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REVIEW: Noevir Hair and Skin Care!

Hello Ladies and Gents, 
I am very excited to come to you guys today with a review based on a company I am newly found of! 
Weeks ago, I sent the supervisor of this company a email stating how I would love to have some samples of any sort of product for a review, and within 24 hours of sending the message, I was email back with a very warm and sweet "We Would Love You Too" by the lovely Crystal Teegarden, The supervisor of the company NOEVIR. 

It Was Only A Matter Of A Couple Of Business Days Until A Lovely Orange Bubble Mailer Was Sweetly Awaiting On My Door Step, The Products Nicely Wrapped Inside And Tucked In A Sweet Little White Envelope Was This Lovely Little Letter!
The service I was given was beyond words, they were kind and informative, as well as seeming to be very interested in every little detail in regards to my skin type and whatnot.
(So if you like companies who pay attention, even to the most minor of details I suggest you keep reading)

This Company Is Originally Founded In Japan, And As of what their website states (, They Are "A Philosophy Of Blending Science And Nature To Create The Most Effective, Natural-To-The-Skin Products Available" And I Couldn't Have Put It Better Myself! 
Beauty is skin deep. . .and Noevir Proves Just That With Their Love For Mother Nature! With their products, you can expect above and beyond. Noevir Is Magically formulated to be fitting to just about every skin type possible. they use super-refined ingredients to help aid and protect your skin, so it always looks its best! Noevir adds no unnecessary ingredients, no mineral oil, no artifical emulsifiers, no artificial coloring agents and no animal testing! All you get is a beautifully pure and completey well thought-out product, well worth the cost if you ask me!

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Crystal Sent Me The Following:

0.17 fl oz Quick Recovery Mask Sample
Quick Recovery Mask Helps To Gently Slough Off Dead Skin Cells, Remove Pore Clogging Impurities, And Give Dull Dead Skin An Immediate Boost Of Brightness, All In Less Than Two Minutes!

Beta Hydroxy Acids And Natural Polishing Beads Deep Cleanse And Exfoliates, While The Hydrating Base Adds Essential Moisture Back To The Skin.

Allergy Tested. Excellent For All Skin Types!

0.27 fl oz Tokara Sea Mineral Shampoo Sample-

By Combining The Bounty Of The Sea With Beneficial Botanical Extracts, Tokara Sea Mineral Shampoo Is Formulated To Provide Gentle Cleansing While Restoring Moisture. For Clean, Hydrated Skin, Scalp, And Hair. Its Even Gentle Enough For Daily Use! 
Containing Rich Sea Minerals Specially Extracted From Tokara Sea Water That Retain Essential Moisture To The Hair And Scalp. It Is Formulated To Help Restore Hair's Moisture Balance and Improve Manageability While Cleansing Gently. Fortified With Chitosan PCA, Which Has A Synergistic Effect With The Sea Minerals, It Leaves Hair Shiny And Silky! 

0.28 fl oz Tokara Sea Mineral Deep Conditioner Sample-

This Unique Conditioning Product Nourishes And Protects Your Hair With Marine-Based Minerals And Nutrients From The Tokara Sea, Considered The World's Purest Ocean. Fortified With Algae Extract, Marine Protein And Sea Clay, This Deep Conditioner Will Leave Your Hair Healthy, Shiny, And Silky Smooth! 
It Provides Immediate Moisture Improvements For ALL Hair Types, Especially Beneficial For Dry Or Chemically Treated Hair. Gentle Enough For Daily Use Also! 

(Just A Snap Shot Of the products In Their Complete Size, If You End Up Purchasing Them!!!)

And A Bonus NHS Skincare Line She Sent:

0.24 fl oz NHS Deep Cleansing Cream-
The NHS Deep Cleansing Cream Was Formulated To Remove Makeup, Air Pollutants and Oil-Based Impurities. This Gentle Cleaner Also Serves As A Soothing Facial Massage Cream To Help Promote Healthy Skin. Time-Saving Formula Rinses Off Easily For A Quick P.M. Routine; Can Even Be Used In The Shower. 

 0.24 fl oz NHS Foaming Cleanser-
The NHS Foaming Cleanser Helps Remove Water-Soluble Impurities And Any Remaining Traces Of Deep Cleansing Cream. The Rich Foam Cleanses Skin Thoroughly, Yet Gently. Leaves Skin Feeling Refreshed and Clean, Without Stripping Skin Of Essential Moisture. 

0.27 fl oz NHS Balancing Lotion-
The NHS Balancing Lotion Rebalance The Skin's pH Level And Tones And Refreshes The Skin To Help It Effectively Absorb The Moisture Lotion. 

0.27 fl oz NHS Moisture Lotion-
The NHS Moisture Lotion Adds Essential Moisture To Hydrate The Skin. Promotes A Smoother Appearance By Softening And Moisturizing The Skin, While A Powerful Antioxidant Formula Prevents Premature Aging.

My Opinions On Each Product:

(Ftc- I am NOT Being Paid For Mentioning This Company, Nor Am I Affiliated With Them In Any Way. . .I Am Just A Girl Who Simply Got Free Samples And As A Way Of Returning One Kindness For Another, I Offered To Do A Review Based On The Samples. . .That Is All! So Please Don't Sue Me!!!)

