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⚙️Self Defense Jewelry by CAKRA [Rant/Review/Showcase/Try-on]⚙️

I received some packages in the mail a while back.
California has a rape rate of 37.2 since 2017. 
With 100,000 inhabitants in the United States, by state--this number is very high. 
(With Alabama being the worst of them all, with 116.7 climbing rate.) 
But according to some statistics, it is STILL climbing daily. Probably as we even speak.
(This is not even mentioning all the other types of crime and violence happening around the world!)

Self Defense is something we hear about almost on a regular basis.
In actuality, it has become our norm to carry some form of protection.
I hear it all the time from people: "if it ever happens to me, I'll know what to do!
but when it boils down to such a time, are we really that prepared?

This is a very touchy topic for me because I've been the victim of a lot of horrible moments in my life that called for critical thinking and quick decision making. From experiences that would have ended badly, pushy individuals that couldn't take "NO" for an answer and my having to run to ensure my own safety. I can honestly tell you that never once have I been "fully prepared." Most of my experiences were spur of the moments. I felt afraid, paranoid and caught like a deer in headlights.

It's really a tactic of "Fight or Flight" in moments like these.
Here is the first look inside the top small box.
If you'd allow me to elaborate on a past experience, I'd love to discuss with you one time I felt very afraid. You can skip ahead to the items in question, if this isn't your thing but I feel it is necessary for the post.  This experience happened when I was only 17, going on 18. I had to walk daily to my high school (It was nearly 2 miles from my own house!) every single day for 4 consecutive years. I had to stock up on things I thought would help me in such dire incidents. Incidents my parents never failed to mention to me. Things I was well aware of, even at a young age. Things that would happen because society tells me so, as a woman who has always been voluminous and "matured." I stocked up on items that would be crucial yet wouldn't get me in trouble owning on my person. I had a backpack full of items that ranged from pepper-spray, several pairs of metal scissors in case I was tied up, pocket knives for the same reason, pens and pencils because as my father once told me--you could do some damage with a uncapped ballpoint pen to an eye of an intruder. I would wear a bike chain around my neck, a dog chain around my waist, I owned several spiky collars and belts with tons of heavy buckles and studs. (The goth scene, in truth, saved my life on many many occasions. No one wants to mess with a girl who is stacked with spiky stuff! lol)

The inside of box #2! 

You get the picture--I have been and still am pretty much always prepared. It helped a lot more than I can ever write out in bold, cold text. All of this was because of one (of many) encounters that changed my way of thinking for a very long time. Before the chains and ballpoint pens--I remember walking to school and being stalked by a man in a car. I had nothing but my books on me. Nothing because I never thought people could be this "evil." I never thought I would have to be as prepared as I am now.

 The driver I can still picture in my head. He was jumpy, a little twitchy and he kept asking if I wanted a ride. I kept denying but he just kept slowly driving next to me, trying his hardest to get me inside. I remember him trying to bribe me with things:
"You like chips? You want some soda? I got soda! You like candy? I got some in here. Come on, get inside. I can take you home if you want!" Persistence was key with this guy. I walked past a church and tried to turn the corner, in hopes to loose him. It was a dead-end and I heard the guys car door slam shut. He came around the corner, I wasn't able to leave this little death trap of a nook. He started to approach me and my heart started to race.  Fight or Flight. 

It wasn't until I noticed a trusted neighbor walking to his car across the street from where we were standing. He was a very heavyset guy. His muscles were bulging under his tank. I just remember me thinking I need help but I don't want to draw too much attention in case this driver had a gun or something on him. So, I ended up calling out to my neighbor pretending he was my dad. Telling him; "Hey dad, I'm over here. Could you come here for a second." I don't know if it was the fear in my eyes or if he saw the guy next to me, but he didn't even question my words and actually played along. Before I knew it, the driver ran back to his car and drove away quicker than a bolt of lightening. I never saw him again. I don't know if that was just a freak incident or if it was the real deal we hear about on television shows or documentaries but I truly believe my life was on the line that afternoon.
All my items came individually wrapped. 

The point in this little story is that it can happen anywhere, to anyone, for any amount of reasons or for none at all. So, it's better to be well prepared than to be stuck in a situation where you are helpless and you have to go along with what these sick individuals want you to do. 

And this is where EDC Self Defense Jewelry by CAKRA comes into play. 

I've heard of Brass Knuckles, I've seen knives that can be hidden to resemble lipstick tubes or hairbrushes but I didn't know that you could buy something you can ultimately wear but that can also end up saving your life.
Photos from their website! 

