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🌿 Rooted Gifts Review 🌿 // Hannabal Marie

 Hello ladies and gents
I bring you all something that is near and dear to my heart.
I while back I contacted this amazing company
and asked if they could spare an item for a review.
I was completely unaware of the magic that
was going to be bestowed onto me
by a lovely company called Rooted Gifts!

Inspired by Nature and Culture,
Rooted Gifts is a small business that sells handmade, beautiful, artisan candles. 
But before I get into the "review" of the products he sent,
I wish to take a few moments to talk about the man behind the company.
Mr. Jonathan Calloway!

I've had my share of companies, I've had my share of  'friends' as well.
but I have never met a more down-to-earth, amazing, hardworking and creative soul
like Jon.
I have only known him for a little while but there is something about him that makes you feel relaxed, trusted and respected.
He takes his time to get to know you, to truly get to know you.
Most companies don't give a damn about who they sell to or anything.
It makes you feel like a lesser being,
but Jon really makes you feel connected with him.
It's much more than just some "candle company",'s a circle, a union between you, a man and his candles.

What he does, his company in general, I can not bring myself to put in words.
You can sense the passion in his work, every inch of what he does reeks of it.
Here is a man who is dedicated to his craft and to that, I applaud him!

 Jon, if you're reading this. (I know you will be soon enough! lol)
You are one helluva guy! :)

Now, onto the products!
He sent me 4 candles in total, which completely blew me away.
I was only expecting 2 but 4? I am being spoiled here! lol
They arrived in a standard shipping box, complete with packing peanuts.

Each candle was safely put inside a mixture of bubble wrap and colorful paper!
One thing I noticed, among many things I took notice of that day, was how each fragile as you would believe a candle could be...every candle held up. He wrapped them so well that even the most delicate of pieces didn't snap off or break. I was impressed, because I have purchased some pillar candles in my past and was sadly disappointed to see them snap down the middle due to the bumpy ride.

So, one thing I can be sure to say is that the candles will survive the shipment perfectly!

I am going to explain each one in detail.
Starting with  
The Urban Legends Candle: Black Aggie. 
Inspired by the Urban Legend: Black Aggie, a statue made for a graveyard with a habit of grabbing those who turn their back to it!
This is one of 7 different, unique Urban Legends.
I had a hard time trying to pick one, because I am a sucker for Urban Legends!
So seeing that he actually made a set dedicated towards my obsession,
I was in heaven!

I plan to go back one day and purchase the Bloody Mary!
Every candle is "dripped" with a white wax, over the signature color that is chosen for each candle.
And when it's lit, A pool of golden glitter can be seen.
The glitter also changes shades as the candle continues to burn.
Every candle releases a room filling fragrance in association with its Urban Legend.
Image from Rooted Gifts website.
 Black Aggie smells of Calabrian Bergamot, Chicory Wood & Diamond Musk.

 More Information:
They should last a long time upon burning.
100+ Hrs, as the website claims.
The candle is made from 100% Soy Wax.
Every candle is handmade, so every candle is different and unique in it's own way.
Price: $24.99

 Let me tell you, the scent of this candle...Of all the candles,
has made my room so much more pleasant.
The essential oils inside each candle really linger
around my bedroom and it fills my
house with such a beautiful scent.
It perks me right up!

 Grass Roots: Purple Pillar
This Purple Pillar is known as Rooted Gifts "Grass Roots"
An unscented, mottling wax, pillar candle with added Essential Oils.
 It's about 6" tall and 2" wide and it will burn for 48+ hours!
This candle is $10.99
 Another thing I love about this company is that they use lead-free wicks, essential oils,
and no chemicals!!!

From the website:
"Grass Roots candles are widely used beyond decoration.
Their primary uses are in magic and spiritual practices.
Colored pillar candles allow the user to customize their intention,
scribe and dress in any matter which is desirable.

The Roots: Purple candles are dominantly known for "commanding" and "Spirit".
Examples include: mastery, power, ambition, control, command, and Higher Spirit.
 For some practitioners, it is common to use purple candles to connect to the seventh Chakra, Spirits, and take command of self-enterprises."

I can't even begin to tell you how amazing this was to find inside my box,
Mind you guys..My original plan was to review 2 candles,
this and another amazing candle were extras.
And how crazy that it fits me to a "T".

It might be the Essential Oils but damn does this candle smell good!

Rooted Alchemy: White Focus Candle

This is from his newer line, called Rooted Alchemy. 
These candles are inspired by the basic process of Alchemy:
breaking down basic materials to recreate anew.  
This line of candles has a higher infusion of relevant Essential Oils to Fragrance Oils to produce an aromatic experience to influence the senses.

Rootwork:  Focus White Container Candle is lit to enhance concentration, focus and memory.  
For additional potency, a charm is included to enhance its purpose - 
"I breathe the air, crisp and cool.  Be quick and sharp, never the fool."

I asked for this specific one because I need to channel whatever powers around me to help me focus on the things worth focusing on.
I've been "putting off' too much and my concentration has been nothing but a foggy haze.
I can tell you, upon opening up the package that the scent truly tamed something wild in me.
The scent of Rosemary & Peppermint with an infusion of Essential Oils, triggered something in me that I can't quite explain.
It's magic, simply put!

More info:
100% Soy Wax.
Lead Free Wick.
45+ Hrs Burn Time.
And it's 2.5"wide & 3"tall!
Price: $11.99

Another lovely thing about this candle, is that there is glitter all over the glass jar.
A small touch but a HUGE impact on me. Truly!

and lastly (my personal favorite!)
ICONS: Yellow Lucky Hotai Buddha

From the website:
"Icon candles are often used as statues and lit in respect to call forth the essence of it's form.  It is a common belief that "form defines energy," meaning that a candle shaped in replication of a person, place or thing radiates the same energy as the original person, place or thing.

Rootwork:  Lucky Hotai Buddha Yellow is lit to call upon the essence of Buddha, luck, money, fortune, travel, joy and happiness."

I was blown away by this one. I can't even begin to explain the feelings I felt when I touched this beautiful candle.
It's 4"wide & 7"tall and it's amazing. So amazing!!!

More Info:
Mottling Wax
Lead Free Wick
Burn Time: 50+ Hours
Essential Oils
Color: Yellow
Size: 4"wide & 7"tall
Price: $21.99
I don't know how Jon knew I liked Buddha things but I do. I collect a wide range of "Buddha" trinkets because he gives me inner peace and fills me with a reason to always be happy and joyous.
So to find that he included him, among all the rest, really touched me.

It's unscented but I swear the Essential Oils give it a scent all it's own.
Every candle in my bundle is like a piece of something important to me.
They, to me, are much more than wax and wick.
They are something vital, something personal and something of kindness that Jonathan so kindly gave to me without a second thought.
So to end this long review of candles, I am utterly in love with this company and I plan buy a few more I've been eyeballing.

Well, that is my review/showcase.
I will leave you with this small clip of these beautiful candles~
Thank you for reading and Thank you Rooted Gifts, once again!
If you would like to purchase some candles, follow the link:

Rooted Gifts also has a Facebook & Twitter, You should go like/follow them!


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