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🎇🎆4th of July 2019🎆🎇

The Lake was packed with tons of people. Even some campers and tents. 

Hello ladies and gents, It's been a while since I last updated on this platform.
I'm sorry for keeping you all waiting, but a lot has come up in such a short timeframe. 

All excuses aside, Our 4th of July was a very small gathering of just us and a few residents around the town. Alike any other year, where we'd just celebrate in the comforts of our own home--We decided to join our fellow humans at one of our local landmarks--our beautiful man-made lake. Truly something worth attending, our lake has been around longer than I've been alive. Something kids my age would kill a few hours relaxing at in grade school, as well as myself. A history that goes even deeper than the lakes own depths. 
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So, it was something sentimental and rather, emotional upon attending a place that we've been growing up around. Something my parents knew as children themselves. My mother telling tales of this lake with her own father, now being shared with me to pass onto my own children one day. 
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The 4th of July has always been something huge for my mom growing up. A holiday she and her father shared together. Since his passing, we have always made sure to remember him and his heroic ventures as a Capt in WW2 and a Medic before that. A memory that will always live on, just as this lake continues to live on. 

Anywho, enough with this miniature history lesson.
Allow me to show you some of the festivities that went on~

I made my mother a cake, not just for the 4th of July but for her birthday, as well.
We always end up celebrating her bday on this day, since it isn't too far from the holiday. 

Fresh berries were used for the creation of the cake. I ended up getting too many berries, some that didn't even get used in the cake--like these delicious Blackberries. No matter--I can put them in my morning shakes~ 
I didn't feel too well but I ended up dressing up anyways.
Nothing too extreme, mostly keeping with the traditional colors!
I also went into my wonder woman eyeshadow palette I just got recently.
Fit perfect for this day's theme! 
My Charlie dressed up, too. Hooray for Charlie~ <3 
I indulged in some Lemon Ice~ 
I haven't mentioned her yet, due to my wanting to keep the news until we were certain we could keep and care for her.

This is Lola, our newest addition to the family. A woman asked if we could care for her, she couldn't do so herself. We've been wanting a baby like her for a while, so she came at the perfect time. She was so sickly and exhausted the day she arrived. I wanted to make sure she had all the proper things to help her. Equipment, vitamins, special baby food, baby proofing things, etc. She is doing much much better now. She looked like a girl who loved the color Pink, too. <3 hehee 
She had this cute little white spec on her nose. Like a full moon. <3 
She is so absolutely beautiful! 
Sorry for the baby spam, she is only a baby once in her life and I need to make sure I get plenty to look back on! 
This is one of many beds she has around the house. We call this her playpen.
Since she is soooooo small, we were afraid she'll get stepped on or hurt.
So, I got her this black cage to keep her bedding in. 
A safe zone to ensure her safety if and when we can't be around to hold her. 

She usually roams around the house but she always ends up crawling back here to play with her toys or fall asleep.

This pen is so big, it's like a second home for her. We also keep fresh food and water in here, so she doesn't get hungry or thirsty. Soft stuff all around, to aid that bulbous head of hers. Tons of chewies and toys that aren't going to snap off and choke her. Bedding that isn't going to strangle her, either. Since it's summer, she doesn't need too much. Just that small thin blanket. But we got plans for when Winter strikes. I already purchased a heating pad for her. These kinds of babies tend to get very cold, very easily. OH and she has a wee wee pad in the pen, as well as around several areas of the house. She is well behaved and so very smart for such a tiny little baby! I love you, Lola! So so much!! <3 
Anyways, back to the holiday! lol

Oh, before I forget. I am well aware of the things this holiday does to pets. I.e--fireworks scaring dogs to near death, sometimes. I don't like leaving my pets on holidays like these, due to the freakout they display when they hear the commotion. So, I shut all windows and turn on some nice music/and the television if I happen to have to leave the house. It helps to calm them down and drown out the noise outside. 
Another view of the lake. You had to pay to get into the gates, but we (as well as pretty much everyone else) ended up sitting outside of the gates. 

More views of the place we were standing at. So in a way, you are standing with us at the exact spot we were standing, too.
Neat, huh? lol 

People were making camp around the fence... well as inside the fence. lol 

Honestly, it was pretty hot and the location we were at wasn't helping much.
We decided to move a bit, away from the angry sun. 

We ended up making camp around the shade of this tree. 

Nice view from a worm's eye view. lmfao 
We actually had the best spot. Directly under a tree and in front of the fireworks that would soon happen. 

I was too amazed by the amount of people that started to gather. It was insane. 

Little by little, the crowds get bigger and bigger. 

Me and my brother checking out our "glow" lmfao 

People were laying in the grass, smoking stuff, buying glowsticks and singing loudly--it felt like Woodstock '69. lmfao 

More people. In truth, around this time, we were hearing some commotion. 
A few fights came and went. Nothing too crazy but enough to turn heads. 

Just look at that moon! Beautiful!! 

I took a few images of my personal favorite works of fire. 

Like this one. 

And this one. 

Oh, and this one. 

And this one. 

This blinding one. 

And this warm comfy one. 

And ones that engulfed the entire night sky and flooded your vision entirely. Amazing! 

Here is a video of some of the festivities for those visually inclined. 

After the show, we went to Carls Jr because they were doing a special treat just for The 4th of July--buy a coke-a-cola float and get a pair of free red coke-a-cola sunglasses. We all got some sunnies~ 

Image for reference

And we enjoyed the coke float with my cake I made my mom.
White fluffy cake with tart berry frosting, sprinkled with candy confetti and berries.
I actually bought white frosting, I just tweaked it to something a bit different for the holiday.
My mother loved the outcome so much that we went in for seconds. lol


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