On their website, they state the following: 
"There are few fears more prevalent in human nature than being unprepared for battle when the time comes. It’s the nature behind mankind’s “fight or flight” essence. Either be prepared to fight in defense of your own life, or be prepared to run. While the need to fight for your life doesn’t happen everyday, that statistic is the reason so many people are unprepared. They think it will never happen to them, until it does. Making matters worse, there are countless scenarios where flight is not an option. There could come a day where you will fight, whether you like it or not. Lucky for you, it might be just something as mundane as your personal jewelry that saves the day. Self-defense jewelry has been rising in popularity as many public establishments have banned the tools usually required for self-defense. Yet, the inalienable right for mankind to defend itself will not be denied. Rather, we just get a little more creative when it comes to self defense."

You can read more about the jewelry over on their BLOG, they get into detail explaining and breaking down the importance of being prepared.

Upon looking through their website, clicking through page after page of such beautiful trinkets and tools like Brass Knuckles, Self defense Kubotans, and more. I ended up getting 6 pieces of their jewelry. 4 necklaces and 2 rings. Jewelry seemed a little more up on alley and picturesque for this blog.

I am going to review them separately, starting with the rings first. 
The rings came shipped in separate baggies, inserted inside this cute little tin.

~A Kiss From A Rose~
$29.99 $32.99
-A sharp point is concealed in the rose pedals. Undetectable.
-The ring is made of 925 Silver.
-It's very lightweight. Only weighing 8.7g.
-Easy to use, just screw the rose petals off to transform it into a weapon.
-The design is an open one. Ring can be adjusted and it fits most fingers.
I wanted to get something that I could wear pretty much with everything in my wardrobe. 
Something very delicate and feminine. 
When I seen this little rose ring, I instantly fell in love with the design of it.
It was small enough to make such a beautiful statement but beneath those delicate petals...
a small little pointy thorn lies within.
The Silver Stamp "S925" with the "adjustable" ring base.

Unscrewing the rose, you get to see the tiny little knife underneath. 

Quite honestly, the tip isn't as sharp as a blade of a knife. Rather dull in comparison but I am more than certain that it will do some damage if ever used. One punch and that's all it will take. I'm very sure.

Look how delicate the little rose is. It looks so beautiful with my black fingernails.
It reminds me so much of something a vampire would wear. 

According to the description, It holds true to what they claim. 
It's light but still carrying weight enough to prove quality. The flower petals are easily attachable and removable. It didn't cause any trouble to transform--which is nice and very critical in a Self Defense sense. You'd definitely want something to easily come on and off without causing any difficulties. It was marked as Silver, as they claim it to be on the website AND the ring is definitely adjustable, with the bendable base you can affix to fit your finger. 

There was only one negative for me about this ring and it's entirely opinionated--I wish the petals were attached to something. Perhaps a tiny chain to the bottom of the ring base. Because once you take it off, you have to hold it or you'd loose it. It's so tiny, so you can easily drop it on the floor. I'm just imagining myself in need of this and the last thing I'd care about is if the petals were still around after I used this to save my life. So, having the petals attached to a tiny chain, will allow them to fall but not get lost. It will just dangle there until you screw it back on.  

If you happened to have liked this ring, you can find it HERE

~Dogheaded God of The Dead~
$12.99 $18.99
-Anubis is an Ancient Egyptian Reaper, it will help you attack the invaders. 
-The ring is made of 316L Stainless Steel. Very solid and durable. 
-Skin-friendly for Stainless Steel sensitive people.
-Light weight. Only weighing 13g.
-Can pass airport security check easily.
I love all that detail wrapped around the ring.

The little golden Ankh gives it such a delicate touch.

It fits my ring finger perfectly. 

It even has the sacred cross etched on the sides. 

I painted my hands with a golden face paint, to give the illusion of a golden divine one~ 

An overall look at this ring, for the price point, definitely is worth the purchase. 
It's a quality ring with a weight that I wouldn't necessarily claim is "light" but it definitely feels like a damn fine ring. The fit is perfect, with my getting the Size 8! The details are fine and precise. I was scared it was going to look like one of those flimsy eBay rings you can search up and grab but it's not. Not at all. The little gold Ankh symbol on the top of his head is so delicate and lovely. That touch of gold really makes this ring something of elegance and grace. It is a very bold statement ring and I absolutely love it. The pointy ear tips are very sharp, which would make a great weapon for self defense. 

If you happen to have liked this ring, you can find it HERE

~The sky dreams of dragons~
$24.99 $36.99
-Can be used as a self defense whip, hand bracelet, waist chain, necklace and/or car decoration. 
-The full weight is 270g. Full length 103cm. Diameter 0.8cm. 
-It can break zip-top cans. The power is enough to deter an invader. 
-Made of Stainless Steel, so it will never rust. 
-It has a dragon head, which can be used as a sacred amulet to bring luck and fortune to you. 
-The length can be adjusted by an extra attachable chain. (included)
-Completely legal, can be carried anywhere.

