Friday, February 9, 2018

Thrift Store Haul--VTG Sombrero, Decapitated Geisha & Odds n Ends // Hannabal Marie

Hello ladies and gents
I have another lovely haul for you all.
Just some random trinkets and thingy-ma-bobs
I collected throughout the week at local penny shops and thift stores.

I think you'll really like the collection I have to show you all today--
Because I sure loved them when I found them.

So, enough with my useless banter...

The first thing I seen hanging from a nail at my local thrift shop was this gorgeous Buddha plaque. 

I got this at Walmart for my brother, it was a stop along the way to the thrift store and pretty much the ONLY item I bought, so I added it inside this haul. lol

I found this at the thrift shop for a dollar. I don't really know what it's used for--might be something for incense or candles, but I loved the little rose detail. Also, it was a buck--so why not? lol

This next item I have been wanting since FOREVER and I flipped when I finally found an authentic one at my thrift store. Made in Mexico--it's a hand crafted Sombrero! I only paid like 5 dollars for it! 

The details are so gorgeous! It's in a slightly used condition but I don't mind that at all.
The orginial price was $27.95, so I got this for a damn steal! 

As you can see, some of the details are coming off--but nothing some glue can't fix! :)

I peeked at the jewelry section and found this little Cameo Locket for a buck.
I'm kind of obsessed with Vintage Cameos! :)

For $0.95 I got this cute little lady.
The reason she was so cheap was because the shop manager told me that she was damaged--her neck had to be glued back on. She was trying to talk me out of buying her due to her head being broken but I live for broken and damaged items! ;D hehehe
The fact her head was off at all made me WANT to buy her! 

I don't know why but damaged goods really sell products for me.
Now, don't get me wrong--some items can't be saved at all but I honestly haven't found an item
I ever felt like disposing because of something like "damage".
I like that some items have history. It really makes the item more precious to me.
Another angle of this little Geisha. 
Size comparison to my hand.
I wanted to show off the neck wound to you all. It's basically cleaned right off and they reattached her with some porcelain glue.
This image really shows the damage well. 
I think she fits right in with the rest of my wares. :)

This little figure I found right beside the Geisha.
I couldn't possibility pass this up, my dad needed this in his life. 
It's a ancient dragon with all the Chinese Zodiac Signs around him.
It's absolutely divine. 
I am assuming he is made from Bone China. It feels that way, at least.
He is pretty big, too. Compared to my hand.
I only paid a few dollars for him, as well.
(almost everything I get is under 10 dollars, I never pay more than that on a single item! haha)
So beautiful! 
Here are a few trinkets I got inside plastic baggies in the "odds & ends" section of the thrift store. 
First item, was this little Cabbage Patch Kid.
Note--all the following pieces were all stuffed together in a plastic sack. I had no choice in selections other than picking which *lot* from various other baggies I liked. This is the lot I chose!
I used to own quite a few of these dolls, so having a little figurine to own again made me quite happy. 
I especially loved the little puppy inside her arms.
Next item was this little man.
Made of some heavy metal. idk really but he is cute.
I ended up giving him to my mom, so she had put him with her collections. 

Next item--This Suit of armor that might have been some kind of sharpener at one time. idk but it's nice and it goes quite well with my mother's trinkets. 
My mom likes to collect "bells" and all types of ringing items--so I am glad I got this little guy.
It might be Rome's Colosseum. My mother absolutely loved it.
Here is a better look at it. 
Most of these items I gave to my mom, because all of these things were perfect for her.
Like these two bronzed angles.

These three little jars are mine--of course.
I really love the Gypsy-esque feel of these. 

Aren't they just darling? One even came with a candle inside. 

I really love the print and designs of these two. 

Next were these two little people.
I don't know their reason for being made nor do I know what they were used for--but I love them all the same.

I have a few little people that resemble this guy--so he fits perfectly with them inside my room. 
The bottom is very tattered and torn--but that never stopped me before. hehee
The other little person was this tiny baby with a string attached to it. 
I really love the paint-work on this one.
This is to show their size--they are so tinyyyy! I love them so much!!
This is pretty much all that was inside that loot lot bag. 

The next purchase I made was this item. My father has a ton of Oriental and Chinese-themed items in his home to celebrate his ancestry alongside his Native American collection, of course. 

The next item I got was this cute Vintage Chinese Dragon Bobble-head figure. 

Isn't he just precious? I love the way the head moves, too.
It's not like the generic bobble-head toy. It moves side-to-side and up-and-down. The tail wiggles and so does the ears on top of the head. It's so cute. 

In the clothing section, I found some items.
Like this Gremlins shirt my mother ripped out of my hands. lmfao
I found me some nice Vintage Pea-Green gloves. They fit PERFECT!
Nice to know my actual size in glove now, so I can buy comfortably.
They fit like a damn dream! 
I really loved them. They were half-off the original price of $5 (So basically I paid $2.50)
because they had a tiny tear in them.
I didn't mind, as you are well aware. lol
Another jewelry item I found at a different thrift store was this gorgeous lion necklace.
The owner also included some matching earrings as a *set*.
Both of which I absolutely adore. 
The stones are Tigers Eye and the Lion's Face is reflective. 
The earrings are gorgeous, as well.
So, I'm quite happy I got them with the necklace. 
I found this wooden cow and knew my mother would love this.
She used to collect a ton of cow kitchen stuff when I was a kid, so I felt compelled to purchase. lol
In the clothing section of the thrift shop I also found this set of Harley Quinn socks still with tags.
It was my lucky day! 
And lastly, I found this glorious cat piano keyboard.
I fell in love with the Cat Teeth Piano Keys! hehehe
And that is all folks.
I am happy you reached this far into the post.
(if you stayed past this point. lol)

I think I did pretty good with finding some of these wares, if I do say so myself.
I will definitely be putting all of this stuff to good use.
Making photoshoots, makeup looks wearing some of the items, using stuff as props if need be.
This is why I love thrift shopping, you find stuff you'd never think you'd need until you see it....
and it helps with the creativity on my end, so I can bring to life some of the feelings I feel when I see a certain item. lol

anywho, stay tuned for more posts like these.
If you like what you see, please follow my blog and keep up-to-date with my posts.
You won't be sorry....
idk but we'll have fun, so that's all that counts. hehee

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