Wednesday, March 7, 2018

This Is My Face. There Are Many Like It, But This One Is Mine...

This was just going to be a random face post because I thought it'd be funny to upload some shots right this very second.
But then I started to really look at myself in each picture...I started to have a gut feeling of some self hate growing. Like I didn't want to post these.
And that was when I realized I had to post them. I don't like having this feeling and I need to fix it asap.

I'm not dressed to my nines or decked out to my tens--this is just my total and complete zero.
I have always been afraid to show off my "comfortable" self. Only because beauty standards seem to push us women (and lovely men!) into some fashion show where you MUST always look presentable. You MUST always wear your makeup. And you MUST never look a mess--but majority of my time, I am just in comfy PJs, no makeup and a messy hairdo. lol 

We tend to forget that life isn't always going to be "perfect". At least, I know I do.
I keep having to retell myself over and over again that I am not ugly and that no one is ever perfect--thus, my messy attire and lack of cosmetics don't define ME! I define ME! I just play around with makeup and fashion.

My unwashed and sleepy morning face. lmfao
This is today's early morning sun shining down on  my horrendous face. lol
Betcha wish you could wake up every day looking at such beauty, huh? hahahaaa
 2018 is about self love for me.
I no longer want to be afraid of myself anymore.
I no longer want to beat myself up if I go a day without makeup or if I end up wearing the same clothes the night before. lol I just don't want to forget I am human and what makes us human are our insecurities and minor silly antics. It doesn't make me "ugly" but rather--makes me human. 

I am really starting to see myself in a different light.
I can honestly say I don't hate myself as much as I used to hate myself.
I still pick out small things to complain about but at the end of the day, I am alright with myself. 

Anyways, here are some photos of right this very second. 
No filter, no nothing. Just raw and complete me!

 So, to all those wondering what I look like when I like your things on facebook or whatever social media--THIS IS THE FACE THAT SCROLLS THROUGH THINGS LIKING YOUR MEMES AND READING YOUR UPDATES.

Also, this is what sleep deprivation and too much coffee looks like. lmfao

Sidenote: My hair is growing like a wild jungle. Me likey~

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