Sunday, August 23, 2015

✪ Red ⇨ Orange Hair Coloring Process ✪ // Hannabal Marie

Hellou ladies and gentlefish, 
I want to share the process it took for me to achieve this rusty orange color that I oh so love and adore. 
Before the orange, I was a redhead...

 I used Splat in Luscious Raspberries to get that red color. 

 as time does was only a matter of moments...errr, or a few washes...for the red to start to fade and thus a new color plan had to commence....

 Now before I get into the photos of the orange, I just want to say that it took TWO tries to get the desired look. 
I didn't quite like the look of one box color, so I had to use something entirely different to get the ideal shade. 

△ The Products △

  • Loreal Paris "Super Blonde" Lightening Creme Kit 
  •   Clairol "Textures & Tones" in the color "Flaming Desire" 

  •  Loreal Paris aka Feria in "Copper Crave" 
    (2nd box because first box didn't quite work well enough for me)
 Like I mentioned, I didn't like the color the first box gave me...
so I had to find a different box to get my desired shade. 

The Bleaching

Unlike the time I had to use some strong stuff to rid myself of my natural black hair, 
I only needed a lighter bleaching agent to get down to a reasonable shade to go orange. 
My roots take very fast to any bleaching agent, so I wasn't worried about having a lighter bleaching dose than before.

As you see..I'm all roots...and no bark! xD HA! 

Did it in sections, had help when I got to the back. 
I also left it on for a long time, for a whole hour.
 laugh if you will but I have very veryyyyy good and strong hair...I have dyed/bleached my hair since I was 15 and not even once has it ever fallen out or gotten fact, it just keeps getting thicker and stronger. HA. 
I blame my Native American genes. HAHA.

 after that hour, the hair started getting extremely lighter.

Now it was time to shower!

Despite the hour, it didn't do much for the black roots and red color. 
I mean, took most of the color and root out but I didn't quite feel up-to-speed to stay a weird red/orangey spotted dalmatian.

 Fresh, right outta the shower! haha.

 This photo was taken the next day after I straightened it.
Thought that leaving it to rest for a while before I decided to rebleach it again for the second time would do it some good. 

Second Bleaching Attempt

Like I mentioned, I waited a while before I jumped the gun with a second bleaching attempt. 
Due to the stress and crap I already put my hair through with the first, 
a second dose of the stuff would surely make me loose all my locks. 

So I waited a few days before hitting the bottle. 
Thought I could make due with the first spotty mess, but no, I needed the second dose...badly. 

 As you can tell, two times worked perfectly. 

It really made all the difference. 
No more spots, no more red tint. 
It's light enough to cover any flaws. 
I'm ready to colour!!!

Clairol "Flaming Desire" Attempt

I think I can pass as one of Charlie's Angels.

 I left this color in for a long time, too. 
Around half an hour...or close to a full hour...I'm not certain, entirely. 

 Please disregard the horrible nails, I was going through a bit of a nail crisis...
poor index pointer, the breakage was too much for me to bare. haha

When I washed the color out and let it dry naturally, I went ahead and straightened it. 
Something I wouldn't dream of doing until the next day but I was curious. 
It looked a bit more lighter compared to the photo evidence but still remotely the same shade. 

I kinda went a little photo-happy for a while posting images all over my facebook/tumblr/ect using this color shade, a shade I wasn't expecting but wasn't complaining about. 

It was a pretty shade but a shade I wasn't desiring. 
I went to the shop the next day and bought the next box color I shall post next. 

Feria "Copper Crave" Attempt

 Getting all the stuffs together!

 I always feel like some mad scientist when I put these gloves on. 
I guess, in a way, I am not too far off! ;D HA! 

 Now time to paintttt.....

 I wanted to show the color a bit more, so I used "flash" to grab its vibrance. 

 "Gold is for the mistress — silver for the maid — 
Copper for the craftsman cunning at his trade."

Right out of the shower!!!

The Finished Look

 As you can see, I was going for a more "Rusty Penny" look.
Feria really surprised me with the glossy/shiny sheen it gave my hair. 
I got compliments up the wazoo! 

Also, I cut myself some bangs. 
Kinda felt like having I'm kinda mourning the loss of hair...i'm fickle like that. 

And this is one more shot of the hair, indoors. 

Anyways, that is the process I took to achieve my rusty penny hair color. 
"Penny for your thoughts?"
Thanks for reading and sharing this moment with me. 

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