Tuesday, May 17, 2016

💋 Beauty Lally Makeup Brushes Set Review 💋 // Hannabal Marie

As a makeup artist, myself, I can firmly state that 
these brushes are A-MAZ-ZING!
They are made so well, with premium quality synthetic hair. 
They fit like a charm in your hands. 

Beauty Lally 10 Pcs Makeup Brush Set is sheer perfection! 
I can see this whole box sitting next to the greats like MAC or Sigma on the shelves.

It was shipped to me in a wonderful professional-looking Beauty Lally Brush Box. 
Inside the box, each item was wrapped in plastic, to protect everything.
The brushes, themselves, are individually wrapped 
to keep shape and to initially protect them even moreso! 

 The container you receive to store the brushes in is made of PU Leather! 
The storage unit itself is HIGH QUALITY and beautifully designed!
Again, It should be apart of the High-End brands collections. It's THAT good! 

But before you even get to the brushes, you see a little black box sitting idle on top.
Once you open the box, you will find a little plastic-wrapped Makeup Compact Mirror with the companies logo on the front. 

This mirror is going straight into my cheetah purse!
I love it soooo much!


💋 The Kit Includes 💋
☞ A Liquid Makeup Brush.
☞ A Flat Foundation Brush.
A Concealer Brush.
☞ A Powder Brush.
☞ An Angled Blush & Bronzer Brush.
☞ A Shimmer Brush.
☞ An Angled Eye Shadow Brush.
☞ A Eye Shadow Blur Brush.
☞ A Eyebrow Brush.
☞ A inch Lip Brush.
☞ Bonus: A Compact Makeup Mirror. 
With regular and 7x mirror sides. 
It also gives you inspiration and confidence 
with the little slogan under the logo. 
"You Look Perfect".
☞ Bonus: A Brush How-To Guide. 

These brushes are amazing and I am not exaggerating. 
They feel and look a lot like professional (expensive) brands.
The blending is key and with these, you don't have to worry about over-working yourself to exhaustion trying to achieve that perfect smoky eye!
I am proud to add these into my makeup artistry! 
I will definitely be using these for a long time! 

Now I will show each brushes in detail

👄 The Makeup Brush👄

This brush is used to apply liquids, cremes and/or matte makeups.

 👄 The Flat Foundation Brush👄
This one is used to blend your foundation.

I can't even begin to tell you how soft these are.

👄  The Powder Brush👄
Used to press powder or to dust your face.

Such a beautiful brush.

👄 The Concealer Brush 👄
for your concealer, of course!
An up close shot of the brush.

👄  The Brush And Bronzer Brush👄
Used for apply your blush.
or your bronzer.
Apparently. lol

LOVE the angle!

👄 The Shimmer Brush👄
shimmer to add that bit of glow to your face, nose, ect.

This brush is so soft!

👄 The Eyeshadow Brush 👄
Sooooo soft!

This eyeshadow brush grabs SO MUCH product! I love it!

👄 The Eyeshadow Blur Brush👄
A brush that knows blending like it was made for it.
well, it kinda was. lol

love the oval look to this.

👄 The Eyebrow & Lips Brushes👄
These two needed to be put in a post together because these two little guys are AMAZING with details.

look. at. those. angles.

Well, those were the brushes.
Ain't they beautiful?

Just to add to the post, here is what the actual container had inside.
Proves that Beauty Lally really wants to make sure you have premium quality with this act of making sure your brushes stay amazing! 
well, that is my short review.
if you want to purchase yourself a set, follow the link:
-Disclaimer: I was given these brushes for FREE in exchange for this honest review. But regardless of the freebie, my opinions are 100% my own! I hope my review was helpful, I try to get as detailed as possible. Thanks!

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