Wednesday, May 25, 2016

🍵 Scrub Angel Coffee Scrub Review 🍵 // Hannabal Marie

As a Coffee lover, this was a MUST for me! 
I have tried many different brands of "Coffee Scrubs" and I have got to be honest, this one does the job so darn well that it surprises me! 
The scrub is wonderful, The scent is amazing! It's like having a cuppa Joe in the shower, It's perfect to wake up to! 
Packed with ingredients that you can actually pronounce, this stuff is perfect! 

The box it came in!

Organic Coconut Oil, Ground Arabica Coffee, Essential Oils, Shea Butter & Dead Sea Salt are the only key ingredients in this scrub!
It comes with a handy, dandy little scoop so you can easily grab your desired amount and get to scrubbing without having to worry about any mess or waste!
Since the day it arrived, I've been using it daily. 
I have seen intense results in the few couple of days by merely scrubbing myself with coffee!
My cellulite has reduced A LOT and my skin has never felt more soft!!! 

That's a lotta coffee! lol
The little plastic jar is so necessary, considering the fact you'll be using this in the shower. If you get it wet, you have nothing to worry about. The materials used are meant to prevent anything from getting into and potentially harming your scrub!
I am just overjoyed that they used a water-proof label instead of the paper ones most cosmetics/skincare products use on their stuff. If they had used a paper-like label, it would get soggy and fall off into your drain. So I am utterly happy that Scrub Angel thought outside the box and designed the actual packaging around the shower!

 I apply this all over my body in the shower, scrub and let it set for a while before I rinse off. 
After I towel dry myself, I then step out of the shower and carefully do my face in the mirror. I used to have dark circles and puffy eyes, but after using this stuff...I have seen the skin around my eyes 
become more alert and "wake".

The scent is very strong, Like fresh strong brewed coffee, which is something I love! 
It's thick and gritty, just like damp coffee should be!
I recommend this to everyone. 
If you like something that will definitely wake you up in the morning AND take good care of your skin..then this product is for you! 

Scrub Angel Coffee Scrub costs about $14.95 + Free Shipping!
Well worth the money, in my opinion!
 I can also see this being a perfect gift for someone who loves coffee. lol 
Just imagine, they can smell and take care of themselves in the very thing they love! :')

You can purchase yourself some here:

FTC Disclaimer: I got this product for FREE for this review but my opinions are 100% my own! Thank you!

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