The First Thing I Did When I Got These Products Via Mail Was Tear Open The Package Like It Was Christmas And Take Snap Shots To Post!!! And When That Was Out Of The Way I Went Ahead And Pampered Myself With Some Lovely Lovely Products! So The Following Listings Are Each Product and MY OPINION, Good or bad, On Each!!! So Here We Go:

Quick Recovery Mask:
This Was Something I Was Excited To See!!! I Needed To Find Something Good To Cleanse My Face With Seeing How Its Very Hard To Find A Very Good Product Who Actually Gets The Job Done And Frankly, This Product DOES Get The Job Done! I am a person who suffers with extremely weird combination skin!! It can be dry on some parts of my face but extremely oily everywhere else and with the weather in California, its harsh on me! This Product only needed a fair amount to spread evenly. . .a little does certainly go along way!!! As what it instructs (and the company does an amazing job at describing it in vivid detailing) you must follow it up with the balancing lotion, and I did just that! normally when I use a facial mask, similar to this, I would still be extremely oily around 10-15 minutes after usage. . .but I was surprised to see that I didn't get oily at all, as I am typing right this second, I am still as fresh and soft as a baby's bottom! 

Tokara Sea Mineral Shampoo And Deep Conditioner: 
Yes Folks, Hannabal Even Went To The Degree Of Taking A Shower For Your Entertainment, So Be Pleased. . .Be Very, Very Pleased! xD haha
I was So Very Excited To See This One Small Little Sentence: "Especially beneficial for color treated hair" And If Anyone Knows Me, At All, Knows How Many Many Many Times I Color My Hair. . .And With Doing So It Is Sooooooo Hard To Obtain A Product That Is Both Gentle And Protective Over Color Treated Hair! And Having This Product Work Wonders For Both My Colored Hair, It Also Made My Extremely Dry, Damaged, And Frizzy Hair Become Smooth And Finger Combing!!! (I Don't Even Remember The Last Time I Was Able To Do Such A Thing, So You Can Only Imagine The Happiness Coursing Through Me Right Now Haha) The Shampoo And Conditioner Had A Very Beautiful Smell, But I Would Only Assume So After All It Being From The Beautiful Tokara Sea. . .With A Description As It Says, One Could Only Imagine The Smell Would Be As Crisp And Clean!!! 
"Nestled Between The Pacific Ocean And The East China Sea, The Remote Tokara Islands Are An Unspoiled Paradise Encircled By Possibly The World's Purest Waters. From Tokara Sea To You, Noevir Delivers This Rich Bounty Of Sea Minerals And Marine Extracts To Cleanse, Nourish, and Condition Your Hair!"
Indeed You Did Noevir, Indeed You Did! 

And Lastly, The NHS Line:
following the steps they gave me on a 3 paper instruction sheet (goodness, how I love this company and the way they make sure you know every small detail) just using a small amount to test out, I did as it said, starting with the Deep Cleansing Cream. . .(since it was around 8 O'clock at night when I did so. . .because its a P.M. cream) the cream was very rich and made a very wonderful lather. . .I quickly felt the immediate cleansing of this cream upon contact with my face. . .and its extremely wonderful amount of dirtiness it collects within a single day! xD my makeup came completely off with a very gentle rub. . .unlike most cleansers where you have to scrub silly just for the pigment to start to fade! and it even rinses off extremely well, no need to continuously repeat water transfers to the face over and over again with this product. . .this truly is a quick P.M. routine, as it states! The NHS Foaming Cleanser was next on the list, since it comes in 5 easy steps. . .each one following the other! the foaming cleanser is wonderful. . .and it really does live up to the name "foaming cleanser" because it does just that! Its supposed to clear up traces of the Deep Cleansing Cream and like magic it did. . .my face after this step was completely refreshed and Clean But At The Same Time, My Face Didn't Feel Dry Or Anything Of The Sort, So It Did Still Have A Nice Amount Of Moisture Remaining! I have never felt my face so wonderful in a long long time! The NHS Balancing Lotion Comes Next, With A Well Saturated Cotton Pad, I Gently Patted My Face In Upward Strokes As It Said To Do. . .Getting Around The Eyes, Nose, Mouth, Neck. . .Ect Ect! I Assume They Call It "Balancing Lotion" Because It Helps Restore and Rebalance The Skin To A "Normal" Moisture State! The NHS Moisture Lotion Is Then Applied Next Rendering my face completely moisturized and feeling as if I just came out of some expensive high-priced fancy shmancy place that offered some wonderful facials! :3 haha And Last I Applied, As Stated, A Moisturizer Of My Choosing, To Add Extra Moisture and Protection. . .And To End This Review Altogether! 

If I Was To Rate These Products 1-100, 100 Being The Best Out Of The Best. . .It Would Be A Solid 90. . and why only 90? Well, Because they didn't send me the full bottles!!! D: haha 
But putting all joking aside, I am completely and utterly in love with this company! this is certainly the work of a mad genius with all these wondrous minerals and natural ingredients mixing into this combination of complete and sheer bliss! 
I would more than just simply suggest this company's products to people. . .I would gladly refer them and demand them to buy each and everything they could get their lovely little hands on! Its not everyday you find a company like this, thus being people need to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity before it becomes like MAC where its hard to obtain and hard to purchase and costs an arm and a leg! haha 
I Honestly Don't Understand Why This Company Isn't More Well Known. . .Move Over Clinque, Noevir Is In Town!!! 

You Can Buy Anything You See Here And MORE On Their Website!!! 

Thanks For Reading

Hannabal Marie


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