Sunday, February 9, 2020

🎃Last Halloween Haul of 2019🎃--Dog Costume, Glow In The Dark Fingers & Dollies

Hello ladies and gents, 
Sorry for the absence, I've been extremely busy with life. (Such is life, right? lol)
I have SO MANY posts to blog about but I think I should finish up the Halloween stuff I started with last year. (It's been THAT long, I know! Eek!)
We went into pretty much every store, looking for last minute trinkets. This was Pet Smart. 

This is the LAST of my Halloween hauls of 2019.
Now, I can't say I won't find anything new in the upcoming days with Thrift stores being so random with their contents...but the following items were the last I picked up in the month of October, before Halloween. The themed things during the season, so to speak.

They wanted all their costumes for a pretty damn penny, so we left with a few dog cookies and these photos. lol

 Anyways, I will talk in each photo--
as I am sure you are all aware from my previous posts in the past. 
So, let us get to the goods~
--------------------------THE HAUL----------------------------

This was the only dog costume they had left on the rack. In truth, it would have been my actual selection out of whatever other costumes they had because I really really love this. It will be perfect for my baby girl, Lola. 

This is her first Halloween, and as tradition--she must have her first cutesy costume. 
She already looks like a fruit bat, so it fits her well. 
Her siblings are very jealous of her new garb. Trying to bite it off her. Baby Lola seems to have taken quite well to it, actually. What I personally love about this is how versatile it can be. It can be a Halloween costume or it can be her everyday attire. We both live that Gothic Lifestyle, so it makes sense. 

Moving onwards--we picked up this set of wax melts. A NEW scent, apparently. This was meant for the xmas season ahead but we won't go there right now. Halloween ONLY in this post, sorry. lol

ALPINE MORNING smelled very fresh, almost peppermint. Sparkling and refreshing. I'd even dare to say "Cold" lol

My brother got this for me, the last one on the shelves. Tbh, this was something I have wanted since the beginning of October but never got around to obtaining. So, I'm happy to end this Halloween season in a full circle. lol

Speaking of endings...It was quite the sight on this last day out. Hardly anything left, due to the vast amounts of people bumping into each other for leftovers. We went through all the Halloween aisles but like the teeth of a Jack o' Lantern..there was hardly anything there. This post is just a tiny little *bits and bobs* sort of deal. lmfao
I like that this picture is on such thick wood. Boxed to sit nicely on a shelf. 

If You've Got It...HAUNT IT! My new life motto~ 

Makeup was very scarce, so all we could find was this set. Which, in all honesty, is actually pretty cool.
I love liquid eyeliner, never have I ever used these colors before in liquid form. Neato~ 

Stocking up on stuff for next year, we grabbed these hanging ghosts. On sale and why not? We can decorate our tree outside next year~ 

He's shocked at such a great deal he was. lmao

I used to LOVE these as a kid, so when I seen them...I had to have them.
I'll be making a makeup look soon wearing these as accessories. <3 

They Glow-in-the-Dark, too. Which instantly sold me. lol
I absolutely LOVE Glow-in-the-Dark stuff!!! 

Just got my nails done~ <3 lol

I was feeling myself, I'm sorry. I love these silly little things. lmfao
Saw these little guys alone on a shelf. Got them for my mom! :)

I couldn't help myself, just look how cute they are. My mom flipped her lid when she saw them, too. 

Oh, and here are the fingers glowing in the dark. lol 

 Anyways, that is all until Halloween 2020. 
I think we did pretty well for ourselves and our trinket love. lol
Thank you for reading.

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