Tuesday, November 8, 2016

🎃 Halloween 2016 (+Hauls, Prep Work & Whatever Else I Need To Post! lol) 🎃 // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
Today I bring you another post, this time it's about one of my favorite holidays...

I had a BLAST this Halloween--me and my brother created a whole Halloween themed party for the family.
It has got to be one of my favorite Halloweens, since ever!

So, allow me to show you all the awesome stuff I got for Halloween:

Seen this little guy on sale and had to own him!
Here is a photo of everything I pretty much got.
I got a little bit of everything from various shops and stores.
So, I have a little bit from Walmart, Thrift shops, 99 cent/dollar trees and Amazon/ebay!

Got two different bags of Spider webbing, the green was supposed to glow-in-the-dark but...it didn't. lol

Here are a bunch of stuff-a lighted up Anonymous mask, a plastic skull, googly eyes, glow-in-the-dark necklaces, eyelashes, lipsticks. All sorts of necessities for me and my life.

Liquid Latex was ideal for Halloween and Zombie Walk.
So glad to find a really cheap bottle at Wally Mart!

More close-ups!

I instantly fell in love with that golden Plague Doctor mask.
So I got one in gold and another in black, for my dad.

I also got me a plastic "lace" mask.
lots of grabs for future looks and stuff, that is for sure! lol

Now, I will show you what I got for Zombie Walk and projects I had to make by hand.
Just a few items--nothing crazy~ lol

Pretty much making stuff from scratch.
So I got fabric for our costumes, yarn for arteries, all sorts of crafting things and such and such.
Another shot of the items.
I love this Heavy Starch. It helps to aid in keeping my shirts crisp and clean.
It also makes for anti-gravity costumes.
Sadly, I didn't get to starch my costume otherwise I would have had the front a bit more "open" and "out" if I did. lol
Got a lot of stuff, for crafting purposes.
All of which came really handy!
I freakin love the dollar store. lmfao

Now, we shall go into a small preparation.
I didn't take LOADS of photos but what I have I would love to share with the likes of you all.

Here is a sample of my sketch I based my paper mache project on.
I tend to make little doodles like this all the time. lol
I made a little oogie figure with paper mache.
For my cupcake tier!
My brother made some fall-inspired incense cones.
My paper mache Audrey II beginning!
More sketches.
I also made the boogie boys as masks! :)
Putting a white-base over my things. :P
Some detailing and smoothing.
My brother made a HUGE popcorn box!
I decided to make some jars, too.
Lids, all made out of salsa jars.
Masks getting their white-base.
Now, i'm adding some paint to my dry pieces.
Frog Breath Jar, you can put a glow-stick inside and have the inner mouth glow. Like I did.
Another shot.
Audrey II all painted and ready for details.
Me and my brother decided to make a few little extras.
Like these skeleton fairies.
That popcorn box looking spiffy!
Decided to take a coffee break...but it looks like Audrey is having some with me. lol
Went ahead and made some extras for our Zombie Walk costume.
This is what a painters palatte looks like after she's done using it. lmfao
Audrey looking absolutely cute.

Anyways, enough with that prep work.
Allow me to show the party in it's full glory.
*At the end of this dreadfully long post, if you'd like to see each item I handmade in better detail..
I will include alone-shots of them!

Got a bunch of these cute LED Flashing Necklaces.
Perfect for our party! :3
I found these yummy snacks at the local supermarket.
I thought they were perfect for our party.
I have tried Cheetoes before, but wanted them again because of the cute bones.
And the Voodoo chips were something I was curious about because I never had 'em but loved the name and the fact they are New Orleans Kettle Style.
I was pleasantly surprised with the taste--something similar to Salt & Vinegar with a tad more spice. Loved 'em!
I got a tray of "finger food" lmfao

This is my Oogie Boogie Cupcake Stand.
Devil's food cupcakes with cream cheese icing (also icing was inserted INSIDE each cupcake--The tops are complete with cookie crumb and gummy worm.
For Oogie, of course!
Made some Mayor party hats for the family.
We were also celebrating my brother's birthday, early.
His birthday is Nov. 17th but he wanted to have a Halloween themed birthday this year--so we did things a little earlier. lol
I got him a few presents that I hid under the table--a book on Samhain I got via amazon, a fog machine, some awesome scary PJ bottoms, perfume, lipsticks and some thrift store finds like an incense holder and a soapstone burner.
*forgot to take pix of his presents but i'll update with the presents soon. I plan to do a review on the new book, anyways!
More picture shots of the table spread.
The sign I painted for the whole display!
Of course you need a "refreshment" sign, as well. lol
The jars with the "deadly nightshade" which are just ripped up black plastic roses. lol

The "movies" we watched that night.

The popcorn box! EEk!

The big movie candies.

The paper plates and napkins for our halloween pizza.

the whole set-up!

Small details but they make all the difference.

My masks!
The boogie tunnel door!
I made Deviled Eggs but instead of the york section--which is something my brother can't stand,
I decided to fill 'em with a tasty Guacamole dip!
So, they ended up looking cute for Audrey II, like his baby pods!
Night time look! :3

More shots of the set-up!
The boogie boys stringing Oogie's bug treat up for HIS refreshment! lol

I also added some Glowsticks into the party!

Glowing Frog's Breath jar!

The pumpkin!

The PJ's that I got myself with another pair I bought my brother.

 And as promised, the items me and my brother made in alone-shots because I didn't take forever to make them for nothing. lmfaoooo

My brother made these cotton candy vessels from The Killer Klowns From Outer Space to go with the cotton candy section of our party!
The Boogie Tunnel Wall Mount.

The caged bug, for Oogie!
I also made this for Boogie.

The Tim Burton-y Jars~

More things I made with my brother.

The paintings of the movies we watched.
Just quick little paint jobs because I was running late.

Another shot of Audrey II!

More shots.

And another bug shot. :3
 Here is a small little video of everything in action.

All in all, it was a pretty wicked Halloween!
I can't wait to see what fun we'll have next yearrrr~
Goodbye October, So long Halloween!

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