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Review & Swatches: Portland Black Lipstick Co.

"All Natural Makeup For That Un-Natural Look"

Hellou ladies and gentlemen,
Today I bring you a review. I was sent a package of samples to review and instead of wasting time, like I am so accustomed to, allow me to just jump right in.

"The loot I got from PBLC"

Before I get started with the review, Please note: 
I am not affiliated or am I being paid to post this review. 
I am just a lover of makeup and curiosity bit me to review from this company. 

In this review you will get the chance to see in full detail each lip color shown above. 
I will use the description the website has used as well as a few opinions I have myself.
Aside from the minor detailing, I will have two photo shots of the specific lip color and anything else that needs to be added. We will be taking a look into the small samples she gave me in the little baggies first, then move our way to the glitters, then the full sized products and ending this post with the small review on her corpse paint.  

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~Now, the mini color samples~

The colors are separated in categories as follows: 
Reds, Darks, and Colors. 
Let us move onwards now...
(I have linked all the colors to the website where you can purchase them, if anyone is interested)


 + Undead Red
+ Blood Red
+ Bug's Blood
+ Bad Penny
+ Irony


+ Black Lagoon
+ Coffee, Black
 + Black


+ Goodbye, Little Yellow Bird (Not listed on website)
+ Gilded Lily
+ Chlorsis
+ The Purple Cloud
+ Chaiborg
+ Perfect Foil

Now we shall get into FULL detail, one lip at a time.
Let's start with the RED category:

"A dark, dark red that wants to be called ‘plum’ or something"

+My Opinion: MY FAVORITE OF ALL THE REDS. I fell in love with this shade from first swipe. I had a similar color that I no longer have with me anymore. (moment of silence) but this is, by far, the most closest shade of red I used to own. The Maybellene color sensational's "Red Revival". I absolutely adore this dark red shade.

Full Product Price on Website: $10.00 for a .15oz in a lip balm-style container

"Developed by accident, this color is disturbingly realistic"
+My Opinion: A beautiful copper red. It's rich and creamy, just like how I love my lipsticks. It's a nice matte color that oddly DOES resemble the coppery looking blood. 

 Full Product Price on Website: $10.00 for a .15oz in a lip balm-style container

"A charmingly simple cold red stain made from carmine. Good for Neo-Victorians"
 +My Opinion: A nice light redish stain, the color tends to shift when talking but it does live up to the label as being a "lip stain". The way it looks reminds me actual bug's blood..and the little color floaters that move around just makes it that much more believable. haha. all in all, it is a nice lippy. Cute for the girl/guy that wants to achieve that innocent doll-like look or for a neo-victorian, like the website states.

Full Product Price on Website: $10.00 for a .15oz in a lip balm-style container

 "Strong copper color that combines metallic shine with good coverage."

 +My Opinion: As the website states, it truly lives up too. It's a very rich and very copper color with hints of that glorious metallic sheen.

 Full Product Price on Website: $10.00 for a .15oz in a lip balm-style container

 "The rouge to our noir, Irony is a warm, metallic, red lipstick that derives its color from cosmetic grade iron oxide red (Get it? Iron-y!! Ha!)"

  +My Opinion: It's warm, It's metallic, It's red. What more could someone ask for? 

Full Product Price on Website: $10.00 for a .15oz in a lip balm-style container


"We are pleased to officially announce the rerelease of Black Lagoon dark green lipstick. Our beautiful new formula is dark green with a blue undertone—like a spooky teal!! Looks great with black swim fins and vintage bathing caps"

+My Opinion: A beautiful dark color that looks great with everything. It's a dark grey with green and blue undertones. (at least that's what it looked like to me. quite beautiful) I find that this lippy looks great as is or with gloss, preferably a clear one but you could top it with any shade you desire to give it a even more distinctive tone.

Full Product Price on Website: $10.00 for a .15oz in a lip balm-style container

"A very dark brown with warm undertones"

 +My Opinion: I don't normally wear browns but with this shade, I just might reconsider. I love how easy it applied and how smooth. I hardly used any and it got my whole mouth with even MORE left over. I am honestly in love with this shade. and the name, the name pretty much explains my life. COFFEE!!!!!

