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Happy Halloween 2019~

Hello ladies and gents
Yes, you read it right--this will be the LAST haul post in the month of October. 
(minus the posts that might happen afterwards...ya know? After Halloween discounts! lmfao)
I went back several trips ago to gather some stuff I needed for Halloween. 
On and off--for a few days--gathering any last bits of things I liked/wanted/etc. 

I'll be honest--I have been postponing from posting because it gives me a great deal of sadness to even attempt to write. Even right now, I'm almost in tears from the thought this will be the last post about hauling in October. Halloween is my pride and joy but when it's's GONE. It leaves a small empty space in my soul that can only be filled by another year's worth of Halloween spookiness. But that's a whole 'nother year worth of waiting. AHHHHHHHHH

Think spooky thoughts, Hannabal. Spooky thoughts. Yes~
Anyways, enough with the it is.

To end all hauls, we must take one last peek into each store. Even if it's just slightly.
I want to make sure I encompass everything they have to offer for my favorite holiday!
So, if I haven't seen it in one of my other posts--i'll post it in this last one! 
Here are some treat contenders. I didn't want to purchase these merely because well...I know I'd love 'em. Just brownies with frosting. Who'd disapprove, right? lol

More cakes that I know I'll love. I needed something different. 

Walmart had a ton of these displays around almost every corner promoting the new Addams Family movie. 

These next few images are of some candies/snacks I couldn't purchase but wanted to include. 

Halloween themed Goldfish crackers! 

Oreo's in their Halloween themed packaging! 

Halloween Assortment in a plastic pumpkin! 

A Haunted House full of M&Ms! 

On the opposite side, they had a ton of these kits out on display! Including these Candy Corn and Spider Web cookies.

More cookie kits. 

Sugar Cookies and Mummy Oatmeal Cookies.

More cookies. More more more.

More Halloween stuff. 

Funfetti and cookie icing! 

Witch Brew Mugs! 

More cookies being displayed! 


The larger ones were here! 

The whole display, for those curious! 

I love displays, did I happen to mention that? lol
Pillows that looked like something out of a Victorian house.

More pillows, these were also adorable.

More pillows. Gawd, I love Halloween! 

A bunch of plastic pails, some as punky pumpkins & others as cauldrons. 

Kids costumes.

Some spooky soaps.

Pumpkin Harvest & Vanilla Brown Sugar hand soaps.

Ghoulish Vanilla & Full Moon Orange soaps! 

The black cat and ghost soaps below. (we got those last year!)

Not Halloween but still worth the snap. I especially love the Krakengard bodywash! 
The biggest Addams Family Movie display ever! I had to make sure to get the full length of this thing!
This display was giving out flyers, so I grabbed a few for my Halloween scrapbook! 

More displays--including this Victoria Liquor one. 

I'm not much into drinking liquor but I do appreciate the artwork.

Stella Rose Red and Black Art Series Wines.

Some Food 4 Less Decorations! lol

Back to walmart, some more decor items.

Treat bags and stuff.

Dollar items here and there.
The movies they had up for display! We were going to get The Shining and The Exorcist but settled on something else.
I hope the purchase was worth giving up these two classics! :'( 
I liked the face of this pail!

A cute little pumpkin inside a mug! 

A black cat inside a witch's brew mug. 

They finally had Sally out! I was sooooooo sad to let her goooooo! :'( <3 

I wanted him so bad but settled on the full length skeleton instead.
Hopefully I can paper mache myself a better Oogie! :(
Gawd, Sally is so pretty! <3 
Put your hands (and legs) in the air if you a true playaaaaaa! :P lol
More spooky trinkets. 
They also had these cute little candles. 
The last plush in walmart existence. 
Trick or Treat pumpkin.
They had an actual dragon you could put on your shoulder. That is amazing! 
Some ceramic statutes.
Solar Dancing Toys~ 

Airblown inflatables.

I really really really wanted the giant evil clown costume! 

