Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Mystery Pinata Halloween Box // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gentlefish
I bought a mystery Halloween Pinata Box for my brother's birthday a while back,
to sum it all down--my brother loved it so much he wanted me to post this here post.
So, here we go. lol

I just want to say that my brother LOVED it.
It was packed with a ton of candies (all of his favorites!) and the seller also included a bday present along with a ton of other goodies that I will get into as soon as I finish typing.

When my brother opened his gift, this is what greeted him. <3

Pull away the green tissue and this is what ya see. A Spider Pinata.  

I really love the face and little legs. 

Comparing to my hand, it's a very nice size. 

It came with a little string to hang it with. 
I really loved the facial expression and attention to detail. 
Okay, after he took out the pinata...we saw this surprise under green paper. 

ALL OF THIS WAS UNDER THAT PAPER! Some funny glasses, balloons, baggies, candles galore and a special bday prezzie.

I am in love with these spider themed candles. Handmade with love and care. 

They are very nicely sized. They looked adorable with the spider pinata for his bday! :'3

Next, we got these 4 green candles. The seller also tied cute blue ribbons around each one. So cuteeee.

As I mentioned--we also got all these fun bday trinkets. I actually wanted those funny face glasses for such a long time. I'm so happy she included them. 

This was the special present my brother got, I can't believe she actually sent him a gift. She totally didn't need to but the gesture is so nice. If you are reading this post--Thank you so much! 

Funny thing about this specific gift--My brother has been searching for this game all over the place. He was not expecting this but he literally screamed when he saw it through the tissue. lol

It has all the pieces, as well. :')

All the goodies~ <3
And that is all.
I hope you enjoyed this post, the goodies were amazing.
I will be using all of these even beyond the Halloween season.
The green candles will look amazing on my Christmas mantle.

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