Friday, April 5, 2013

Lisa FREAK makeup look

This next look was inspired by one of the most widely known childhood cartoon creations I was obsessed with as a kiddie. Lisa Frank. 

Me and my brother were discussing our childhood in the 90s and we recalled this little acid-like trip of a cartoon. I had everything! EVERYTHING! From the crazy looking golden retrievers to the cute pastel kitties. I was obsessed with the bug eyed girly girl theme and thus, I just HAD to do something inspired by it. Me and my brother thought long and hard about it, and he and I both said the same thing at once! <3 

So ladies and gents, Here is my inspired idea:

Products Used: 
>Warm Beige Pressed Powder and Liquid Foundation from Covergirl.
>Black Liquid Eyeliner from Wet N Wild
>Black/Brown pencil liners from Wet N Wild
>Blue, Pink, Purple, White, Brown, Black, Orange, Yellow, Green, Teal, Red Eyeshadow from Elf and Various other brands that I forget names from. 

>Full Black Eye Contact Lenses
>Handmade Lisa Freak Inspired Eyeball Fingernails By Me. 
>Green Headband
>Red Wig
>Lisa Freak Inspired Toys, ect.

Thanks for reading. 

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