Jack is looking a little rough this year. lmfao

And lastly, the last doll mask! 
99 Cent Store
a few days after the walmart trip, we went back to the local dollar stores/99 cent stores/dollar trees to see if I forgot to snap anything. All that I snapped was pretty much it--expect these few images:
This was a bit unsettling. I needed it. lmfao

I never seen these before--so beautiful.

I been to this store for a few trips and I never seen her. My parents said they saw her the last trip but I promise, I don't remember seeing her. I would have grabbed her the first haul if I did. I needed one of these to "corpse" for a project! 

Aside from the few items above--there wasn't anything new to snap.
But they did have this cool little setting out for us folk.

Happy Halloween 99 cent store! 
Papa's Murphy Take & Bake Pizza 
On the ride back home, we all decided to get some pizza to take and bake. Haven't had any of their pizza in a long long time, so it seemed fun to give it another shot. I almost forgot about how they used to sell those smiling "pumpkin" pizzas every year. :) So, I took a few snaps of that for this post.
I seen this from afar and knew I needed to grace my post with it. lol

Oh, my mistake--Jack-O-Lantern Pizza! :3

They were promoting their pizzas all over the place.

A few little decorations here and there. Gotta love when people/stores get into the spirits of Halloween! 
The moment we've all been waiting for--the actual haul. What did I get? What shall be the items that conclude this year's pickups and finds? Well, here we go....
These items were from the 99 cent store. 
Starting with these eyeball candies. "Creepy Peepers" from palmer. 
I just liked that they were eyeballs. lmfao
Looking into my two-toned eyeball. lol
We put the eyeballs into a plastic container.
It looked like we were a bunch of scientists who owned specimen jars or something.
Moving onward--I grabbed the last two choker/bracelet lace sets.
One for me and one for my mom. She needs lace for her dolls, so these will definitely do. 
I was going to keep the red for myself but we both ended up liking them all--so, we split the colors in half.
We both ended up getting one of each! 
I forgot to show the ribbons, you tie them off with a ribbon! So delicate! 
The skulls were plastic little heads. Nice! 
Moving onto the next--our annual purchase of a festive treat. Caramel Apple pops! We keep a few, most will go to the treaters! 
Next item--these clip on witch hats for your hair! 

Again, I kept one and gave the other to my mom! 

Next item--this Spirit animal that looked too much like my baby girl, Lola! 

Next item--this decorative skull. Why? because it was very eye-catching! 

At walmart, we got this onesie because we seen it the last time we went to get my Lola her last dress.
I had to own this one, too. 

I love love love the pattern! 

She gets cold very easily, so this will definitely come in handy during those cold autumn/winter days.

She really loves it. 

Either that or she wants another treat. Probably both! lol
My baby is such a cutie~ 
Next bunch of stuff came from the Dollar Tree. 

Eyeballs because you can't have too many of these. Especially crafting-wise. 

Some felt stickers for my mother. 

My mom loved the last haul when I showed the felt stickers (yeah, my mom reads my blog! Big deal! ;D haha)
but yeah, she said she wanted some and I delivered! 

Munching on a cookie from our grocery haul. 

At Walmart, I snagged the last two witch brew mugs. I took the images of said cups from the above showcase-left-came back-seen only these two left and decided to make the decision (then and there) to take them home with me.
So glad I did because they are officially sold out now! 

Some directions in case you were wondering. Now, it does state that this is supposed to be a "cake in a cup" meaning you have to use a microwave to bake the thing. I don't own a microwave. I don't care, I just wanted the cup! lol Since it's microwavable, I could use it to burn some herbs/incense inside when I do my witchcraft. I know, goofy but so am I! lol

Here is a pack for the trick-or-treaters. We got a hugeeeee bag full of treats already but me and my brother wanted to get something that would be fun for them, as well. We seen these and had to get them! Plastic vampire fangs and candy blood packs! I might have to keep one for myself, they are too damn adorable! 