 I put the chain on a piece of jade I have in my room. 

The chain came inside a box, secured with a dividing piece of Styrofoam. 

I also love how the box came with a dragon on the top. 

This is an extra piece of chain, in case I wanted to lengthen it. 

The dragon is connected by a golden ring hook. 

Just look at how beautiful it is against the red background. 

I used to own a similar necklace, as a child. It was a lot smaller than this one, so I guess I upgraded. hahaa 

Those haunting eyes. 

I'm trying to show the detail as best as I can here. 

You can really see the teeth in this shot. 

The colors work so wonderfully together. 

I decided to put on my beautiful dress, to compliment the necklace for this "try-on" 

You can also wrap the necklace around your fist, to make mock brass knuckles. 

Side-by-side of the chain. The far right is the full length to torso. 

The description for this chain is completely true. It's pretty heavy, with an extra adjustable piece, to make the chain even longer despite it already being pretty long. The two-tone colors of gold/silver really compliment each other on this chain. Quite honestly, I was expecting the dragon head to be slightly bigger. It shocked me a little bit to see that it was pretty tiny, about the same size as the chain but that is more preference than anything. The closing clips are very strong, it took me a while to attach the extra chain bit because when it snaps into place, it stays in place. So, make sure that when you put these together, you are attaching them in the proper way otherwise it will be troublesome to get them off each other again. According to the description, it can be used in multiple different ways--which makes this a very unique piece of jewelry. Handy, as well. I plan to wear mine as a necklace, than anything else. You can also wrap it around your hands, to create a sort of "brass knuckle" piece. Very handy and I like it very much.

If you happen to like this chain, you can find it HERE!  
~This Is MY Cross To Bare~
$12.99 $18.99
-Made of high strength Stainless Steel. 
-Lightweight, solid and non-toxic. 
-Anti-corrosion, rustproof and allergy free.
-It has rounded edges and fits comfortably around the neck. 
-Tungsten head embedded, can break any hard material--such as rock, glass and steel. 
-It has a creative disassembled design. Can be worn as a cross necklace for daily wear. 
-Can pass airport security check easily. 
-Comes with a ball link chain. 
-only weighs about 43g! 
-Has a sharp tip to help with self defense.

The cross shipped in a separate box, inside a plastic container. 

The length is pretty long. Which is something I love.

I really love that shine on the cross. 
The pointy tip of the dagger. 

You are supposed to push the bits together, to create a sort of dagger with it.
I like how simple yet bold the look of this cross is. 

I may not be too religious but I do love the look of a cross. 

Me trying to demonstrate the push dagger part of this tool.

I quickly put together a look using the cross necklace. I instantly thought "Vampire Hunter."
So, I decided to theme an outfit off of that. 

Again, another quality item. The craftsmanship is gorgeous. It looks amazing with my leather jacket. In truth, it's probably one of my personal favorite pieces thus far. It can be worn or held like a comtech stinger. (Push Dagger) The chain length is perfect for me, long enough to drape over my tshirts. The little metal nub that you use to attach the dagger with can be hidden away, behind your neck, for personal wear.

There is only one negative about this necklace and it is in the overall design. It's quite pleasing to the eye, I will admit, but a little unpractical for self defense. Now, the pointy tip is very sharp, and that alone would help to deter some intruder but when it comes to creating the "comtech stinger" the tool is a bit hard to put together. First of all, it just doesn't work. It feels weird in your hands and it's hard to keep in place without the little handle falling apart. The way the holes connect the "handle" section of the dagger just doesn't allow it to properly fit into the base of the cross without tipping right off. The chain is in the way and unless you can find a way to pry the cross off the chain with the handle bit, it will be difficult to use as the tool it was meant to be. It's very weird and wobbly and you'll have to squeeze to keep the "dagger" together. There is no "snap" to this. No connection at all. I would have loved this better if the two pieces could have snapped into each other creating the stinger, where you'd have to unlatch them to get them apart. Maybe even have the cross "release" the handle by giving it a button to do so. Anything would have been great but it just doesn't work this way. It's a nice piece of jewelry and I will wear mine with pride but I will definitely be reaching for something else in case of an emergency. 

