Wednesday, February 26, 2020

🎃 Happy Halloween 2019 🎃

 Hello ladies and gents, 
Today I am finally getting my Halloween post...posted. lmfao
I could give you an assorted variety of reasons why I've been late to post this but truly,
it will not do anything but cause me to waste more of your precious time reading this darn thing. lmfao I think the best coarse of action would be to simply give you what you've come to see--Halloween tricks and treats~!
Google had a cute little banner for Halloween, too~
On the day of Halloween, I took to the internet. I know that some people have a bittersweet relationship with social media (and the internet, in general) but I really do love it!! I love how it can connect like-minded people together from all over the globe. I also happen to love to see what other people do on such a glorious holiday such as this. From Google Search Engines to Facebook friend posts~ I love it all! Here are some of the highlights from the internet (as well as some stuff I did in the month of October, too!) If you don't follow me on any of my social networks then this will be new to you but if you do--let's rekindle that old Halloween feeling together~
Here is a screenshot of our local newspaper's Instagram! I made front cover...err...front post? lol

Facebook also celebrated in varies different ways--including these cute little "last minute costume ideas"

You are supposed to hold your phone up to your mouth, and these little pictures move and distort.
It was actually freaking cute!
I had to screenshoot them all. My favorite had to be this Vampress Lady~
I don't know if the links still work, but I'm very freaking happy I kept all of this!

And lastly, the robot! I love how they also give you costume ideas for each--like the tin-foil around your arm and such.
I remember this one time me and Momo were a thing. Too bad it was short lived~ lol
I also reached 2,666 followers on Instagram. *giggles* 666

And in the month of October, I had soooo many friends draw me~ <3 I love you all!!
(Art by: (Above) Sheyla Jimenez, (Bottom Left) Edwin Caudill, (Bottom Right) Melvin Harrison~ <3)
This section is all about the makeups I created (or looks I've done) for Halloween this year.
Also, some of the photos are random gatherings, events, local parties and everyday wear.
Went to a small little town gathering, where we were giving local kids and the less fortunate some treats in the back of selected trunks~

This was a last minute look, me and my brother went as "Silver SCREAM Girls" <3

The makeup was designed by my brother.

He was the opposite colors as I was.
So, his black wig and white outfit countered my white wig and black outfit.
Lots of clowns in town, loved every moment of it~

Blurry but goody~

Hanging out with some cool clowns~

Random look using some Halloween grease paints. (And the Halloween guide on the back of the package! lol)

I didn't create this look, I simply followed what the step-by-step tutorial had on the back of the box. lol
Apparently, this was their idea of "Witch"

Miss Spider in all her glory. lol

I didn't have a peach, so I had to think outside the box--with an orange! lol

Mistress of the DORK
I also found this cute little Tsum Tsum Nail Polish for sale. The color is 3 coats on my nails here.
Sorry for the stubby stubs, I usually go through periods of chopping the nails off and growing them out.
A vicious cycle, I'll admit. lol
Zombie Walk's Costume was a Gacy inspired clown thing. lol idk

I wish I could have went without that dreadful wig but SOMETHING had to cover the construction site that was the back of my head. lmfao It was crazy, straps and pullies to move the mouth up and down. lmfaoooo

The devil's in the details~ lol

I met a cute boy. He's a dead boy. The cutest dead boy I've ever seen~

Andddd I ended up finding the beautiful long sleeve tshirt in this month. Score for meeee~

Getting closer to the end zone, we have here the day BEFORE Halloween.
Where I usually spend some final moments in the stores and shops, eyeballing whatever last minute trinkets and things they have on their shelves. I also happened to get some Trick or Treater things done and doodle some new art pieces for coloring all in this same day.
The mirror shows my true identity. lmfao
Some Halloween Treats for your Tricks.
My Halloween decorations have a better love-life than I do. lmfao
Last year, I gave out Halloween doodles and rings with the Trick or Treat candies.
This year, I brought back my childhood classic with a few other little surprises~

I didn't know if I wanted to go the vintage route with the classic number Cootie Catchers or if I wanted to do a themed pair.
I went the themed Halloween route. lmfao

Plastic rings are always a MUST!

And inserted into each ring, I made a tiny scroll with some silly (and rather--CHEESY) Halloween dad jokes. lmfao

Working on a few more, to add into this plastic bowl of fun~ lol

A glimpse of what I wrote inside. I used a Halloween Cootie Catcher template I found online. lol

My Balloon baby watching over my stuffs.

I am still proud, to this very day, of my ability to FINALLY make a dog balloon animal.
He's not the best but HE IS MY FIRST AND ONLY LOVE!

Now, the moment we all waited for....
What I did in/on the day of Halloween itself. lol
Just a bunch of random shots of the whole day--from early morning with my coffee and News to the moon on the actual night. Just little bits here and there. I also have a BUNCH of clips throughout the day, which I will mash together in a video. When I finish, I'll include it at the bottom of this post. (for those more video visually inclined!) If not, wait for it to pop up. It WILL be included--I gotta get rid of this stuff off my computer one way or another. lmfaooo
Bright and early, I had to make sure we caught the Local News over some coffee.
They ALWAYS do something festive for Halloween.
They also usually do reports in full costume, which is always nice to see. Puts ya right into the mood. lol
(this is the ONLY time of year I'll sit and watch EVERYTHING if Halloween is mentioned. Movies, News, Shows I've never seen before but will on this day because they decided to do a themed Halloween episode. Yep. Dedication! lol

Someone woke up for Halloween~ hehee

My Pumpkins and Harvest Fae~

The group all happy about Samhain~!

