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☣️Day 1 of ________?? | California Quarantine, COVID-19 Updates & "Toliet Paper" Panic Progression☣️

A sign we seen at a local Smart n Final store.

Hello ladies and gents
This post is something I didn't want to make but felt compelled to for the sake of History and the history of my family. Something I could look back on, or to have people look back on, in the future for years to come. This is a part of history we will never get back again, as scary as it might seem--it's important to remember. 

We seen this "X" a few days before the outbreak was confirmed. Makes ya think, doesn't it. Hmmm...
For those unaware I will try to sum it all down for you. (Presumably the people born much much later after this! Because everyone knows or has some knowledge of knowing what is happening today in terms of this tragic situation!) The Coronavirus (COVID-19) was known since January this year, or so records have shown on various different platforms. (Probably even sooner, since the "19" of "COVID-19" would suggest before this new year, am I right?) I could never explain the severity of this situation in my own words but I will try my best. You can look further into this by visiting a timeline of the overall spread HERE! As it spread, the virus became a global pandemic "reaching at least 177 countries and territories, killing more than 14,700 people and infecting more than 340,000, according to Johns Hopkins University."

Via Aljazeera

I'm not trying to start a debating political blog here, but around sometime in March (not entirely certain of the exact date!) we started to hear rumors of this disease getting closer to home with the evidence backing it up as something much more than just a "silly prank" most people tried to debunk. Well, at least it felt that way for me and my family. People around our town didn't start taking it serious until right now. This very second, with children staying indoors and cars no longer being heard on the freeway. 
After the big rain we had here, a friendly rainbow shined over us.

But around Match 16th-March 21st, people went absolutely insane at local stores. 
This was around the time the memes were created in regards to the whole "Toilet paper" panic. 
Large crowds would rush through aisles, pouring items into carts. 

I was there, I seen it all. 

I even had an elderly woman hit me with her cart, not apologizing for the disturbance, but trying to start a fight with me. Claiming "I should wear some rear-view mirrors on the sides of my damn head!" Sorry, lady...but unlike you power-wheeling through the snack aisle, I was actually looking at the items before I put them into my cart. I can't even begin to explain what I saw. People ripping frozen meat out of strangers hands and nearly fighting over the last package of Charmin Ultra. It was absolutely terrifying, to say the least. 

Despite the scare I encountered, It was nothing compared to other places in the world.
I've read news articles about people being shot over items, girls pulling hair for toilet tissue and so many reports about people stealing and breaking into family houses because they wanted to get at their stocks. Mass hysteria at it's absolute finest. 
Some chirpy birds letting us know things will be alright.

To say we didn't get caught up in all the excitement would be an understatement but unlike many of the people who ran over everyone else with their carts, we (me and my family!) couldn't stock up quite as good as they did. We were lucky to leave the premises with a stack of bottled water ALIVE. It was all so surreal, so insane. 


It was havoc in the stores. 
(I blurred everyone's face for their privacy! But couldn't post without showing the traffic!)

The following photos were in the height of all the craze at both Walmart & Food 4 Less. I happened to be in the same store during some of the toilet paper hoarding and massive bread stashing. (Bread? Really??) We had to get a few items for dinner but ended up being caught up by seeing everyone else hoarding carts full of food/waters. We couldn't get much, but we did score a whole pack of waters before anyone else did. YES! lol Honestly, this craze to "stock up & prepare" really reminded me of Y2K! Not going to mock anyone who feels passionately about doing such a thing (Hell, I've been creating "survival kits" in the case of some zombie apocalypse myself, so who am I to judge?) But the issue with all this "keeping to yourself" stuff is that you are buying unnecessary amounts while others go without. Don't be greedy, get what you NEED and let others do the same. We need a world full of people...not just you! 
This guy knows what's up! lol

I wasn't taking no risks. I wore my sunglasses and covered my face and ears! 

The dog food pretty much gone.
The last dog food bag of kibble.

Empty aisles. 

I should mention that I saw the Walmart Manager on his hands and knees, disinfecting the shelves.
All by himself, no help at all. We even mentioned that to him, and he said he knew exactly what we were talking about.
No one wanted to sanitize, so he took it upon himself to do it. He was done with their crap and I applaud that man! 

"The employees are just lazy" he said. They had inventory apparently, but people didn't want to come out and stock the shelves due to the demand. Probably using the event as a reason to not comply. Makes it hard to believe anything said on the news, with lazy people not helping end the crisis. I understand the issue about people hoarding--it's wrong, but some people NEED these items. I saw a cute little elderly woman cry in the middle of an aisle because they didn't have what she needed. That's so sad.

