Thursday, November 10, 2016

☆ Younique "Moodstruck Precision Liquid Eyeliner" ☆ Review // Hannabal Marie

A while ago a dear friend of mine sent me some of this new
Liquid Eyeliner from Younique to test out.
I have been going through a lot of issues
but I am here to finally post the review.

All rights to Younique! Image found via google search!

Now, If I have anything I know more about it would have to be Liquid Eyeliner.
I use a ton of it for all sorts of ways--to stencil outlines on dramatic makeup looks, to line my lids or lips, all sorts of things.
I know that is a makeup no-no but it works wonders for me and my art, so I can't complain.

Image found via google search. All rights to Younique!
I was wondering a lot about this new liquid eyeliner.
I have only ever used Wet N Wild or cheap alternative brands but never did I know that Younique had this stuff, I only thought they had the fiber lash mascara!

So, I was thrilled to try out something new from them. 

Image belongs to Younique! Found via google search!

Now, I will admit--I'm not too fond of the fiber lash craze.
I know a lot of people love it but personally, I don't like the feeling of it.
I stick to rather large eyelashes instead of that mascara.
But I have used the mascara and my honest review of that product is that is WORKS but just not for me. To each their own! 

I received the "perfect" shade from the collection.
So, the claim on this stuff is that it will help you create beautiful winged liner looks without much trouble. The precision tip helps aid in the perfect angle each and every time. 
It's non-smudge, transfer-free and it's water resistant. 

This liquid eyeliner has a felt precision tip.
From experience using felt tips, little to no pressure will ensure a long-life span of the tip.
Otherwise, if you press too hard--you can eventually crush the tip, which will ruin the overall lining experience in the future for you. 

I was pleasantly surprised by the pigment of this liner.
It's rich and dark--without being too dramatic.
So, if you like a soft black pigment...I'd highly suggest the "perfect" shade from this collection.
It reminds me of a charcoal black--not stark black but a soft and light black. 

I didn't do anything but line my lids once.

No setting powder, no primer. Just straight liquid liner.

The precision on this liner is absolutely beautiful!

 The above images justify my ending review.
I absolutely love this liquid liner.
I will definitely be coming back to buy a few more once this one dries out.
I can't wait to see what the other colors look like! 

If you are interested in purchasing yourself one, follow the link HERE!
It's my friend Tracey's Younique profile. 
Check it out and get yourself one or a thousand! lol

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