Full Product Price on Website: $10.00 for a .15oz in a lip balm-style container

"The best ever! A perfect blend of black iron oxide and mica in a moisturizing base, this color is opaque and long-lasting"

+My Opinion: exactly how she describes it. Long lasting, fully pigmented, moisturising. It's the perfect black and I thought I'd never find the "perfect black". ladies and gents, look no more because this is it. right here. 

 Full Product Price on Website: $10.00 for a .15oz in a lip balm-style container


(This one sadly isn't listed on the website. You will have to keep checking it, if you are interested!)

+My Opinion: This matte and very vivid bright yellow is very pigmented. It reminds me of the color "New York City" from Limecrime. I have been searching so hard for just the right shade of yellow and this one taks the cake. What I really love about this makeup company is the fact that the mattes (and even some of the metallics as well) can be used in many different ways besides lipsticks. I have ideas in mind for the bold shades like this one in future makeup looks. <3

"Remember your postmodern culture class? You are text, and what text couldn't benefit from some illumination? This shiny, beautiful gold will highlight your every discourse"

+My Opinion: This shade is remarkable. A burnt gold with shimmer. I just love it. The application was so silky. The way it looks reminds me of the movie "The Curse of the Golden Flower"

Full Product Price on Website: $10.00 for a .15oz in a lip balm-style container

"Have you tried to get diagnosed with the Green Sickness lately? It’s nearly impossible! Thankfully, we offer this green shade for lips (or face, as needed)"
+My Opinion: Such a lovely shade. A pastel green with the slightest hint of sparkle. I can't stop thinking about frosting when I see pastel shades and this is one of those moments. If I ever get the chance, I will certainly stock up on this shade and "The Purple Cloud". 

Full Product Price on Website: $10.00 for a .15oz in a lip balm-style container

"Named after the classic M.P. Shiel novel, this color is perfect for the end of the world and other special occasions"

+My Opinion: Another one of those pastel shades. I love this fluffy purple color. So in love with it, to be exacted. It's every girly girl's dream. I just love the little cute description Kim used. "...this color is perfect for the end of the world and other special occasions" 

Full Product Price on Website: $10.00 for a .15oz in a lip balm-style container

"This futuristic lipstick is a cross between the metallic silver gray of industrial robotics and the warm light brown of milk tea. Neither too warm nor too cold, Chaiborg is a cosmetic life form all its own!"

+My Opinion: A nice warm brown, with a bit of a sparkle. It truly reminds me of Chai tea. :3

 Full Product Price on ETSY: $10.00 for a .15oz in a lip balm-style container

"Is 'protection from mind control' your fashion statement? Have you been wondering what to wear with your tin foil deflector hat? If so, Perfect Foil is the lipstick for you! The color of a disco ball, this metallic silver can be worn on its own or applied lightly over another lipstick for a lovely two-layered effect"

 +My Opinion: Imagine someone melted down tin foil and applied it on your lips..THAT is what I think of when I see this shade. It's a nice bold statement, especially if that statement is..."I'm a robot" <3 I love the shimmer!!!!!!!! 

Full Product Price on Website: $10.00 for a .15oz in a lip balm-style container

Overall Review of these products:

+ VERY Long lasting, Every single one of them. 

+ A Very Aromatic Peppermint Smell that just tingles the senses.

+ Applies smooth for even coverage and easy application.

+ Affordable for just about anybody. 

+  No bleeding/feathering/migrating (all but the "Bug's Blood one-BB has a bit of a migrating tendency, but nothing to harsh)

+ VERY pigmented, The best I have seen since Limecrime and Mac. 

+ Can be used for eyeshadows/cremes/ect

+ A large variety of colors, you'll never be bored.

+ All natural ingredients. 

- Because of the pigment, some people might find it a bit unsettling to rub off. Especially if you want to change from a bold color to a lighter nude-like shade. 

- The paper labels tend to rub off over time, as what I am familiar with from other similar products that sported the paper label. So it might make it a bit hard to read in the future. 

- Some people find that since the full sizes come in a lip balm-like container that it makes application and sight unnerving. I find no problem with it, just I know a lot of people who require a certain look when dealing with their products and they might not like it as much as someone who just doesn't mind.

~Anything else I might add~
+ If I may be so bold to say, I think perhaps attempting a few of these lipsticks in "pan" form. It will further help with application without the fear that you might not get every bit out from that small container.

