Friday, November 6, 2015

(¬º-°)¬ Zombie Walk 2015 // Hannabal Marie

It was that time of the year again!

2015 Zombie Walk was amazing!
I never seen a more packed event in my entire life. 
My brother with some kiddies.
From streets filled with flesh bags to every street shop and pub stop filled to the brim with bumping bodies. 
Me on the right, my brother on the left.
This was around 6ish at night.

My brother left, Me on right, My friend behind me and some kid in the corner.

Random facial shots from strangers~

Apparently people were snapping away while me and my friend talked. hahaa
Doesn't the camera flatter me? OH YESH!
Sidenote: look at that dude in the back with that high hair!!! XD

Same gang with more random little children.
Kids should be smarter than to stick around me...I'm a bad influence on anyone! haha

Me and my brother again. With a looky loo~

Brother and me and random zombie person~

For the sake of not looking egotistical, here is some more faces from the walk~

me and my brother on the bottom right corner with more random faces~

me and brother again~

My brother was a muscle zombie creature.
His inspiration was based on Julia from Hellraiser~

A blurry image of us again~

me and daevi~
Please note the man in the back...his face is perfection~ AHAHAHAHHAAA

the gang again~
Note the little kid on the right..he looks so scared of me!!! AHAHAHAHAA

what I was doing with my face is beyond me. Just keep scrolling! hahaa

blurry but lovely~

brother in the back but can we just appreciate the moving public effect my camera gave off from people rushing around~ LOVE IT!

more people for your feasting eyes~


That little kids face in the corner was the reason I kept this image! hahahaa

My brother owning it!

The place we all met up at~

I think something might be on my face~

Brother again~

My costume and makeup in full glory before public came and ruined my costume from all the touching and messing around~ ahhaa
me and Daevi~ 

That was basically the event in it's full glory.
It was rather hard to get around to be quite frank, due to all the pushing and prodding and trying to get around without f*cking up someone's costume...

I sadly didn't stick around for too long, spent most of the evening with my friend catching up with past stuffs and things.
It was lovely, the costume turned out great (despite my lack of materials and having to scurry and create something in a weeks time due to issues!) 
but yes, turned out swell. 
The only issue I really had with this year's, compared to the one before and so on, would be the number of drunks grabbing up on you and f*cking around with people whom obviously don't want to be f*cked around with and the rude children.
I only have two things to say to when you are drunk, keep your drunk ass in your drunk ass seat and keep to yourself. Being drunk isn't a reason to be an asshole. and secondly, children...oh, sweet grateful that you have parents and limbs to hold them with as you hide behind your sweet o' mommy and protective o' daddy as you mutter obscenities and rude gestures in my direction. Oh, yes...they truly are the future...the future headaches of the world~ hahaha

I kid, I kid. 
I had fun, despite the rudeness but it was nice catching up with my dear Daevi and having a blast at the same time~
I look forward to next year and another reason to play dress up in public~ hahaha

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