Sunday, April 5, 2020

Eric Wareheim "Chrimbus Special" Look--WHAT AM I GONNA GET?!

"What am I Gonna Get?"

Hello, Hannah here. 
I decided to transform myself into Eric Wareheim's Character 
(or something kinda like his character! Haha) in the Chrimbus special. 
Why? Because I love that dingus! ❤ 

Also, it was another reason to confuse those of you who fancy me. 
Like me now, big bby? Mmm yeah, don't ya love my double chin? Ooooh!! 
Lick my orange balded head, ya doodle!! 👄👅

"Chrimbus is a holiday observed in December to commemorate gift receiving. As folklore goes, each year Winter Man travels through the forest bearing gifts for those who have kept their Chrimbus Bushes trimmed and wet. Unlike trees, the Chrimbus Bush is typically best kept neat, compact and ornamented.”

(Yup. You see it correctly. We also got a Chrimbus Bush. Kept it trimmed and wet!)

Now THIS is what I wanted for Chrimbus!

Keeping my bush trimmed and wet~ 

Side by side comparison. Pretty close, I'd say. Lmfao I made my face a bit more orange but still pretty close!

Anyways, That is all for now.
I hope you enjoyed the peek.
Thanks for reading all of this~
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