Some up close shots, in case you couldn't see it in the above image.
And another image, because why not? lol
Back at dollar tree, we got this skeleton bird figure. 
He is named Poe and shall always be my poe! 

More stuff from the 99 cent store. 

I seen this witch and grabbed her. I don't ever find any old fashioned witches like these anymore, so it was nice to see her on the shelves. 

The packaging, because it's worth noting. 

She was pretty damn big, I'll admit. I love her so much.

Can't go wrong with some caution tape. 

I got these for my mom the last time I went, for her doll making but I loved them so much I had to go back and get myself some, too.

These were the recent purchases from Wally Mart. 

Most for our Halloween "Party" we are having. By party, I mean just a movie night with my family. 

Some plates to theme things a bit.
Napkins to match. 

These napkins for, idk--just liked them, so I grabbed them, too. lol

Another clown to add to our clown/witch house theme. lol

Purple spiderweb table cloth, of course.

I decided to get this movie instead, since it is the last known movie with Sid Haig. <3 

More stuff, from the dollar store now.

A few masks, because you can't have too many masks--right? lol

I really love them so much. My new best friends. 

Another witch hat to add to my collection. lol This one has spiders in the veil, feathers, a black satin rose and lacey bits.
Some batteries for our animated props! 

Some makeup for my mom, because she was eyeballing it the last time I went with her to the dollar store.

A wind-sock because I like how they dance in the wind.

Mu mom holding up the clown window cling--it's wayyyy bigger than I expected! I'm so happy! 
My dad wearing the devil mask! lol

My parents being silly. lmfao

Another goofy image of my parental unit. 

A witch hat, for our witch prop. 
The details on the hat--some roses, feathers, a veil. 

A brush for my mom, because she asked if I could find her something for her brows. lol

I really love the definition of the brush! 

The back, for those curious! 

At the grocery store--I picked up some Halloween Chocolate Milk. The drink of the season! 

Some beautiful Halloween words~ 

Some more items from the 99 cent store. 

Fluffy Stuff Spider Web Cotton Candy for the movie! 
Some "Vampire Hands" that look a bit like witches claws to me. (which is what they'll be used for instead!)

Mesh fabric on plastic hands--darling.
I can actually put my own hands inside them sleeves and pretend I have witchy claws, too. 

That mermaid skeleton I showed you above. I had to own her, no doubt in my mind.

She is so beautiful. So delicate and tiny. 

Another trip to the Dollar Tree brought us back these treasures~ 

Some LED lights for our window.

Some Caulk for my paper mache paste. I'm trying a new recipe. 

Of course, some candy corn. 

We bought this new trinket, too. She is soooo realistic. hehehehee <3

More items to show. 

Another skeleton to add to my collection. I've been on a huge skeleton craze lately. 
I love the details on him, he is so darling.

A nice little size for my bedroom. He can rest on my bookshelf. 

Another scarf to add to my scarf collection. A beautiful teal sugar skull scarf.

Some spider webbing to add to our outside motif. 

Some cookies to have on the morning of Halloween. With coffee, of course.

Just look at all those beautiful patterns and designs. I love them so much.
And the last following images are just what I had in my file folder. 
A perfect way to end the haul, if I do say so myself. 
I was munching a chicken pop while I was doodling our next Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark video for our TCC YouTube.

Some melting waxes being melted. I wish I had a Halloween themed wax melter, but I guess frosty will do. :'/ 

I put some ghouls on our antique mirror in the living room. 

The wax cubes we got recently to try--Warm Fall Leaves and Apple Pumpkin~ 
This was a while ago but one of our group pages got 666 members! lmfao AN OMEN!!! HAHAHAAA
And you gotta love the sweet words you get about scary costumes on dating apps! lol
Momo would be pleased~ 
That is all, thanks for reading.
Happy Halloween everyone! 
Until next year 
(or until I post the post about the actual day and afterwards!) 

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