Tuesday, October 1, 2019

🎃Another Halloween Haul 2019--99 Cent Store & Smart n Final🎃

I'm lost in the mask aisle again! lol 

Hello boils and ghouls, 
Another haul for the season--
I ended up getting a few more items to add in my life. 

Honestly, this is the only time of year I like to stock up on some household items--
like makeup, decor pieces, scary things to add into my wardrobe, etc. 
I say it every year but it holds truth--Halloween is everyday for me.

I took some images throughout the day, included some eventual things for future me to remember. 
But most importantly, I included some Halloween aisle fun! lol 
TON of stuff, despite most of everything from the last couple of trips have already been sold.
Mostly the makeup has been reduced to a few grabs, but I ended up nabbing a few trinkets to stash away. 

Enough of this chit-chat, allow me to show the photos already~ 

We are having new buildings being built here. More destruction to create construction. 

"Sidewalk Closed"

Walking into the 99, this greeted us first.
Since the last time visiting, they switched everything around AGAIN.
I have noticed every single year, they change up where things go. Kinda makes things fun, though.
Like a new hunt every trip! lol

The undead gnome posse.

Hanging loose, fellas? lol

Bones. Bones. Bones.

Met the love of my life in the Halloween aisle.
His name is Mr. Boney Bones. I think we're gonna get married. 

I'll give you a H  I  N  T...he is just dying to meet cha. lol

Turned the aisle, saw this sight.

The makeup section is always the first go-to in every store. Not even going to hide it. lol
They had a TON since last time we came. Like those batty lashes. Wowzers.

Good o' grease paint and some sticky scars. 

Some stuff for votive candles, I didn't see it when I was there but OMG THOSE SKULLS HAVE HOLES IN THE NOSE/EYES....SO, I'M ASSUMING YOU USE THOSE FOR INCENSE CONES! AAAAAAH I NEED 'EM!

A better shot of the bottom shelf. Some ribbons, too. 

Top shelf? Just some wooden eyeball things. I really like those, too.

Some harvest pumpkin stuff.

The bottom of that shelf.

Sippy cups and cats.

My favorite part of the store--coffee cups! 

Some cups with googly eyes.

I like the dancing skeleton cup. Reminds me of Oingo Boingo. 

More cups, in case the first few images didn't please you already. lol

I wish I had the room for these but I really liked the Vampire/Pumpkin cups.
I didn't get to see them when I was there but behind that big o' black bowl, there were MORE of those cups--
A Black Cat and Frankenstein! 

Some paper plates. 

Skelle's and Eyeballs.

I liked those eyeballs, too.

Those coffin plaque things were pretty neat. 

Masks. Masks. Masks.

More masks. 

Even more masks. Gawd, I love the sight of a good mask.

Some Halloweeny apparel. 

They usually have loads of these themed coffin palettes--but this year all they had was Nightmare Circus. 

Some new things floating around--DIY kits. 

Even DIY craftables.

Such a cute little rhinestone sticker.

More kits and crafting materials.

Some cookie kits.

Light me up, Scotty. 

They also had some of these cute dolls, too.


More sugar skull stuff.

More sugar skull stuff.

Decorative skulls.

Abstract skulls.

The candy aisle with tons of Halloween themed candies.

Marshmallow monsters

Don't forget the Halloween cards this year~ 

Cute little statuettes.

They had some Mohawk skull heads here, too. 

I really liked these Poison and Boo glassware sets.

A few little Halloween keychains.

Down another aisle--more Halloween goodness.

I think the silver skull cups are meant for candy giving.

Some table clothes and runners.

Glass bottles.


Gothic Floral Arrangements.

More stuff here. Party stuff, I assume.

The very pretty gaudy stuff. 

My dad held up some of these cool Halloween themed canvas prints. Most lit up, too.

I liked all of them, to be quite frank (n-stein) lol

I really really loved this one, too.

Some yard items. 

"Stop Witch Ahead"

Hanging ghoulies.

These really did cost an arm and leg. Eh? Eh? Eh? lol

Gotta love a good severed appendage. 

I really liked those "HELP" napkins.
If I had friends (heh) to host a party for, I'd definitely do a creepy hospital themed thing with those napkins and severed body parts.

I wanted to purchase every single one of these. For my own oddities. lol

Some skully animals.

The gangs all here. Hanging out. 

This image can't do that big o' mask justice. It was HUGE. Bigger than my arm, almost. 

I liked this clown window peeper. 

Chains, signs and ghosts? lol

More goodies I couldn't get because I was already pushing the limit with what was already in my basket. lol

Cute stuff. Everywhere was cute stuff.

Bottles. Bottles. Come get 'yer bottles.