 Now it's time for the second portion of this post, The glitter samples:


(I have linked the names with the places of purchase, if anyone is interested)

She gave me three glitz samples; White, Purple and Darkly Sparkly.

(From left to right in above photo)
+ Darkly Sparkly: "This Glitz is matte black with silvery sparkles in it and makes an amazing glittery ‘smoky eye.’"

+ White Glitz: "This white, sparkly glitter goes great with everything. If you can’t decide which color to try first, this is a good place to start. Subtitled: You and Me and Rainbows (Remember that song??)"

+ Purple Glitz: "What can I say? This is a purple and white glitter of epic and sweeping adorability"

and to see the glitz in action, I made a small video-to-gif image of it glistening because pictures didn't do it justice. 

I love these pretty sparkles, I will be making some looks with these ASAP.
I honestly have nothing negative to say about her Glitz or even her makeup company overall.
 (I mean, despite a few little things I already mentioned)
So...Moving onwards....


Kim gave me three full sized samples of three incredible colors. 

"This is a dark, metallic blue that verges on black"

+My Opinion: I love the blue hue it gives. It's so close to black it's ridiculous. This color is great with any color hair, believe me I tried this on with every wig I had in my grasp and it did every wig justice. 

 Full Product Price on website: $10.00 for a .15oz in a lip balm-style container

 "The color of Duct-tape, with bluish undertones"

+My Opinion: It screams 'GUN METAL" at me and it is correct. I love this bullet biting lip killer. It also, like Black, makes my teeth whiter! WOO!

 Full Product Price on website: $10.00 for a .15oz in a lip balm-style container

 "This unique lipstick is forged from black, green and gold colors to produce a truly unusual metallic experience. The results are surprisingly sophisticated—but with the primitive boldness you have come to expect from Portland Black Lipstick Company products".

+My Opinion: This beauty has a gold shimmer to it. I love it. It's pigmented and black with that lovely gold sheen. It's creamy and rich and I just love it.

 Full Product Price on website: $10.00 for a .15oz in a lip balm-style container

and lastly, here is the Vegan Corpse Paint review I shall leave you all with:

Vegan Corpse Paint
"Vegan Corpse Paint is a pancake makeup-style theater white, made with all natural ingredients. Matte white and unscented, this product can be applied lightly for a pale and powdery finish, blended with skin-toned foundation, or applied opaquely like a traditional greasepaint. The formula contains mango butter and jojoba oil to help keep your skin soft and ensure comfortable wear while provided excellent coverage."

+My Review: I have already used this makeup for a few of my looks and a few future upcoming looks I am working on as we speak. (ha) If you want to see how I used this, visit these looks:

My Female Chucky
Sally The Ragdoll
Comic Book Rogue
Comic Book Harley Quinn
Sideshow Siren

Basically, anything that's white or needed a bit of a highlight, I used this product. I am already wanting to purchase a few more when I get enough money for some more, that is. I truly am in love with this product and for only 4 dollars online? I have been bought! <3 Like her lipsticks, this can be used as liner, highlight, full face, small details...the works.

Buy yours HERE!

Portland Black Lipstick Co is amazing through and through. I look forward in doing future business with them or perhaps becoming a face for them? *nudge nudge, wink wink* xD <3
Please check Kim out on the following pages:


  1. Wow! These lipsticks are phenomenal! I didn't quite understand what I was even looking at at first, I thought the pictures you had of your lips with the actual lipsticks on where the promo shots and I was scrolling down looking for how they "really" looked.

    Btw, your Etsy link is broken, it goes somewhere really weird and long and begins with blogger!

    1. Haha! Thank you for the kind words and yes, PBLC is a new fav of mine. I surely will be doing business with them in the future. :P And thanks for the heads up about the link, I fixed it. :P <3

  2. This is completely off topic, but I just came across your blog and holy hell your banner is amazing. It glows! And flashes! :D

  3. Ty for all of these swatches!! I have been wanting to buy from PBLC for awhile but it is so hard to decide what colors to pick lol. I love how Perfect Foil looks on you, almost like it has a lavender base in the picture.

  4. Thank you! Was looking for some swatches :-)

  5. They should pay you for this blog entry cause their website sucks!