Wednesday, February 1, 2012

💀 Zombie Walk 2011 💀 | Hannabal Marie

Before I indulge you in some photo images
and a brief story about my personal time at Lodi's Zombie Walk...
I wish To say how deeply sorry I am for not posting this sooner!

I have loads of things on this here laptop that I haven't posted
and my reasons being two very important ones;
One--Because I have been extremely busy
and haven't found the time to even sit and edit some photos to put up
and Two--Because I lack the extra "push" to get my arse up and running to do things.
I always tell myself I would post something, but end up putting it off until the last minute,
like right this second! haha

But Since That Is Said, Lets Get Right Into This:

If anyone doesn't know what "Zombie Walk" even is, allow me to indulge you into what it is
or at least what it was supposed to be!
It's a once in a year event, where everyone in Lodi (or wherever you live) come together,
drop common misconceptions of one another and have fun as ZOMBIES!
with small events, Like singing and dancing and playing games and such
that leads up to the main one, which is the zombie walk itself.
But I am sad to state that last year's Zombie Walk,
which was Supposed to be bigger and better than the year before that,
was a complete and absolute failure!
People were NOT in order, everyone was spread out in various different places,
Some people got lost even to GET there.
People around you (who were supposed to be dressed as zombies)
were so damn rude that it made me want to cry.

People treating other people like shit, even though it was supposed to be a fun time.
They laughed, giggled and snicked behind whispers with their friends about how we were so "over dressed" 
One girl in particular even went to the degree of brushing up against me
and muttering the words; "is all that even necessary?"

I felt uneasy and so out of place,
despite it being a time in the year for dramatic makeup and crazy behavior. (Halloween)
People lacked effort in their costumes,
I don't mean to sound as if I am some great makeup artist myself,
because that could be further away from the truth
but is it so hard to take a little extra time into your work
rather than piling on shit because it looks "scary" enough!?!?!?

Anywho, enough with my rambling, here are some photos of Zombie Walk 2011:
This Is Zombirella, He was and still is my favorite from the walk! 

and these folks here would have been second on the list with Miss Zombirella...very detailed!
Plus, the guy in the white hair was super there's extra brownie points in that for him! 
Another fav of mine! She was a zombie nurse! :3 <3 So cute!!! 
This couple was funny and awesome. The lady was going around freaking people and even little children was amazing!

Zombirella doing her thang! ;D haha
Isn't she GORE-Gous? ;D 

Here are some of minez now! x'D 
THIS Is what got lots of stares. . .I wonder Why? ;D hahha

Haha I was a Punk Rock Female Clownette! 
~Smile. . .I gotz candy~

A Shot Of My Awesomely Torn Up Pants! <3

A Shot Of My Wound! :3 <3 
Handmade Out Of Tissue Paper, Elmers Glue, And Red and Black Cake Paint! and the teeth were fake fingernails trimmed and sanded down to resemble that of teeth! 

This is the "Cake Boss" cake that people paid $15 dollars to eat. :/

Some Random Family Moments! x'D

Hey Hunnie. . .Ya Got A Little Something In Your Eye! ;D 

This Gives The Term "A Splitting Headache" A Whole New Meaning! :D

The Mob Of Zombies Coming After Me! AHHHHH!!!!
some random girl.

Imma Eat Yer Baby. . .Om Nom Nom! xD

A Friend Of Mine Edited This Pix For Me, and I freaking thought it was AH-MAZ-ZING!!! 
So I HAD To Post It Here. . .Since It Being The Costume I Wore For The Zombie Walk and All! :3


Awww.  .Poor Girl, She Didn't Get To See My Awesome Costume! ;D haha <3

Another Shot Of Her! :3

Smile For The Camrea! :3

Nom Nom Nom, Mister Tom!

Me Again! BOO!!

Mmmhmmmm I Be Smoking! ;D

Oh Yes, Pose Like A Rockstar! ;D 


My Little Brother Was A Crazy Looking Clown Girl! :3 <3

Isn't He A Doll?


Boogie Boogie! <3


and This Is Me AFTER The Zombie Walk. . .I Look Tired Don't I? xD haha

Anywho, That was the event, down to the last detail.
It was sad, though.
Only a small amount of people were kind but the rest were very rude and cruel.
Once the main walk was over, pretty much everyone vanished.
Me and my family ended up having to walk home without as much as a goodbye from some people.
Everyone was so quick to leave as soon as they got their full.
Can't say I blame them, though. Standing and walking all the while being judged and ridiculed would make anyone want to leave early. lol

I tried to make the best out of this situation but I just hope next year is better. 

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