Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Adoring FanGIRL & Lucien Lachance | Oblivion Themed Makeup Looks

Hello ladies and gents
Today I am bringing you my two favorite looks of 2020.
For Valentines Day, I didn't really do much other than play around with some makeup.
This is what became of that~

Oh, Hello Champion! So great to have you stumble on my page~ Is there something you need? 
Can I carry your weapon? Shine your boots? Back rub, perhaps?
Thought I'd bring my gaming channel character to life, as well as transform as another one of my favorite characters! The Adoring Fan!! (Aka Cicero! Lmfao jkjk)
I also seen a lot of images where Adoring Fan is modded to have bewbs, so well...I have bewbs. Why not bust 'em out for a few photos! Lol Don't get all crazy on me about 'em. They just bewbs, come's 2020!! Lmfao (plus, I've done A LOT worse! Hahaa
Oh my grand champion~ 
The higher the hair, the bigger the brains! lol

Yes. Hello. Yes
Let me help youuuuuu~

Tussled the wig and transformed into Adoring FanGIRL lol

Oh dear me~ 
I also added these shots of the character I was trying to "cosplay" for reference.
This specific one is what inspired the bewb shots. lol

A face only a mother would love~

...oh, sweet sweet mother. 

Lol this shot made me giggle. 

I didn't quite have the proper outfit but whoooooo caressss~ lol

You can call me Daddy now~
I felt so inclined to dress up as one of my many favorites in the Elder Scrolls. Mr. dark speaker himself--Daddy Lachance.
Nothing too special, just threw on every shade of black I owned for the sake of this. Hahaa and I ended up pulling my hair out for giggles. Honestly, how he keeps his hair slicked back so nicely after removing his hood? I'll never know!!
I plan to do a ton more characters including a few gods/goddesses in the future. So many wonderful concepts and ideas!! Truly, inspiring. This was a 'series' I always wanted to finish but never did. No time like the present, right? Lol
"My name is Lucien Lachance, and my voice is the will of the Night Mother.

"Sanguine, my brother!"
I am your father. Daddy Lachance.
"Now, I bid you farewell. I do hope we'll meet again soon!" 🍎

What is the color of night?

Had to flex a bit here, not going to lie. Daddy Lachance and his locks. Lmfao
"You sleep rather soundly...for a murderer."

This is, again, for reference. 
Look at those luscious lips~ 


Some silly Valentine's Day cards I made with my looks. Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 💋

Yes. Hello. Yes.

You are my star!

By Azura!!

Daddy Lachance Approves

Come to me, Listener.

Apples aren't the only thing you'll have in your mouth....lmfao

That is all for now. 
Just a bunch of random images for your viewing pleasures. 

Thanks for reading~ 

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