Sunday, December 23, 2018

❄️ Wild (wo)Man by Hannabal Marie ❄️

The eyes I drew on card stock, it really gives me a sort of "painting vibe."

Hello ladies and gents,
I thought I'd try my take on a Snowy Alps Krampus. 
Highly inspired by "The Beast of the Alps" aka The Yeti. 
I came up with the look and overall design while listening to "Wild Man" by Kate Bush on repeat! Haha. Since I already did the "darker version" of Krampus last year, I thought I'd try something completely and totally different.
Here is last year's traditional take on Krampus:
Baby pasties and paper mache horns. 

So now, here is my Wild (wo)Man 
I had an old baby doll head that had paper mache paste all over it--so I used it for the sake of this look. It worked nicely, looked like the baby head was frozen. lol 
"They call you an animal, 
the Kangchenjunga Demon, 
Wild Man, 

Lying in my tent, 
I can hear your cry 
echoing round the mountainside.
You sound lonely.

While crossing the Lhakpa-La 
something jumped down from the rocks.
In the remote Garo Hills by Dipu Marak 
we found footprints in the snow.

The schoolmaster of Darjeeling said 
he saw you by the Tengboche Monastery.
You were playing in the snow. 
You were banging on the doors. 
You got up on the roof, Roof of the World.
You were pulling up the rhodedendrons. 
Loping down the mountain.

They want to know you. 
They will hunt you down, 
Then they will kill you.
Run away, run away, run away!!

We found your footprints in the snow. 
We brushed them all away...

You’re not a langur monkey 
nor a big brown bear– 
You’re the Wild Man.

They say they saw you drowned near the Rongbuk Glacier.
They want to hunt you down. 
You’re not an animal.
The Lamas say you’re not an animal."
-Kate Bush "Wild Man"

I saw that a lot of people who dress up as Krampus are either the darker version or the snow white version. I already did the traditional brown/black one, so I thought I'd do my take on a Snow Alps Krampus!
"They want to know you. They will hunt you down. Then they will kill you...RUN AWAY! Run Away! run away!"

I wore a bald cap over my head and attached a white wig along the back, to give myself a more "creepy" look. Like the monster was half balding or something!

I also was inspired by pierrot clowns for the mask portion of the look. My mind is a crazy place, mixing all sorts of things into one. hahaa

Kate Bush was truly the sole reason behind my creation of this monster. 
That is all. 
I will be doing 2 more looks to end the season, not including the look I intend to do for Christmas itself.
I am so excited. For many different reasons but mostly consisting on my sudden impulse to craft and create again. I feel reborn, renewed and awaken.
I am so excited for this upcoming new year and I know 2019 will be great for me and mine.
I can feel it. 

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