Friday, December 1, 2017

Collagen Hydro Gel Gold Mask // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
This is kind of a useless post but I wanted to post it regardless.
I purchased this little face mask at Walmart a few days ago and decided to give myself a little spa day.
I wasn't going to post anything about this mask until the end results really justified any reasons I had to do so.
ALSO, I took some fun photos and thought they looked cool.
So, birds with stones here, people. lol

The mask unwrapped from it's plastic paper!
I did a whole process before I used the mask.
To sum it all down--I washed, prepped and got my face all nice and clean.
I then did a light little needling, with my needling tool.
I have large pores and some fine lines happening around my face from smiling too much and stuff.
So, needling is something I try to always keep up on because it helps repair all of that and then some.
Also, I just like to needle my face just to keep it in constant repairing function.
I chose today because I won't be so busy tomorrow, so it will give my face some healing time without the need to shove cosmetics into my open and irritated/aggravated pores. 

In case those of you are wondering--no, the needling tool doesn't hurt.
It just makes my face slightly red for a while but it doesn't draw blood.
It acts as an exfoliator to help increase skin production--it does make my skin raw when I go over it, but it doesn't dig too deep to make me bleed. It just removes the top layer of skin, to help revive the new.
I quite like it very much and I have seen so much in terms of results because of doing this trick.
My premature wrinkles have completely and almost totally vanished.
I will definitely keep up the process and target my troublesome areas! 

Hello Clarice, It's nice to see you again! lol

Anywho, off topic--I did all that and finished with the mask.
Since it's a collagen boosting mask with gold which I have read is great for repair and tightening...I thought it was ideal right after a mini little needling session.

The mask was cooling and refreshing as soon as I touched it to skin.
It came inside a nice little nifty pouch, sectioned into two parts--a upper eye area and a bottom mouth area.
I was kinda stingy and decided to use the popped out eyes/mouth sections on my eyelids and lips. lol
More for the buck, what can I say? lmfao

"Try this. Try peeling off your face...and feeding it to the dogs"
"I guess you wish you now would have fed the rest of me to the dogs"
Anywho, I really loved the mask. 
I am going to continue making this walmart purchase because the tightening effect was surely there when I put it on and took it off.
I love how the pouch claims that you simply "rub in the serum" from the mask afterwards, you don't wash it off.
It's so simple to use and it feels great! 

I didn't expect to make this post into a review but here we are.
I hope you enjoyed reading this long, kind of useless post. haha

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