Thursday, February 15, 2018

Valentine's Day 2018 // Hannabal Marie

Treats Galore. 

Hello ladies and gents
I hope everyone had an amazing Valentine's Day full of love and admiration...
I had such a lovely peaceful Vday myself.
I spent mine with my family--we went to a nice dinner, exchanged gifts, ate some candies, cuddled with our pets, watched movies and I ended my night telling the people I care about how much I love them. (my family, friends and bf)

I know how Valentine's Day seems to have quite the rep with lovers and married couples but I want to also say that Vday can be a day of appreciation and love towards those that been there since day one--family members, friends, nice neighbors and of course; the pets! hehee

I just feel so full of love and despite this hallmark occasion--I do feel pride and a sense of pleasure in celebrating this year full of respect and love towards those that matter to me. 2018 still has it's up and downs but I feel loved this year--a lot more than any other year prior.

I hope everyone had fun and all those lovely things--but please remember: This is a holiday of expressing love NOT buying red roses or those highly expensive chocolates. Things are nice when given from the heart but you should NOT feel like you HAVE to buy useless stuff in order to be loved and to feel loved. It should be expressed without a need of some price-tag.

Anywho, enough with the chit-chat--time for some photos.
As I said, I celebrated with my family.
We woke up and exchanged some gifts. Nothing too crazy, mostly candies! haha
I did receive some AMAZING stuff from my parents and brother! 
Like beautiful clothes and a cute porcelain clown doll to add to my collection. 
A few pieces of jewelry and thrifted finds.
I felt compelled to do something makeup/artsy related modeling my new articles of clothing--so hence the bulk in photos. lol

Anyways, time to gawk at my weirdness! :3

These were all the families gifts. I got something for everyone. hahaa

Can you believe this is the new language of love? lmfao

Peek a boo.

I also got some red doggy bones for my puppers. 

Charlie is about to risk it all for the treats. lmfao

He was one happy puppy. lol

More stuff. 
My brother got me this card because he said it reminded him of me. lmfao 
Me and my brother got these solid chocolates. 
These were our valentine's cards to each other. <3 
And here is a small little "Haul" for you guys. 
All of the gifts I received today are below:

I got all my stuff inside this beary sweet bag. lol


All my thangs. 

All my cards--A card from my parents and two from my brother. My brother told me he got me the chocolate one extra because he knows how much I love chocolate AND corny-cute things. lmfao

My mom got me this pink monkey plushie. 

Here are all the items in the hearts baggie. 

My mom found this little lady at the Thrift Shop.
She knows me soooo well. :'3
Gawd, I really love her face. 
I really am in love with this little lady. 
The pantaloons and shoes are soooo darling. 
I got a ton of jewelries from all family members. lol 

I'm in love with every piece, too.  

My brother got me these bracelets.
They match a necklace I already own.
I'm going to be doing something amazing with these soon enough.

My dad got me this Bumblebee pendant. I have always wanted a Bee Pendant, I don't know why--but I have alwayssss wanted one. I have no clue how this developed but ever since I was a young girl, I have always spoken about how I wanted to own a Bumblebee pendant and now--I HAVE ONE!  

My mom gave me these earrings.
She owns the golden pair that these came with, so we are matching twins. :D

And my brother got me this golden Ballerina necklace. 

I also was gifted this beautiful shirt.

The back closes like this.

Tag for tag-inclined. 

Another beautiful blouse I was gifted. It really screams "HANNABAL MARIE" <3 

Another tag for all you taggy people out here. lmfao

And I was gifted this beautiful mesh jacket. 
It's from a brand called Lane Bryant and the tags are included--apparently, this jacket-thing was priced around $60 dollars.
My parents only paid $6 dollars at the thrift shop. A steal if I ever seen one! :3 hehee

And Now, here is my makeup look I did for Valentine's Day~

I wanted to do something with the Chocolate Box I got. lol
I really love the way the velvet feels against my skin. 
I love this shirt--yep, you read that right. This is supposed to be a long-fitted shirt but since I'm short as all heck, I can wear it as a mini dress. lmfao
I was also gifted this beautiful fringed pull-over. I wanted something like this for a long time, so I can quickly drape it over my clothing without being too bulky. It's big enough to give me a little wiggle room. The fringe reminds me of Stevie Nicks. :)
A random shot with only my fringy jacket-thing on. I'm starting to really love my body and the skin I'm in now. I'm no where near "model type" but I actually love my thick and voluptuous body now.
Head Over High Heels~ <3 

I got these chocolate lips inside a card my brother got me. He said it reminded him of my everyday lips--I don't see a difference here. lmfao LOOK OUT KYLIE--HANNABAL MARIE IS COMING TO STEAL YOUR SHINE! 

My mom got me this lush plush pink monkey. hehee

Since my nickname is "HOOT", I got a chocolate owl. haha


I thought my face here looked stupid--so I cropped everything else out BUT the face. lmfao

I also got this Gorilla from my dad. He got me a similar one when I was a little baby, which sadly I lost a long time ago. But now I got one back again! 

And ending the night with a bathroom selfie. lmfao

 And that is all for this post. 
Just a few random shots and some makeup related shots. 
I hope you enjoyed!


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