If you like this necklace, you can find it HERE
~The Immovable Protector~
$29.99 $39.99
-Every bead is made of 316s Stainless Steel.
-Skin friendly, will not break you out. 
-Can be used as a fashion bracelet, fashion necklace and/or car decoration. 
-3 big beads can move across the bracelet freely. 
-It can be used to break glass and/or as a self defense whip by controlling the weight position.  
-The threading rope is made of 2mm diameter steel wire. 
-It can withstand the weight of 250kg. Very durable and robust. 
-The clip is made of high quality alloy. 
-It's waterproof and solid. 
-The clip can also be released by a screwdriver easily. Convenient for replacement, if needed. 
-Completely legal and can be carried anywhere. 

The product features are below:
-Small Bead Diameter: 10mm
-Small Bead Weight: 3g
-Big Bead Diameter: 26mm
-Big Bead Weight: 46g
This necklace shipped in a plastic baggy, inserted inside a cloth baggy. 

Look at those heavy duty closures. 

This thing is heavyyyyy!

This tool would definitely work to knock some sicko out.

I love how shiny the beads are on this one.

This was meant to be used as a bracelet, you can easily slide down a section of the beads to wack over some intruders head. lol
I decided to go dark against dark contrast, so you can see the silver beads better for this outfit. 
Honestly, no theme in mind. Just wanted to make sure the beads were the highlight of the look. 

I was pleasantly surprised by the overall size AND weight of this one. When I say it's heavy, I mean it's very very heavy. Probably one of the heaviest ones in the whole box. Since the length of this one was pretty long, I ended up using mine as a necklace in the above images but I definitely can see how this is a bracelet. If I wrapped my arm in this, it can be a protective shield like something Wonder Woman would have worn in battle. Apparently, it can break glass, as well. I haven't gotten around to test that claim but I soon will, with a video demonstration as soon as I can. I want to put a few of these items to the test, to see if they hold up. I think seeing if they work is important, so I know how to use them when the time calls for it. All in all, a very nice item I am happy to own and have on me now. I also like how it looks with my clothing, very "heavy metal!" (Quite literally! haha)

If you like this bracelet, you can find it HERE
~Buddhist Prayer Beads~
$26.99 $39.99
-Made of full Stainless Steel. 
-Powerful enough to be used as a whip, but can be worn as a waist chain, necklace and/or used as a car decoration. 
-Full weight is 380g. Full length is 104cm. Bead diameter is 10mm. 
-It can break Zip-Top cans. It is powerful enough to deter an invader. 
-It has 108 Buddha beads, which has been blessed by eminent monks. So, you can use this as an amulet to bring luck and fortune to you. 
-The length can be micro-adjusted by a screwdriver easily. (mini screwdriver included)
-Legal to carry anywhere.
This necklace shipped in a similar box the dragon one did. No dragon on the lid, this time. Just beautiful flowers. 

First impressions are a big deal with me. Presentation is key in making a purchase 9 times out of 10. This says so much, it's so beautiful. 

I wrapped it around one of my buddha statues. The dark against light contrast really looks beautiful. 

I love the story behind this one--the fact it's supposed to be prayer beads. It's all so glorious. 

Love those tiny details, so so much. 

Me showing how you can use it. Like the other one, it can slide down nicely and be used as a whip. 
I will mostly be wearing mine, as pieces of jewelry. Like how I did here, as a necklace. 
I thought my ornate outfit looked nice with the necklace here.
The far right is full length. 

As for this last piece of jewelry. I really have nothing bad to say about it. The weight is heavy but not too heavy. The beads are all so shiny and smooth. The detailed accent on these sacred Buddhist prayer beads is so detailed and beautiful, it just is a solid piece of jewelry all over. I will probably end up wearing mine as a bracelet, since it just looks better as one. All in all, a very quality item. 

If you like this necklace, you can find it HERE!
With all items in mind, I am quite pleased with the selection. A few complaints but nothing said in stone. Even if I don't ever use them as what they were mainly created for, I am just happy to own a few amazing pieces of jewelry. Now, I did some research and found that a lot of places sell similar pieces of jewelry but I can't complain. The pricing on these are a lot cheaper in comparison, so I think EDC is doing a great job at selling them.

I will end this post with something EDC Self Defense Jewelry by CAKRA wrote on their blog.
I highly approve of the message and think it's fitting to end with. 
"At the end of the day, you only have the one life to live. Although you are not attacked every day, it just takes the one time to end it. Don’t be a sheep. Be a lion."
You can find EDC Self-Defense Jewelry by CAKRA HERE!  
You can also contact them directly by following the link HERE, as well. 
(If you had any inquiries at all!)

FTC Disclaimer: I was sent these items for free to test, try out and have. All my opinions are 100% my own. I am not affiliated nor connected to this brand/company at all. I can only review based on my experience with them and how they handled me. I am not being paid to post this review. I am not to be held liable for any issues or problems you may or may not experience with them. Thank you.

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