Friday, August 28, 2015

► My Thrift Store Finds: Privileged "Rockstar" Spiked Platforms // Hannabal Marie ◄

Hello ladies and gentlefish, 
I am addicted to thrift shopping and well, I try to always find a way to have some spare dollars on hand for things that I find at thrift stores. 

so, my birthday was coming up around the time I found these babies and so I thought it would be a good bday present for me.

Little did I know that these babies are pretty famous online.
They range for close to 40-60 dollars, depending where you buy them at.
So they were a great steal, seeing how I only bought them for 3 dollars each. 

Aren't they just beautiful?!

This one looks yellow, but it's more of a neon light lime green. Kinda resembles the color of a Highlighter.

This looks black or purpleish but on the website, it's apparently blue. Like an indigo.

Took them outside, so you could see the colors better with the natural sunlight.

I also did a mini video of me modeling them for you all.
I hope you enjoy!


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