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۩The Original Hearse Purse--Review & Showcase۩ | Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gentlemen, 
If you follow me on Instagram, You would have seen that I posted a "sneak peek" of this surprise item for all to see. Everyone seemed to really love it, even to the extent I was receiving messages in my inbox guessing what it might be--some got it right away, while others came up with some wild ideas. But for all those who guessed "Hearse" you were correct!

But it's not just any hearse, it's a HEARSE PURSE--
The Original Hearse Purse, to be exact. 

I have heard that a little black purse is ideal for everyone, but what about a little black hearse?
Now, I have seen so many styles of purses--some ranging from Coffin shapes to actual gravestone plaques, but I have never seen an actual hearse...more so, in the actual shape of one. 
Nothing tugged at my dark heartstrings quite as well as seeing this beauty up close and personal.
The quality of the materials is superb, the stitch-work is clean and neat but the one thing that really made my heart skip several beats (call me a doctor, will ya?) is the inside of the purse. 
I didn't see it in the photos but this purse opens to reveal black and white stripes. The material is satin and silky to the touch. Comes with several different straps that can be changed when the mood strikes. Everything about this purse just reeks of perfection and I ain't talking about the embalming fluid! ;) haha

All jokes aside, I really have a soft spot for this purse. 

As someone who finds the beauty and grace in the overall design of a funeral, this will be worn with pride. I collect a lot of funerary items--I have several paper items in my possession, a flyer I obtained from my great grandmothers funeral and all kinds of trinkets and memorabilia like my prized vintage rental burial gown, a tear bottle and several items of mourning jewelry! 

So, having a beautiful hearse purse to store some of my items inside now, will be a great addition to my home. I was going to put them in a box or something like that but I thought that nothing would suit my items better than having an actual hearse hold some of my loose bits.

Here is an excerpt from their website:
So, enough with my blabber--
here is my Hearse Purse!
I took these at a local Cemetery, this was around the entrance area. We were paying some respects to family members during the holidays and thought it would be nice to get a few shots of this purse while we were at it.

I like that it was shipped so securely, inside a mesh bag wrapped inside another plastic bag. I kept the mesh bag and it will be used whenever I move or need to transport my purse around. To keep it from scuffing or being ruined by the usual wear and tear. 

All the goodies inside my purse--business cards and several bag straps. 
A better look at the items--the straps are made from the same sturdy material the bag is--which is awesome! 
I love how the bag has a sheen to it--a glossy almost "oil-like" appearance. The purple curtains really bring out this bag, it looks so beautiful in pictures but even more so in real life.  

I love how the front and back both have "Hearse Purse" etched on it. Embossed, raised--with a sort of "texture" to it. Which can be felt when you run your fingers across it. I also love how the gems on the front are supposed to resemble headlights. 

I must say that the needle-work on the bag itself is something worth noting, just look at that detail! 

Stitching all along the sides, to indicate the doors and detailing of the hearse.
The "S" on the sides is also shiny and metallic. 

I can't get over how beautiful the silhouette is. I looked up "hearse purse" just to see if anyone else has ever created something similar--but I failed to see anything even remotely beautiful as this purse. I seen one purse where they slapped two pieces of fabric together with a doodle of a hearse on it covering some coin purse, but despite it being creative of them...I love how this purse is in the actual shape, taking the actual form. Ingenious! 

The zipper is sturdy and heavy-duty, with a quality weight to it. Thick and poses no threat of falling off anytime soon! I also like how it starts in the back of the hearse rather than having it fall to the front, which would have ultimately been unsightly. 

It's a pretty large bag, which can store a great many items inside with ease. The "bump" in the back gives just the right amount of extra wiggle room for more items. 
Just showing you the zipper chain and how far it reaches. The little hooks are for the straps that come included. 

Showing the beautiful black and white stripped interior. I am in LOVE with the inside. I didn't even know it had this pattern, there wasn't no clue of it online or anywhere else, for that matter--but I was so thrilled to open the bag and find it inside. 

This is the first strap you get--a long waist-length strap that can be adjusted to your liking.
Luckily, it hits me mid-thigh and I don't need to adjust it at all.  I quite like the length of it already.

And the last set--two handbag straps. I will probably only ever use these when I am going on dates or out to special gatherings. I much prefer the shoulder strap over the handbag straps. But I love that they both came included--so, you can change them as frequently as you feel. Also, and I just noticed this upon reviewing my post now, with the different looks like two different bags. So, you are actually purchasing two bags for the price of one! 
And here is an actual hand comparison--like I said, it's a very decent sized bag. 

For those curious, as I am sure a lot of you are. 
This purse costs around $115.47 USD. 
I only assume it's that much from clicking the paypal link that redirected me to the cost. 
It doesn't state it anywhere, but just thought I'd add that here. 

Truth being told, I think this purse is well worth the penny. 
I bought a $50 dollar coffin purse from Hot Topic a long time ago and it shattered the same day I got it. It was made from a flimsy plastic and the inside, what I assumed was velvet, was just cardboard glued with velvet fabric. The coffin purse was their best seller, which was the sole purpose in my purchasing it for myself and I regret it to this day. For just a few more dollars, you can invest in a quality purse that not only works as two interchangeable purses but looks so beautiful as even a stand-alone mantel piece. 

I decided to dress to showcase this purse furthermore. 
I love how I can dress in pretty much anything and look dashing holding this beauty.
Just showing you the overall size of the shoulder strap.
Over my shoulder~ lol

Such a beautiful purse that I am so very glad to own! 

And that, my friends, is that.
I plan to actually do a photoshoot with this purse in the future.
I can't quite give a date just yet, due to sorting out some unfinished things here but it is definitely an idea. So, stay tuned for well as several daily outfits with me holding this purse 
because I am so in love with it that I just might use it as my everyday fashion accessory. 

If you'd like to purchase yourself a purse, you can find it HERE!
You can also check out The Original Hearse Purse on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
As well as Join their Fan Club by clicking the link HERE!

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