I woke up with this handsome boy drinking his cuppa.
(Yeah, the chair is ripped. No, he is good boy. He doesn't chew or anything.
That chair was old and damaged when we got it, but he loves it. It's his favorite chair in the house.)

He was pretty happy to see me, though. Happy Halloween, Charlie.

A few more items I never shown you in previous Halloween posts--I got this rubber frog. Had to have him.
He was the only one left, which was a sign. A sign from the Halloween gawds. I needed him. lol
Put up some last minute lights, around mirrors and stuff. I will be using these for my everyday vanity, later. lol

We also decided to put up some lawn stuff, couldn't before because it rained so badly. The chaotic wind that followed would have pulled these plastic fences right out of the grass.

Some cookies for the dead. These are sugar skull cookies we use for offerings to our deceased loved ones.
(or really, anyone who would like to have one on this day where the veil is so thin!)
We also saved some for Day of the Dead, too.

The artwork was too cute to not take a few snaps of.
I went out to do something, I don't quite remember what but when I retured inside the garage...I was greeted by this face.
He wanted out. He got out. He was outside for like a few seconds and decided "NOPE, LET ME BACK IN!" lmfao

The little monster-head woke up from her slumber. Happy Halloween, Lola.

Of course, certain apps had Halloween themed filters. Like this Pumpkin crown.

Shake it to make it.

We listened to some Halloween tunes as we got ready for the Trick or Treaters.

Hello, Batsy~

My witchy business~

Trapped inside the looking glass~

Witches, Cats and Pumpkins...OH MY~

Candle light and Wax Melts!

I liked this pumpkins face. That's the only reason why I took this photo. lmfao

C R I M E    S C E N E  -  D O   N O T  C R O S S

Hungry Zombies in the grass.

Some simple decorating, for the sake of decorating. No one really cares here. It's the treats that count. lmfao

Baby pumpkin on our front porch.

The Simpsons Tree House of Horror. A classic~


Hey kids, you like clowns, right?

Spider friend.
Looks like my puppy, Lily! lol <3
Aloe is a Witch's Best Friend.
Pumpy Umpy Umpkin.
Hello darkness, my old fiend...


Witch's Brew.
Some Rainbow Popcorn~!

Our dinner plates and napkins~

Some of the treats for the Trick or Treaters!

More goodies, for our Halloween Movie Marathon later this day~

I saw these and instantly had to get them for the Trick or Treaters! I remember getting a pair when I was a kid, it changed everything I knew was right and wrong about life. I can't quite explain it, but these simple joys--treats, toys, special little things mean SO MUCH to kids. (And even adults!) I will NEVER let that innocence die. EVER! Kids, adults, etc.

Yep, even adults got one. I do NOT care if they ended up disposing of them. The simple fact they seen it. They probably either remembered something in their youth or not. BUT that thought was there. THAT is what Halloween is to me. <3

I don't want to spoil too much, because a lot can be seen in the video I will post at the bottom, but I heard kids *and adults* scream with excitement when they found their catchers in their bags! Melted my heart, it really did! <3

The glimpse of my neighbors house, from their lawn. I love how she always goes overboard.
We need more of people like her~
Witchy Poo~
I was this vintage Devil Mask. Lucifers Cousin--Loser-fer. lmfao
We ate some, we gave some but we lived. We lived to see another day. lmfao


Fire sticks.

Witchy Witch~
This dude was loud and crazy. I love him~

We lit the black flame candle.

CLWN. Btw--The nose lit up, too! A detail my brother came up with~ <3

This is Lily. She is a witch this Halloween. I think she likes her costume.

Yep, she definitely loved her costume. lmfao

The lights were officially added to the sticks. The flames have been lit.
I showed you my D....please answer back.
They call me Big D~
Ya know? Big Devil~
Inflatable timeeeeee~ <3
Getting into character for the kiddies~

[Insert Burlesque Music For Sexy Dance Time]

Getting all the stuff ready for the treaters, since the sun was coming down.
My dad in his costume. With one of the several buckets of treats for the kids.
After the treaters, we were all very hungry. Mom was in the kitchen doing her thing.
Every Halloween we have a tradition of having these Mummies. Simple little food dish that keeps us content.
No heavy meals because...well....candy is dandy and anything else would have been too much. lmfao

Also, they look so damn cute with their mustard eyes! lol
At the end of the night, when the front porch lights turned off--signally that candy was gone from buckets and bags. As the street lights flooded pavements, candy wrappers danced on the gravel like leaves and the children returned to their homes removing their 'guises to their everyday apparel...We ended the night by blowing out of black flame candle. Just to let the ghost people know that we have sensed them and we thank them but they must return to wherever they came from.
Thank you for visiting, dear friends. Thank you so much for such a lovely Samhain~
I ended the night myself by doodling some more arts. I, as well as my brother, were working on a few fragrance lines and I needed to get the artwork done so he could edit them for the bottling process and adverts. I finished them all, including some personal this image of my dog, Charlie.
The moon was absolutely unforgettable this night.
It looks like a man is stuck in the moon, smiling down at me.
That is all for this post. Another year, another Halloween.
I always end up feeling a sort of sadness after it hits me that it's "over."
A sort of sorrow that comes and goes like the rain. I don't know if I'm sad that it's no longer here or if I'm sad that I could have done more...or something deeper rooted. I am not so sure but it happens, not just to me but my brother, as well. So, I'm not the only one. I'm happy but sad at the same time. A sadness that is bittersweet, in truth. Like I crave to be sad and I force myself to feel it in order to appreciate it. Hard to explain but impossible to ignore.

Happy Halloween 2019, here's to hoping 2020 is just as great as you~

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