Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Halloween 2017 Festivities // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gentlemen,
I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween this year.
Mine was amazing.
We kind of went a more relaxed route this year--mostly centering everything around the children getting candy this time.
We made little indiviual candy bags to hand out--and when the handing out ran out, we also had a few big bowls of loose candies to dish out. 

To sum it all down--it was so much fun and I am quite happy with the end results.
This year, as I am sure you have heard in previous posts, have been very odd.
Tons of ups and downs from getting sick midway through my wanting to do Halloween themed looks and stuff, then my frequent trips to the dentist to take care of a few painful teeths.
It just has been crazy but in the end I am very happy about everything--despite the bad stuff. hahaa

--Allow me to show you a few photos of how it went down--

We had a Alice in Wonderland themed Halloween party. 

We took out all the Halloween stuff, including our favorite books. 

The center-piece.

Painting the roses red.

More table-top stuff.

Side-view of the table. It's so beautiful.

I was baking cupcakes majority of the day, so I was prepping on the table. lol

I used Halloween Confetti Cupcake Batter. 

I also got some of these Halloween-y themed sprinkles. It has black bats, orange pumpkins, bones and such.

Even the paper plates were Alice themed. 

I busted out the Topsy-Turvy Teapot for our Tea Reading we did later on.

Some more stuffs. A cupcake tower for our cuppycakes and the plastic skull goblets. 

I even put up the Alice-ish background. It wasn't big enough to cover enough room but the thought is what counts. lol

We even got Turkish Delight. 

CUPCAKES. Sorry for the mess, I am a messy cupcake construction-er. lol

My brother dishing out the Delight. hahaa

The finished cupcakes. lmfao

Another shot of the delight because it's quite delightful. 

Awww, they look adorable with the plates. 

The candy we gave to the kiddies, just random stuff. It was packed to the top and we had two bowls full. I ended up giving out mit-fulls because...Halloween. lmfao Also, those kiddy packs we constructed were given out by my brother. 

More cupcakes, covered, because I am smart. lmfao

Now that the "party" stuff is out of the way, allow me to show ya some of the festivities.
Basically, just random shots to include because I loves it.

My dogs love me this time of year. lmfao

Awwww, Charlie looks so cute. 

Little big man.
My dogs looks so happy about costume-play. hahaa
My brother was an eyeball gypsy. 
I was, of course, a clown. I just wore an old Halloween costume (with candy corns on it) and some basic makeups. 
Another face shot. lol

My brother giving out those Halloween gift bags. :)
By the end of the night, we ended up with this much left over in one bowl. There were tons of kids this time! SHWEET!

My brother sporting some of his gifts--a halloweenish shirt I got him and a Halloween Surprise Mystery Pinata! (I posted about it already, check out my blog to see what kinds of goodies he got!)

Not all but most of our decorations. My brother made Cousin IT~ 
More decorations. :)

We were watching a ton of Halloween shows--including but not limited to Bob's Burgers! lol

We made a tiny alter for all of our loved ones that passed--including our past dogs. I miss you Bovine and Cherry! We offered their favorite dog treats and food inside the coffin as an offering.

We also lit some Halloween incense! 

Birthday Boy~ 
My brother getting reading to open up his gifts and Charlie being an attention whore. lmfao

Now, we shall see the birthday boy in his full glory~ <3
He wanted to keep the pinata because this is actually the first time he ever received one and he said he didn't want to ruin it. :3 but we tore through that shit to get into that candy, doe. lmfaoooooo

Him opening these gifts! All were from me and my parents. 

Him trying to figure out what the hell I got him inside this big ass box. lmfaoooo

The anticipation is killing me. lmfao
I GOT HIM A PS3 AND SOME GAMES! He has never had one and I found an amazing deal, so HELL YEAH! 
Happy brother and happy pup!
I also made him some stuff, as I am sure you've seen on this blog already, this is him opening up the Charlie dog figure I made him. It looks just like his dog, huh? hahahahaa

My dog giving him birthday kisses.
She didn't quite wrap them, tho. heheheee
We got him a ton of stuff, I might post a separate post about everything but here is a sneak peek of a few goodies. 
We ended the night with a small little incantation and some burning of the candles. We didn't blow them out until we decided to call it a night. 
That is all for this Halloween season. 
As I said, it ended very nicely.
Peaceful and full of bliss.
Goodbye Halloween 2017
I will miss you!

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