Saturday, February 4, 2012

💀💀💀 Halloween 2011 💀💀💀 | Hannabal Marie

Hello Ladies and Gents, 
I Fell bad for having to post this later than sooner, 
but its the thought that counts, right?

Haha Like I made clear in one post, 
I have a lot of photos on my laptop for which I haven't posted...
and I felt so bad for having them just clutter up my lappy and not posting em, 
that I decided that now seems like a proper time, 
rather than just doing what I thought I should have done, which is deleting them altogether! 

A lot of work and preparation came into these looks, 
(not just what I am posting now, but what I have altogether on my computer) 
and it would be a waste to just dump them out like yesterday's trash. 
even if I don't get a lot of views, I could always have these as a reminder of how sweet life was
and in my case, still is for a freak like mio! 

So Anywho, here is...
Halloween 2011:

As Of What We Did? 
Well A Trickster like me LOVES To have a little fun and by "Fun" 
I mean trick-or-treating your little heart out until your feet begin to bleed! x'D 

Sadly, The folks around this part of town don't like to celebrate, 
too many religious-pushing-devil-dodging-holier than thou-folk 
who think this holiday is in cahoots with Satan...
thus being they either hide away in their houses, 
or pass out jesus-saving books to kiddies dressed as a ghost or the devil, 
praying for their "lost" souls and then escorting them to their parents 
with a hateful smile and roll of the eyes! 

A woman even came up to me and asked if I knew how much god loves me.
I respect all who wish to believe in this or that
but pushing a religion on someone based on appearance and in this case, 
a child friendly holiday is going a step too far! 

Anywho, what I did goes as follows:
1) trick-or-treated until my heart was content
2) dressed to depress some folk
3) went to an annual party that always happens down town, 
where they pass out candy and mingle and whatnot
4) and got a load of loot from my pirating like a fool! ;D

and here are some pix of me and my family:
Me with my veil down! :3
~You May KISS The Bride~
Can you guess what I was?
I was a demon Dead Bride...A Creation I made On The Spot.
that is one thing you all must know about me, all year round, I say I want to be this or that 
but when the time comes I become something completely my own 
and within 5 minutes prior to the "party" or the actual action of the holiday! 

I was playing with makeup when I made this creation, 
and in the end of the day (about 15 minutes to be exact) I ended up with this! :D hahaa

A Better Look At Me! :3
Nothing special, just a bridal gown I handmade.
sprayed a little blood on it and plopped on a veil. . .
Don't I Look GORE-Gous? ;D haha

Me and My Mum. . .I Was Still That Weird Demon Looking Bride and My Mum Was A Sugar Skull! 
Makeup and Attitude By Your's Truly! ;D
Our Loot! :3 
Doesn't Seem Like A Lot, But Coming From A Freak-Hating Town. . .ITS FUCKING GOLD!!! :3
Another Pix Of The Loot! :3

Me and My Oh So Sexilicious Leg! x'D 
My Little Brother And His Hot Dog! x'D haha

And Here Is A Small Video I Created For Your Lovely Eyes! :3
I Spoil You Folks, You Know That? ;D haha



  1. Wow! You look awesome! :D Where do you get your contacts?

    1. My Lenses Were A Gift From A Ex Lover Of Mine. . .The Website That Holds Em Is: They Do Cost A Pretty Penny. . .But They Are Worth It! :)