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🎪My Doodles of October (and so on~!)🎪--Snake Woman, Lobster Boy & MORE!

Hello ladies and gents,
This post is going to be dedicated towards my arts in the month of October
(and pretty much up until now~!)

I am working on a few more concepts, some that haven't even been outlined yet
but this post is solely for the ones I've finished (or close to)!

The Progress
I always like to make sure I snap a few images of my work in progress. It always amazes me to see how it can go from this simple outline to something entirely different.

Day one: Ring

Day 2: Mindless. Just a little Jack o' Lantern inspired piece~
As I was doing those daily prompts, I was also doodling for Cult Fragrance.
We ended up doing a Carnival perfume theme for Halloween~

My weapons of mass creation~

For prompt Day 14, I decided to sketch out my puppy. I think, if memory serves me right, the word was "Fantasy"
So, I made my pup into a Princess~ Like those old fashioned fantasy tales~

I want to add that the majority of these were meant to be "quick draws" from a prompt I started in October. They listed for 31 days a word that had to be drawn on each and every day~ 
For instance, day 4 was the prompt "Bait" where we had to draw what instantly came to mind, with little to no thought backing behind it. Hence "Quick draw!" 

Some are amazing, some are "eh"...most are lacking a bit of detail. Like the hands. I hate some of my character's hands. But I couldn't spend too much time trying to "perfect" them since I'd have to do all of it, all over again, the next day. Also, if I was going to spend any amount of time on any one thing, it would be the color. For me, that is the most important. I couldn't care less about hands, in truth.
You catch my drift? lol Chaotic but so much fun~ 

Anywho, here are some of my artworks~!
A Ring of Flying Acrobats.
I choose a ring of acrobats. Swirling against the harsh circus lights. Mixing two bodies to become one.
I really loved how their matching outfits turned out. I didn't know what I was going for but it definitely came out exactly what I had in mind, if what I had in mind was anything close to this. lmfao
"Build" Love inspired me. Love that builds you up only to force your fall.

I always see fighting clown couples in art and even in music--so, I wanted to give my take on such a thing.
He betrays her trust by lying to her, hence the "I'll take care of you" wording around them...but under her nose, he is taking her pieces away. Little by little. Like the game of Jenga.
Nothing sells quite like S€×, so dunk a duck or you're outta luck~

I had this in mind but tried very hard to make it work.
Honestly, I wish I could have given her a gag ball instead of rope, but eh.
Ya don't question your impulses, you just do them.

"Swing"--I instantly thought up of King of Swing~
Mr. Cab Calloway!!

His body proportions are all weird and distorted, but it fits Mr. Cab Calloway~
This was a dedicated photo for my Blind Shih Tzu, Georgie.
Backstory: He is VERY protective of his bed. Whenever I walk by, he instantly starts barking and defending it.
So, of course--I had to draw him as a Dragon protecting his castle.

If you knew Georgie as well as I do, then you'd definitely see the resemblance.
He is one fiesty little dragon~
One of the many images for Cult Fragrance.
This one was for our Carnival line.
Meet Hollow Jack. In the land of reverse--pumpkins carve severed human heads for Halloween
I had this thought as I was carving our annual pumpkin.
"What if Pumpkins carved us instead of the other way around? lmfao"
Pattern--I wanted to do a basic "pattern" image AND something a bit more complex in design.
So this is the first of two "Pattern" prompts
So, the first "pattern" prompt is of the gams of some 4 legged woman.
A bit risque, I'll admit but so am I! Hahaha I couldn't help myself, those luscious legs got the better of me~
This was the second "pattern" concept...
In truth, This was actually my first thought--a series of unfortunate events involving Edgar Allan Poe.
A bad pattern, some would say. A ship on the sea inside a milk bottle (dont cry over spilt milk!), a tear in his eye, a raven on his shoulder, a broken mirror under a ladder shaped in the letter "A" for his beloved Annabel Lee~

"Lobster Boy"
I drew up Lobster Boy because I want to do more Carnival/Sideshow/Freakshow/Circus themed concepts.
I plan to doodle a TON more, for a sort of series of my own~
"Princesa Lola De La Luna" My princess Lola of the moon. (She has a moon "mole" on her forehead~)
I decided to draw my baby Lola as a princess of some forbidden land where bones are endless and humans let her eat at the big people tables. Nothing fit "Enchanted" but her. I love her so much.
Here is one I never released. I drew my take on The Little Matchstick Girl.
I actually drew it from HER point of view. How it'd seem from her eyes.
Such a sad yet lovely little story.
Meet Husky the Clown. Mamas best big boy!
"Husky" was the prompt word.
How dare you call him fat, he's just a little husky~ (I actually really love him soooo much!)
Here is a concept for The Cannibal Carnival.
"The Pail Man" with his skull full of treats~
"Parlor Trick"
Another Cult Fragrance doodle.
"The Snake Woman"
Another Cult Fragrance doodle and something I kinda wanted to doodle, as well.
One of my favorite ladies of the Freakshow~
I had this idea in my brains for a while, but this is sheer proof that too much is way too much. lmfao

I'm not too fond of this doodle but it's been done, regardless.
I like where I was going, I HATE how it came out. hahaa
"Pumpkin Spice"
Another doodle I did for Cult Fragrance.
"Frail"--I choose Isaac W. Sprague aka The Living Skeleton/The Original Thin Man!! One of my favorite sideshow "freaks" from the 60s. His body truly defined the word "frail" to me~
.Now that I look at my drawing, I seem to have forgotten his nips..dang. oh well. He's a nipless torso for now! Lmfao in truth, there's a few more details that need touch ups. I'll end up going back in to do them all later, I just wanted to post the prompt before it got too late.

This was a concept I am soooo glad I followed through with. A two way art that melts into one.

I burned the side of this characters face with a match, so it could expose the skull beneath.
A meaning is behind this somewhere. lol idk I just liked how it turned out~

 And that is all I have for this post (at least, for now!)
Like I mentioned, I am in the process of sooooooo much more.
Soooooo, I will be posting a new post soon~ Real soon! <3

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