Skeletons--Glow-in-the-dark ones, too.
Oh, and garlands. TONS of garlands.

Stuff for doors and things like that.

More signs.

Haunted dead tree center-piece.

Halloween Nutcrackers.

One side. 

Other side.

A lonely little bat. lol

Gates and fences.

Bag o' bones.

More fences.

Severed arms you can put into the ground to resemble a zombie/mummy/skeleton/witch rising from the grave.

More to show ya, pretty cool.

Halloweeny themed lanterns.

Punky Pumpkins.

Another section far from the Halloween aisle. I didn't wanna forget this one. 

It had a ton of creepy crawlers and stuff like that on it.

More stuff. 

Little chubby rubber toad. I needs him, I really really do.

Harvest stuff.

More harvest things.

Oh, and seen these, as well. Pretty neato.

I almost passed this up but it's supposed to be a fake taxidermy bat with...creepy cloth? lol

Decorative skulls.

"Bad to the Bone"

And lastly, the scarecrows. I love scarecrows! 

Before we headed home, we took a trip to our local grocery store--smart n final. Nothing Halloween up BUT they did have their annual Pumpkin crates outside. So, I snapped a few images of them. Can't forget the main star of the holiday~ 
I love the color orange because of pumpkins.

look how beautiful they are.

We ended up getting one and he is sitting on our living room table as I type this right now. lol

I couldn't have gone to the 99 cent store without buying some goodies yet again. 

So, we shopped til we basically dropped this time. Before all the getting was got. 
I don't want to wait anymore, out of fear nothing will be around if I went any later than now.

Here are the goodies I nabbed this time.
Starting with household items--
I got this fake heart for my brothers costume this year. 
We will DIY to make it look a little more authentic. 

Next, we got this "Furniture decoration" which we will put up on the kitchen fridge.

To show you how it looks like, we put it on our front door.
Looks perfectly horrible~ 

Of course, we picked up some Pumpkin carving tools.

The pumpkin carving tools came with these design stencils for the pumpkin, too. Awesome!
I actually almost tossed the wrapper into the trash before I noticed these paper designs behind the backing. Oops.

Of course I purchased that clown window peeper I shown in the walk-around section above. I could't resist. 

He is supposed to light his eyes up, too. 
He is going to be so cool in our window.
Hopefully it will scare away anyone who tries to pop over right now. lol
"Light up" and "Batteries included" is music to my ear---er, eyes? lol
The next following items are apparel.
I seen these and grabbed them up pretty fast. I don't have a pair of suspenders like these,
so I'm pretty stoked to add them to my collection! 
This is one of those "gonna-wear-every-chance-I-get" items.
It's a lace skeleton poncho. I love it so much. 
This is how it will look on me. <3 
It actually is pretty nice quality, for lace. The ends are a bit frayed, which is to be expected with cheapy fabrics but overall pretty damn good. I'm going to back the ends with clear varnish or spray the whole thing to keep it from unraveling. 
The pattern is so beautiful! 
Also, the ends of the poncho looks like this. The pointy ends have a single large skull head to end off with and the rest is accented with that cute bat detail.
Moving onto cosmetics and beauty related items--
I couldn't pass up these beautiful bat-like lashes. 
These babies are soooo big. I love 'em.
They also come with lash glue, which is a huge plus! 
Next item--some velvet black liquid lipstick.
It claims it's "lip gloss" but don't be fooled--no sheer pigmentation. ALL MATTE THICK DELICIOUSESS.

The lipstick applicator. For those curious.

I've bought the other themed palettes from last year--pretty much all they had up and available. 
This year, it looks like they just had this single one. Or I was too late and everything else was snagged up before I could make a choice but regardless, it says circus. I would have ended up choosing this one anyways~ WIN/WIN!

The colors are definitely circus-themed. Golds with greens, blacks and reds with that beautiful blue and white. 
Most of the colors, aside from black/white, where sparkly. Really does give you that circus flair~ 

And of course, some blood. Can't have Halloween without the gore~
I've always made my own but this year, I wanted to test out what the 99 cent store had to offer.
Maybe do a DIY to see if I can touch up this stuff to a more realistic look. Idk~ 

Got this mirror cling, too. 

I have a ton of mirrors, so I need a few more. But I seen her and fell in love.

I like that haunting/creepy feel, so so much~ 

And for my garden out back, I will put this sign in the ground~
To ward away unwanted visitors or looky-loos! 

 Anywho, that is all for this haul/walkthrough. 
Pretty excited to test out some of my stuff.
I can't wait to get to decorating. So so excited.
I also plan to use all the makeup related items for future looks, that also include the stuff I purchased in other hauls, as well. 
Here's to another spooky year~ 

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