuff over on her page that I am sure will catch your eye~ 

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