One pack of pampers? idk lol

Look at that mess. It really irritates my OCD. I used to straighten up the shelves all the time. Just because I hate the look of a messy shelf and also, to help the employees. If you are going to be hoarding, please be neat and orderly, at least. Sheesh. 

More triggering shelves. lol


This is the area where waters were held. Empty as a ghost town. Sodas still available, though. lmfao

Apparently, the virus craze got everyone wanting to buy a ton of smell-goods and candles. lol

More empty shelves.

Soaps haven't completely disappeared yet. lol

Are you freakin' CEREAL right now? lol

Yep, no more cereal. I knew it!

No more snack bars, instant meals or breakfast bars. lol

Empty shelf. I don't know what this was but it's empty. lol

No more meats.

Of course all the red meat would be gone. People can't live without that meat!! 

Salads still sitting proud. lol
Frozen chickens and stuff, gone. Maybe a few sausages left.

The opposite end. 

I found a few meats. Not a lot but a few. 

Snack cakes still standing strong. lmfao 

Well, most snack cakes. lmfao Twinkies are BYE BYE! lmao

Some breads left. A TON of tortillas.

The guy in front of us, bless his heart--was ready for an apocalypse.
Screw this guy, he laughed at my mask. Whoooose afraid of what now? ;D lmfao

Since we went to Walmart, Food 4 Less was just around the corner.
We decided to check that out, too.
Onions still hanging tight.

All kinds of onions.

I guess people no likey onions. lmfao

Yams and Potato section.

The Lone Rotisserie Chicken! 

I spy with my little eye--Hot Dogs.

What bread?! I don't see any bread!!

Yup, no bread here. lmfao

They caught on, a spy some flour torts left! lol

All for one, one for all.

Cooking area looked a little dusted. lmfao

Waffles, anyone?

People were crowding everyone. Butt to gut, in there.

Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! 

Look at the soy sauce, hoisin sauce section! Still around in bulk!

I had to blur the guys face but he was staring at me in my mask. lol

Some can foods still left. I SEE BUSH BEANS!

empty area!

Now we are coming to the toilet tissue area. Only diapers left! 

No baby wipes. Damn! 

Yup, no more toilet paper.

some random baskets. 

Joining the flock.

They keep rolling in.

I blurred this lady's eyes only because I wanted to show you the response we got for wearing gloves, masks and glasses. The response we got for taking a pandemic seriously. Not because we are "hysterics" but because it's a serious thing. Still think people are taking it serious? I doubt that. I may look like a lunatic but I don't want to risk anything. My parents have health issues. I need 'em here and I need to be here to help 'em. Call me a lunatic one more time, go ahead~ <3 

Another lady gawking at us like we are one-eyed monsters! lol

Soda area

Gatorades selling out.

Me in the door glass~ 

Hi world, just your average looney toon~

Me and my mom. I said; "Hey mom, let's take a selfie! WE ARE ALL GONNA DIEEEE"
The lady laughed behind us! lol Happy to see some humor isn't entirely dead. 

I liked the boxes at the tippy top. 

I want them. I need them. I gotta have them! lol

I couldn't get them. lmfao

Even the travel sized stuff was sorted through. Sheesh! lol

2 packs per customer and visit!  

2 waters per household.

More signs because people just don't listen. lmao

Since we were out and about, we decided to check out a few more places.
The following images were taken inside our local 99 cent store. 
It was pretty active here, too.

I've never seen this many people in one setting, especially at this 99 cent store!
Some lady in line was talking about how "people believe anything! I wonder what these idiots would do in a REAL crisis!"

I'd like to see her reaction with the death toll now. Don't be cruel, just stay home! Please!! 

Some stuff was still around...
...while others weren't lol
Got some of that comet! lol
Lines! Lines! Lines! 
How strange to take a random shot and have the word "Strength" be front and to the Doritos! lol
The parking lot.
All crazy stuff aside, we got to meet this cutie! His name was Hammy! 

