Monday, August 24, 2015

☺ My Clown Collection ☺ // Hannabal Marie

Hellou ladies and gentlefish
A while back I made a video about my clown collection, thus far.
A lovely friend requested to see some of my toys/items and so I went ahead and sated their curiosity! (along with some of you, too!)

I collect clowns of all types; toys, dolls, posters, old magazines, ect.
I also collect circus/carnival themed things as well.
aside from clownish stuff, I also happen to collect other stuff too;
Like Oddities, Wet Specimens, Taxidermy, Obituaries, Books, Clothing, Shoes, Other toys, Makeup, Tom Waits stuff, ect.
(All of which will become videos themselves, soon enough! 
Some even have already been shown and some are a dream of mine for which I must first acquire them before I can collect them. Le sigh!)

But as I made known in my video,
My clown collection is just like my clothing collection...
The more I live, the more I shall acquire more items! hahaa.
My clowns are one thing, among many things, that shall forever keep growing.

Everything should be covered in the video, so I hope you enjoy.
otherwise as I mentioned above, I will and plan to continue this collection until I croak!

Hannabal Marie

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