I asked the lady if I could take his picture, she nearly cried with joy. Fluffed him up and made him get up~ 

Which resulted to this shot~
Thank you Hammy & Thank you kind lady~ <3 

 This was the first of a few more trips before we decided to bunker down in our home.
We ended up getting a few more items the next following trips, apparently we are talking about 3 months worth of groceries. We stocked up on some dry goods--like rice, pasta, beans, lentils, etc. Water when we found it but honestly, we have water at home. I thought it'd be more effective to purchase a few filters for our filtering system instead. If worse becomes more apparent, I can always boil the water and let that sit in pails before storage. Instant noodles, potatoes, cereals, crackers and even Protein powders were a must. Nothing to the extreme as most people did, but enough items to keep us well fed for a while. In truth, we've been okay with food for a while. We have coffee, coffee is a suppressant...we got tons of coffee, so we are fine. lmfao

☣️DAY 1 OF ________??☣️
The final day out before we got ordered to stay home, we decided to grab a few more months worth of food.
(or whatever we could find leftover!)

The streets were very silent, not going to lie! 

A few cars but nothing extreme. 

Outside it was a little dull, a little silent...
The sky on this day~

A chance for rain, perhaps?

California is weeping.

An omen? I don't know. I hope not.
We heard news of our neighbors passing. From the sounds of it, she passed away from this virus.
She was very weak and of the older age. We didn't quite get along but I am still sadden about it.
Horrible is the day of a death.

People are moving away on our block. The nice old lady across the street hasn't come out in weeks, but her family is removing her property. I'm too scared to ask about her but I fear the worst. Her family have come and taken her cat, the cat we've been looking out for since the day of her arrival. I said my goodbyes the other night to the cat but I still am sad to see the kitty leave. She wasn't mine but felt mine. I'll miss her, I really will.

Silent is my days now.

Hah! I look like a Mortal Kombat character!

Sunny. Sunny. Sun.

Hello, Palm Tree!


The following images were taken before our town hit the "Shelter in Place" order where I live. 
As far as I'm concerned (or rather--what I read up online involving what "Shelter in place" means.) I must remain at home with the only exception being important trips, urgent emergencies and/or work. If I do happen to be out and about, I must keep a distance of 6 feet away from everyone. To avoid catching and spreading the virus. Since the global coverage--I have seen friends take walks in parks, go to local lakes, if they did hang out with anyone, it was a group of 4 or less. Honestly, I don't see myself even trying to risk anything by "hanging out" (not that I done such a thing before all this occurred. lol Such is the life of an introvert!) But i'd much rather let this all pass than play some chance game. Now, I know I'll end up going back to the store when our household stocks drop low or for some other urgency but for now, I have these images to look back at. These were from the day before the actual announcement. How could such insanity happen in just a few days? I know how it physically could happen but still shocks the system to witness in real life.
The poultry area.

Sour Patch cereal! lol

Stocked up a bit but not by much.

I see one bag hanging on for dear life. lol

They finally brought in some tissues and paper towels. In boxes. 2 per person! 

Sugar! Gimmie some sugar!

The parking lot.


Cars. I blurred out the licences, for privacy sake.

We also went to Smart n Final to find some Powder Milk.
Couldn't find any but we did find a limit.
Gotta put a limit to them beans! 

Oh and a limit to the oils.

They had a list. A damn list! lol
The routine starts~ 

More flyers and stuffs.

It's serious enough to form a line outside.

All the cart wipeys are gone, too.

Silent school houses.

Silent fire stations.

A little nook of the world.

Another corner store.
We were on a mission to obtain a few solid items to make our "shelter in place" life a little less hectic. I didn't want to miss anything in case the situation we are living in becomes, we hit almost every local store. Pretty much all to a fault, because even Big Lots was out of everything we needed.
Mass Hysteria hit the shelves of Big Lots, too.

Toothpaste is almost gone. Almost! 

All but female pads.

Whatever was on these shelves are gone now.

Me and the empty shelves. As empty as my heart.


Come get yer bags.

Empty shelves and oil slicks.


More stuff still around, good job~ 

Off topic but Easter is around on shelves at big lots! I want the unicorn stuff, not gonna lie! lol
More empty prices.

Get 'em before they're gone....oops! lol

I'll guess that this is where the toilet tissues and paper products were once upon a time. lol
Please note~ 
Read it and weep...
So, to sum it all down.
It was like something in a movie, something you could only read about in Sci-Fi novels. Late at night, when you try to listen to the outside world, you can't really hear anything. The cars stopped speeding across the freeway, birds seem a little more silent. It feels as if the very world is holding it's breath, waiting...but on what? A hope? A wish? Some unforeseen deity to come down from the clouds to save us? We don't really know but the silence...
the silence is very damning.

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